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Chapter 1

When the dream ends, Life starts again

Naruto's P.O.V.

I don't know how long I have slept but what has me truly puzzled is how I knew I was dreaming for it was so lucid and realistic that I never knew where it started, but when I will awaken. In my dream started to my earliest memory, or rather the dream I had as a way to keep the loneliness and pain away, from when I was born, I awoke to see the face of my mother looking down at me the pride of my existence evident on her face her beautiful crimson framing her face. I didn't know how I knew it was my mom but I knew it was her she would reach down and run a gentle finger across my check making me laugh at the sensation. It would soon end and my dream, within the one I was experiencing right now, would start during my latest visit to the hospital after another attempt on my life and the old Saru-ji-san would be at the bedside to greet me and tell me the usual story of me getting into a training accident. I never bought it in my entire living memory but I just humored him, because I didn't want to hurt his feelings and bring up the guilt that shadowed his face every time he told me the same deceptive story.

It would then jump to the fight the night when Mizuki tricked me into stealing the scroll and the day my true self came out because he openly insulted the Kyuubi who repaid my acceptance and forgiveness by unlocking my family bloodline that is rare among my clan and so few ever awakened it, the Rinnegan. The bloodline of the Rokudo Sennin or the sage of the six paths, with it was near god-like power in the hands of a master but in my young hands it was a power that I secretly feared. The reason being was every time I used it was it took a little of my sight every time I used the greater gifts, namely the ones that enable the transcending of life and death. I digress back to when I use the power of gravitational repulsion to throw one of Mizuki's shuriken back at him cleaving him clear in half at the waist at the moment oji-san arrives to witness my active Dojutsu.

The scene would slowly blur to when oji-san would ask me about my Rinnegan and I tell him of the day I spoke to the Kyuubi during one of my mob beatings and how I nearly died that day if the Kyuubi hadn't unsealed my Rinnegan to ensure my survival until help could arrive. I would laugh at his reaction when I tell him that the Kyuubi and the other eight biju are all female and as parts of the Jubi, from the time of Rokudo, who in fact is female herself. I knew that when my story came to a close the cursed life I made the villagers believe in would be over.

The dream then fast-forwards to my genin bell test with Kakashi-sensei, if he ever truly was since he favored the Uchiha-teme above the rest of the team, Sakura and myself. Funny thing about that test, it was for me to figure out and I faked rushing in recklessly when I actually got close enough to use one of Rinnegan powers to snatch the bells from his belt. I quickly casted a strong and subtle genjutsu and sat back to watch what made it look like my team, 'myself' included, getting trounced by Kakashi when he was actually standing still while Sakura and the teme were on either side of him repeatedly kicking the living daylights out of his family jewels. Giving into temptation and with a snap of the fingers I nearly fell out of the tree laughing my head off as reality reasserted itself over my team, Kakashi screamed with a voice that make the greatest sopranos jealous as he fell to the ground clutching his tenderized area while Sakura and Sasuke looked around confused, until I show up from the bushes still laughing until the strain of trying to stay standing while laughing got to me as I collapsed to my knees clutching my sides. I fell the rest of the way when Kakashi demanded an explanation with his voice sounding like Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks with a slight girlish twist, which cracked Sakura and Sasuke up too, rubbing salt on an open and tender wound (not sure if that is a pun but very much intended).

It took a while to stop laughing at Kakashi's expense but it couldn't be help. Once the comedic relief was done I explained what had happened (minus telling them about my Rinnegan) and gave my teammates the bells. Kakashi couldn't help but pass us and with that I asked Saru-ji-san for whatever info he had on the Rinnegan and that was when I learned of it's powers over life and death along with several other powers. When I first test the power of life, I lost consciousness and then woke to see two people standing over me, I noticed my vision was blurry and that was slowly taken care of by my healing factor. The two people I saw were my parent's I knew or least thought I did because that was who I wished to bring back if for but a brief moment. I however wasn't expecting the fourth to be my dad and my mother was the woman I dreamt about. However when I try to stand to speak to them they vanished, because the time I thought needed to talk to them was already up.

