Before you read it should be noted that I quite liked the Watchmen, especially Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach and that I am a furry. This parody is all in good fun. Hope you have as much fun reading as I had writing it. My apologies to all the angry fans.

The story was inspired by this picture


Once Ozymandias had trapped , he smiled coldly. When he put his hand on the lever, a not-so-cold tear formed in his eye.

"Forgive me, Bubastis" he sighed and pulled the lever.

The unleashed energies atomized the lynx and also the doctor disappeared.

Only to reassemble himself a moment later, blazing like an angel lit by nuclear fire.

""I already went through this. Did you really think it would stop me?"" the blue figure smiled.

Then the light dimmed and the figure looked at himself. He had grown ten feet tall, twelve to the tufts on his ear tips. Ear tips? Indeed, they were long and pointy. And covered with fur like the rest of his body. His legs were digitigrade and his face had a muzzle. He also had a tail and stripes but at the same time his body and hands had remained human. Or at least humanoid.

Ozymandias recoiled in fear. If the ends did not justify his means he was chewed.

""What have you done to me?"" the blue figure roared

"Bubastis." said two voices at the same time. One belonged to Ozymandias and the other to the doctor, though it came from the mouth of the figure

""You killed me!"" the roaring returned.

""If I read your memories right he also had you neutered"" the doctor added

""That too!"" roared Mubastis even louder

""Though apparently all is there now"" continued Dr. Mancattan

""Oh. Never mind then. – You still killed me"" he turned his gaze back to Ozymandias.

"I see you living." the smartest man in the world corrected.

""But that was not your intention. You wanted to kill me.""

"The end justified the means. Look around, we have world peace." Ozymandias pointed to the screens. The announcement of the New Alliance was broadcasted worldwide.

""Looks more like a world war against me. -

Murrr… - What? Your brain was no longer used to testosterone it seems. Rrrr… -R!"" Dr. Mancattan dublicated himself and continued to have serious words with Ozymandias while his Mubastis clone explored his regained sexuality.

[Dr. Manhattan and Bubastis. Disgusting.] Rorschach took a mental note. That Mubastis tried if he could clone himself and whether both clones could feel each other's perceptions did not make it better. [Bubastis on Bubastis. Even more disturbing.]

Rorschach turned away and tried to ignore the happy noises [Damn Furries.]

His eyes catched Night Owl [Furries. They are everywhere.]

Then his eyes looked past Night Owl to his own reflection on the polished walls. The markings on his Face matched a wolf. [Crud. Have been infected. ]

Later that day…

"Do it! Do it!" - Mubastis did. There was no death. But there were stains in the snow.