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You hate the way he looks at her.

(Because that's how he used to look at you.

You hate the way he holds her in his arms.

(You used to find comfort in those arms.)

You hate how he smiles at her and whispers in her ear, and how she giggles like a fucking schoolgirl.

(Merlin, you used to be able to giggle like that.)

You hate that he's fallen for someone who's less sophisticated than you, who has ohsomany more flaws than you have, who is elevenfuckingyears younger than him.

(Secretly, you just wish you were her.)

You hate that he likes redred hair and hazel eyes, and not blueeyesblondehair.

(Because YOU have blue eyes & blonde hair.)

You hate that you're actually jealous of them.

(You let it all go, remember?)

You hate that you're missing him.

(Even though it was allyourfuckingfault.)

You hate that you cheated on him.

(You don't even remember the boy's name.)

You hate that he caught you inbed with that guy.

(Doing naughtynaughty things.)

You hate the fact that you got yourself drunk that night.

(Maybe that one night stand wouldn't have happened.)

You hate that you ruined a perfect relationship.

(You could've gotten your happy ending.)

You hate how you keep lying to yourself.

(You despiseloathehate him...kindofsortofmaybenotreally.)

And ohMerlin,

You hate that you still love him.

(He doesn't care for you.)

And you're broken.

(But mostly, you're glad, fucking relieved, because you know TeddyandLily aren't going to last, and he's going to come running back to you.)



Victoire's POV again.

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