I asked ji-san about it and I got the truth about it but was asked to keep it a secret, I gave my promise and waited until I was strong enough not to faint when I tried again. My second attempt was much more fruitful as I was able to talk to my parents after so long, we talked for a while concerning the details of my birth until time was over again. Before they disappeared I told them when I was stronger still I'd bring them back for a longer time and after The Wave Mission, I did just that. I learned a great deal from mom and dad, a great many things, including what I was doing to my eyes when I brought my parents back and where my dad hid the scrolls to the Hiraishin and Rasengan along with my mom's liger summoning contract.

I practiced everything in secret until it was time for the chunin exams, little did anyone know that with the Kyuubi's help, I secretly rigged things so my team could survive the exams, and it was a good thing too when I learned of Orochimaru's involvement in the exams. Somehow I'm thankful for his involvement if it wasn't for the jutsu he used to bring back the First and Second Hokage, along with my dad; I wouldn't have made up the necessary one to turn things around. The jutsu was an alteration of my dad's seal allowing me to temporarily fuse with the Kyuubi and unleash her full power giving her a taste of freedom while at the same time giving Konoha not only a chance to survive but also giving a chance for Saru-ji-san to kill Orochimaru.

(Start 'Period' Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood opening 4)

However a down side was my Rinnegan got exposed along with several other things that were supposed to remain a secret including my slip of calling the Fourth dad. I had to hide out for a few days, until Ero-sennin convinced me to help him find an old teammate of his, Tsunade. It took a couple weeks, while I was working on a variation of the Rasengan, to find Tsunade and ask her to become Hokage. Of course I still wasn't mature enough to keep my emotions in check and I got into a fight with Tsunade and I gave away my Rinnegan and Rasengan and that led to some rather awkward questions but then I found out that she was my godmother.

Tsunade returned with Jiraiya and I, along with her niece, and my new adopted stepsister, Shizune and their pet pig, Tonton. However I had to make myself scarce since several factions of the Konoha populace were out to get me some were for a number of varying reasons. I gained a fangirl base, with my favorite pale-eyed stalker, Hinata Hyuga, being its leader, although taking her out on a date seemed to put a stop to that. The leader of ROOT, Danzo wanted my Rinnegan for an army he envisioned along with my newly revealed abilities being used to make 'his' perfect Konoha, the greatest power in the Shinobi world. And the Uchiha teme was actively trying to murder me to and find a way to take my Rinnegan for himself so he could use it to kill his brother, I wished him good luck with that after using my newly Hiraishin to get to my secret hiding place, which doubled as my garden and was filled all sorts of plants including ones that seemed to render the Byakugan ineffective.

However my descent into hell went even further, when the element nations went to war with the Akatsuki. During that time I made friends with the other jinchuriki (Gaara was already my friend) and I learned more with my Rinnegan and several new jutsu that made me more lethal than the entire Akatsuki organization combined and I took out half their members before the jinchuriki and I were finally captured. Despite having our freedom stripped I managed to find a way out of predicament but it'd cost my new friends a lot of their strength, almost costing them their lives. That way was to recreate the Jubi before the Akatsuki and I had to use the other biju to do it and this was something I asked of my fellow demon vessels, I never forced them I asked and they agreed.

Standing in a circle with biju containers going from first to ninth, we began to work on the jutsu that was our most desperate attempt for freedom, for three long days before the Akatsuki came for the extraction, we did nothing but stand and perform hand signs gathering power. The Akatsuki member that earned our trust was Konan, she saw what we were doing and did not report what we were doing to the leader and bought us time as a seal formed under us jinchuriki, which I said, would happen. On the day of the extraction Konan died as she fought off her former allies giving us the time needed to finish the jutsu. The biju spirits were pulled from us coalescing into a sphere before transforming into a pillar of light that pierced the full moon that day and from it was released the Jubi, it power and strength restored. My fellow jinchuriki fell, all dead; myself barely alive as the Jubi entered the seal that once belonged to the Kyuubi and the miracle prophesized by the toad elder had came to pass. I was transformed into the Second Rokudo Sennin after fully absorbing the Jubi's power and with barely any effort I killed all, but one of the remaining Akatsuki members.

It was now me versus Madara Uchiha, the one responsible for my life as a jinchuriki and the man who wished to end the world that, I now knew, I was born to defend. The battle was epic for the longest time we fought and the destruction we caused was so great it made what the Kyuubi could do pale in greatest comparison. We leveled the greatest mountains, created Tsunami's that consumed the land, and even uprooted the indestructible forest of the land of fire.

