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Okay, one more chapter.

Yes, Claire could use many names.

And yes, she considered herself a Bennet.

But it had been five years since the last Bennet had died, Lyle having never had children. It was to difficult for him once the name Bennet became the most famous name in America, and most other places too. Women wanted to be with him to met her.

Or, with a few, kill her.

Anyways, most people she knew from the old days were dead. Only the kids were left alive- Molly, Micah, Monty and Simon. And the rapid cellular regenerators- Peter and Gabe.

Gabriel was the reason she wasn't going to be a Bennet for much longer.

As she stood in front of the long mirror, examining the long white dress she was wearing and adjusting the veil on her head- both in the 'old style fashion' of her ageing days, her maid of honour, Monty's daughter Marie, telekinetically fiddling with their dresses and hair.

"Nervous?" Marie asked.

Claire smiled widely. "Not at all." her other bridesmaids, Peters daughter, Alice, Molly and Micah's daughter, Niki, and two friends that she had made campaigning for Peter's son's election, chuckled.

"She's not afraid of her wedding. Shes Claire Bennet." Niki teased.

Claire smiled. "Not for much longer."

And as the wedding began, Claire still wasn't nervous.

The wedding was more an expectation than anything else. They had been together for decades. Then had been engaged for a decade. They had just... Never gotten around to it.

Until now.

And as Claire walked slowly down the aisle to the wedding march- something else considered very old fashioned- she began reflecting.

She had learned a lot since her most famous jump.

She had learned how brave people could be, brave enough to fight for other peoples rights.

She had learned fear of the unknown was one of the more powerful things.

She had learned to love and trust the one person who she thought could never change.

She had seen that some people who she thought could change couldn't. (Case in point- Eric Doyle)

She had watched friends and family drop away slowly, growing older as she stayed young.

She had read the newspaper headlines changing from 'Claire Bennet- plastic surgery?' to 'Claire Bennet- Immortal'. That last one had shook up the delicately balanced peace that had begun to form.

She had been assassinated. A lot.

And through it all, standing in front of mirrors and newstands and graves, pulling bullets out of her and paralysing (temporarily) the people with the guns, was Gabriel.

And now, as she reached the end of the aisle, he was once again by her side.

Where he would stay forever- literally.

As Claire and Gabriel Grey.

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