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Just a little reflection on a line and names.

Claire Bennet could go by many names.

She could be Claire Petrelli, daughter of Senator Petrelli, born out of wedlock and rejected by her father.

She could be Claire Gordon, daughter of the cigarette smoking, armed robber, pyrokenetic Meredith Gordon. The girl who was separated from her mother as a child, after a tragic fire.

Or she could be Claire Butler, the I'm-completely-normal-and-so-is-my-family teenager who doesn't come with a horror story history of serial killers and rapists and exploding uncles.

But she didn't call herself Petrelli or Gordon or Butler. She went by Bennet.

Even with the life-label it came with. Even if Claire Bennet was the girl who watched her ex-best friend be murdered on her Homecoming, or almost shot her uncle, her hero, or hid from The Company, was attacked by killers, killed one of the killers, crashed government planes, hid people from Homeland Security, or got her roommate killed.

She went by Bennet.

It wasn't because of her dad- adoptive dad. She loved him, yes. But at times (when her father wasn't the man she knew, when he became The Man With The Horn Rimmed Gasses, the Company man, -and-Tag), even having a name in common seemed horrible.

It wasn't because she didn't want to change her name- she did at one point, after all. She was actually pretty good at not saying her real name in front of people.

If she was being honest, it was because Claire Bennet was the girl that had changed from cheerleader to world-saver. Claire Bennet was the one who had been through everything, the one who had lived and learned.

And Claire stood at the top of the Ferris wheel, her arms spread wide, looking down at the people she knew- Her father, watching with sadness, Lauren, watching with confusion, Hiro and Ando, watching with acceptance, Peter, watching with almost anger, and Sylar, watching with something kin to pride, she knew they were watching Claire Bennet.

Not Claire Petrelli, Gordon, or Butler.

And when she hit the ground, and healed in front of the news cameras, she said,

"This is Claire Bennet... And that was attempt number... I guess I've kinda lost count."

Because she was most defiantly Claire Bennet.

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