The battle lasted for the five days during the most unnatural solar eclipse, and those five days would live on as the darkest days in the Shinobi world. On the last day our strength nearly gone, Madara and I squared up for one final attack and we poured the last of our chakra and willpower into our last and greatest jutsus. I glanced to the audience that dared came close to watch and I saw what remained of those I loved, my godmother, my adopted sister, Hinata my new love interest, and many others who saw me as a human. I smiled to them with the very last, tired, fox-like smirk they will ever see as I returned my attention to Madara who waited for me to face him again. There was a brief pause that seemed to last a billion Uzumaki lifetimes, we waited for the signal the one instant for our attacks and in that pause I made my possibly last insult to the first Sharingan user.

"So it ends old man, I will die a hero and martyr while you die alone and hated, it's almost ironic that in some way we traded places," I said in a mocking voice despite my exhaustion and that succeeded in angering the Uchiha the expression written on his exposed and wizen face and the signal came slowly in the form of the eclipse ending, "goodbye Madara, the Jubi sends her regards before you go to hell."

Once the signal finished we shot forward and in the matter of a spit second… it was done my jutsu… broke through Madara's and he laid on the ground a destroyed man… unable to fulfill his selfish goal…. However little to my knowledge as the life drained from his body, was he had one last trick as I made my way to those waiting for me. Tsunade-ba-chan and the people screaming and yelling for me to watch out as I turned to see Madara standing behind me space warping as he said the name of his last move as if he wished to take me down with him, 'Kamui'. I felt myself being pulled inside the space-time warp, darkness slowly cutting off my sight, my last glimpse was of the devastated faces of the people I fought to protect, then said the one thing to give them closure so they wouldn't have to rely on me, "don't cry for me guys, continue to live and remember me… for as long as my memory lives… so will I forever… but now I must go… who knows how long… but I will see you all… in the next life… and hopefully… a much more peaceful one."

The tears fell from their eyes and mine as I willingly let the jutsu take hold and I vanished the headband given to me by Iruka-sensei falling to the ground. I never knew what happened next when Kamui consumed me, but I knew Madara finally died and the accursed Sharingan, the most-damned Dojutsu to exist died with Sasuke when no woman wanted to get near him. Life was never the same now that the Jubi and I were gone, when I said I'd die a martyr, I was sure Madara and I would die together. But I have lived an eventful life; my only regret was not dying in the world I was born in and to die in the arms of those who truly made me human. I sense my time has come for it is impossible for a human to live in purgatory for it is the realm where the dead seek purification before entering heaven… mom… dad… I'll be there… soon… wait for me… for a little… bit… longer….

Naruto's eyes opened to see a face looking down at him, he thought he was now in heaven with his family but as his vision cleared he saw it wasn't his mother but an unfamiliar girl that looked like a goddess. He saw her lips moving but he couldn't hear as if he was deaf and Naruto saw the concern when he didn't respond and he saw her mouth form the words 'are you alright?'. Naruto, with a massive effort, shrugged his shoulders and saw the girl gasp. Suddenly Naruto could hear again and heard her say, "Thank goodness you are still alive Naruto-kun, I thought I had lost you."

"How… do… you… know… my… name?" Naruto rasped out the question as he fought to move, "who… are… you…?"

"I am called Arseus," said the girl, "and I am a Pokegirl, how I know who you are is because you… you are… the one who helped create me."

"What…." Said Naruto before he fell asleep again

"Rest Naruto-kun," said Arseus as she pulled a blanket over him, "all will be explained in due time."

ARSEUS, The Legendary Origin Pokegirl

Type: Near Human

Element: Normal/Magic (Transcendent)

Diet: Omnivore

Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)

Role: Goddess of all pokegirls

Libido: Average (High with a favored tamer)

Strong Vs: All types

Weak Vs: None

Attacks: All per element used and all female sex attacks

Enhancements: Physical Enhancements (x250, x500 in Battle Form), Mental Enhancements (x250, x500 in Battle Form), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Armored Battle Form, extreme magical affinity in controlling the elements

Evolves: None

Evolves From: None

Sukebe is a true master of deception and he has fooled us all, for Arseus is the first Pokegirl to ever exist and was the first to fall to his hidden debauchery and lustful desires before he was dethroned to the status of a madman. She was the first witnessed Pokegirl to be seen with Sukebe but the reporters who saw her didn't know what she was until Sukebe's secret got out and his great fame became absolute shame.

Arseus tried to protect her master but since she was made to be a lover instead of a fighter fell hard against those who attempted to harm her master. She barely survived and after Sukebe did his best heal her but the damage to her heart wouldn't heal and that event has lead to his descent into madness. Sukebe placed her in suspended animation until he could grind his axe with the human race for scorning what he has done for them. After the creation of Cocooner he had her heal Arseus after perfecting the girl's DNA, as it was the greatest feat of genetic engineering he has ever done, in fact Arseus's DNA is the most perfect DNA in existence, and the key to life's many mysteries.

Arseus's appearance when she is not fighting is that of the most perfect looking woman in the world. Standing at 6' 6" this lush piece of eye candy has the perfect 100 hourglass figure that any human women would kill to posses (and some almost did kill that body). Strange enough as an odd compliment her breasts are a supple and perky high G-cup, which is mirrored by her plush bubble butt, that would drive many anal and breast enthusiasts into an orgasm from the graceful way they bounce every time she moves. Her skin is subtle golden tan color, which matches the color of light brown sugar. From the knee down her legs are modest and graceful like a Cheetits but end in the slim points like that of a Dryder or any member of the Arachnae species. Growing from behind her knees and her elbows, are tufts of fur that like the fur that are incredibly sensitive if touched with the softness of a feather and makes her really wet if teased long enough. Arseus's eyes are a piercing ruby red that shine in the dark like embers that are the only way one can see her true feelings, some say people wear their hearts on their sleeves but the eyes are the windows to the soul and it can't be any truer with Arseus. Her eyes are not the only feature to grace her head as her anti-gravity-like hair is like treads of gold with streaks of white gold mixed in giving her hair the appearance of golden fire growing from her scalp.

Arseus's wardrobe consists of a blazing-white, short-skirted kimono with Lapis-lazuli shaded and colored trim that gives appearance of her wearing unique inversion of the night sky. The kimono is loose fitting and low-slung exposing her shoulders, the tops of her generous bust and cleavage, and instead of detracting it adds to it since the garb also clings tightly to her skin accentuating every curve making her a goddess in the eyes of any man to lay eyes on her. Attached to the back of kimono is a large golden ring with a shape inside its center like a spiral-shaped sun.

However when Arseus goes into battle mode she trades in her kimono for a skintight body suit, which for some reason comfortably compresses her impressive bust and butt, and streamlined armor. The armor is white like her kimono and covers her forearms, shins, shoulder joints and from her neckline to the middle of her back. Around her waist is an armored skirt that is micro skirt in the front while longer in the back and thanks to the wind her power produces floats giving it the appearance of tail. Her hair turns a solid snow white and becomes hard as the metal of her armor, while she gains piece of headgear that appears as a tiara on her forehead the center of three points being solid gold while the other two appear like to long pointy ears emerging from her temples. Her face is then covered by a black-metal facemask that can be summoned and dismissed at will while Arseus is done with a battle or is yet to enter one.

The final part that makes Arseus so unique is her ability to almost change personalities at will as if she has a split personality to begin with. Her first personality the one some would like to see outside of battle is one that makes her a living personification of serenity and peace that'd put Whore-Oh to shame. This personality is gentle, sweet, and calm, but yet firm saying she is beautiful, but not a pushover wallflower. It's this personality along with her kimono incased form that she prefers to be tamed in since trying to tame her in her battle mode is pretty much asking for a death wish. The one personality that makes her feared is the one she shows on the battlefield, the personality of the perfect warrior, calm, cool, collected, and the personality of one who takes crap from no one and takes no prisoners. And this is why you don't want to tame her with this personality and battle form because her libido is non-existent and she finds seduction while in that form to be offensive.

Speaking of taming, Arseus's libido is average in her passive form, but it becomes insatiably high when she is with a tamer that has gained her favor. And like certain Pokegirls she is willing to try any position and has secret fetish for role-playing. Her preferences while role-playing are usually, master-and-naughty-servant and/or the fantasy of priestess-vs.-sex-demon. Play the roles right and she gets a mini-boost in her sexual receptiveness that so fine she'd become wet just from skin contact alone and barely a poke to her erogenous zones makes her orgasm.

LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:

Truly Unique:All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Arseus's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but neither of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered for use in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.

(A/N: From here until Legendary Salient Qualities are qualities created by Chaos Kaiser with alterations since Arseus is a girl.)

True Deathlessness: Unlike the Legendary Quality Deathlessness, this ability extends beyond preventing natural death, protecting against death entirely. Not even completely atomizing her entire body will stop her. In such a case, She would simply reform herself. The only conceivable way to actually kill her is to deliver a fatal wound once at certain time, for the entire span of a certain length of time. After such a time, her abilities could fail long enough to truly kill her. Possibly.

Sealed Soul: Her soul is protected, preventing her from being possessed by ghosts and spirits, and also preventing the forceful extraction or removal of her soul. It also protects her from attacks that directly affect the soul.

Environmental Imperviousness: This ability allows Arseus to shrug off damage that could be done to her from extremes in her surroundings, letting Arseus continue to fight. With this quality, natural extremes of temperature or atmosphere can't hinder her. The key word is "natural." Special elemental powers from other Pokégirls could still affect her (although she could still resist them, see below) since they tended to be more extreme than most natural environments. This ability does not remove the need for air so breathing is still necessary.

Sleepless: This ability removes the need for sleep. Arseus can still sleep and even dream, but she retains some awareness of his surroundings even when he does.

Breathless: This ability removes the need for air. She can hold her breath for any length of time and not be affected by it. Together with the Environmental Resistance power, this lets her fight almost anywhere without worrying about the consequences of a particular location.

Perfect Immunity: This quality makes her completely immune to harmful foreign substances (Example - viruses, bacteria, alcohol, poison, and even Hyper Venom). It also creates a resistance to other foreign substances, which may be harmful only in certain situations (i.e. pheromones).

Enlightenment: This quality prevents her mind from being affected by any attempts at control or manipulation, be they psychic, magical, or otherwise. This makes her immune to illusions in all forms, even Cocooner's Drone Alone Salient Quality. It also protects her from Whore-oh's Forced Bond ability. And combined with her Bond Negation makes her greatly hated by Whore-oh's followers and Whore-oh herself.

Instant Regeneration: The ability to recover, nearly instantaneously, from any wound that doesn't immediately result in death. Combined with her True Deathlessness, this ability makes her practically immortal.

No Weakness (Ultimate): Arseus is the most powerful being in existence in this mortal plane. Like Typhonna, even nuclear weapons would be ineffective against him.

LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don't have. Arseus's attributes consist of:

Template Transcendent: Since Arseus is the first Pokegirl it'd be clear that she'd have some hand in the development of the templates and thus she would have an immunity to being swayed if forced or tricked into going through a ceremony to make her things like a Celestial or an Infernal. Also she is the first and only of her kind to have a miscellaneous type category called Transcendent.

Energy Negation: Arseus's single most powerful ability, and far outclasses Atmuff's energy immunity. For you see buried inside Arseus's body are plates/shields with their own elemental energy that Arseus can call on at will or by pure reflex and has no limits on the energy's negated and in some cases can even reflect the attacks back at their sources but that is a rare.

Sukebe's control: Arseus has one other power that makes her fear even by her fellow legendaries and that is the same power Sukebe had over all Pokegirls. You see Sukebe implanted a copy of his power, Absolute Pokegirl Control, over Pokegirls as a gift for his first Pokegirl and thus giving her an edge that can't overcome by Pokegirl means. With this power Arseus can basically order any Pokegirl to do what she wants and she has used many times for regular Pokegirls and her fellow legendaries to leave her in peace, and the regular Pokegirls did this by, whenever they spot her or her tamer runs into her, misleading their tamers or by knocking the tamer out and then running away while Arseus was feeling merciful. However most modern Pokegirls have somehow gained a resistance to this power or maybe Arseus's is weakening as with each recent use, the Pokegirl in question would stand still as her free will and the urge to obey fought over what the Pokegirl should do and that has on occasion broken the Pokegirl until she received proper psychiatric treatment.

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