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It Wants the Other One
Chapter 1
"Stupidity With Mirrors"


It's not without difficulty that we were all recovering, both emotionally and physically. Raven wasn't taking it as hard anymore, now that few months had passed. Terra, on the other hand, seemed to be having slow recall of her memories. In the time we'd been working with her, she remembered our names, and vaguely how myself, Raven, and her had met. Melvin was familiar, and often Terra was supervised, like a patient, in playing with the kids in their room. They didn't seem to mind she was a bit off, feeling distressed at her processing of information. I couldn't blame her, really.

Right now, some of us had offered to tidy up Arella's room. It was myself, Kid Flash, Red X, Starfire, Beast Boy, Aqualad, and Kole. Right now, we were actually in Arella's room, delicately going through her things. Nothing would be thrown out, of course, but they wanted to add an addition to what was basically the organizations "Hall of Fame". Some things would be preserved their, and others preserved here, in her room.

"I'll be right back," Kole said, standing up and sneezing. Her sneeze was adorable, and I stood by that. It was more like a mouse squeak then a sneeze really, but she always got bent about that. The dust was obviously getting to her. "Bathroom."

"Have fun!" Kid Flash shouted after her. She stuck her tongue out before exiting the area.

I watched her leave before smirking at Beast Boy. "Alright, Beast Boy, be honest. You're here cause Raven wants to make sure we don't break anything without hovering, right?"

He simply grinned.

Red X held his hand out to Aqualad, who proceeded to slap five bucks in his hand. I noted this with an eye roll, and Kid Flash grinned, cheery as always.

"Huh," Beast Boy interrupted, changing the subject. He was crouching near a chest. He pulled something out, examining it closely. "I never took Arella for the pampering type."

We all crowded him, but Kid Flash stayed where he was, uninterested. In his hands was a gaudy-looking mirror, gray and red in coloring and somewhat creepy.

"She's a girl," I reminded him. "Kind of comes with the territory, however little you do it."

There was a crash from the bathroom.

There was a faint, "I'm okay!" from behind the door down the hallway.

Before any of us could react, Kid Flash was on his feet, his hands up.

"I got it," He said, zipping off to assist my sister.

Shaking my head, I took the mirror. "No offense to mom or anything, but, it's kind of creepy looking, don't ya think?"

"A bit," Red X admitted. "Or, you're just a sissy."

I glared at him, "Shut up."

Starfire frowned, taking the mirror from me. "Friends, is this mirror not . . . odd?"

"Odd how?" Beast Boy said, before any of us could elaborate.

"Please look," she angled it towards us. "Does the room not look more like a picture then a reflection?"

"Now that you mention it," Aqualad admitted. "It does, kind of. Actually, it looks a little like-."

"Raven's room," Beast Boy finished. "Wait, but, we're not in Raven's room."

"Obviously," I mumbled.

Starfire placed it on the table, and we all surrounded it, like a board game. "Maybe we should leave it alone, friends. I do not like the feeling it gives me in here." She touched her chest, where her heart should be.

"Agreed," Red X said.

Yet we all leaned forward anyways, curious and scrutinizing the very dark looking room. As we kept looking, it seemed to become more eery, purple, and had more strange statues and things. Like a different version of Raven's room, almost.

"Hey, is that-!"

Before I could finish my sentence, white eyes flashed upon the mirror, turning black in the picture areas. We all gave shouts of surprise as tendrils reached out, grabbing all five of us. We struggled, shouting.

I heard Kid Flash from the other room. "Everything okay in there?"


Before I could think anything else, we were hurled towards the mirror, and darkness encased my vision.

Kid Flash:

Kole had hit her head on the shelf, knocking some candles and things on the floor. We picked those up at the moment when I faintly heard someone shouting in the other room.

"Everything okay in there?" I called.

After getting no reply, Kole and I shared hesitant looks.

"Maybe we should go check," I suggested, nervously.

She groaned, standing. "Not again!"

We raced into the other room in time to see flash of white in a mirror on the table. Surprised, as we had not seen this mirror earlier, we soon noticed something else alarming.

"Where'd they go?" Kole demanded, looking around.

I had a weird feeling that that shining mirror had something to do with it. Kole took a step forward, and I grabbed her arm, stopping her from moving towards the suspicious object. She gave me a confused look, but I simply pulled out my communicator.



"Who else would it be?"

"Right, um, did Arella ever mention anything to you about some . . . Oh, I don't know, forbidden mirror?"

There was a pause.

"Who touched it?"

"I don't know. Kole and I heard shouting and when we came back, everyone was gone."

"Whatever you do, don't go near it until I get down there, okay?"

"Wasn't planning on it," I muttered before saying. "Okay."

Her line dropped and within seconds she was teleporting next to us.

"Alright, who did it?"

Red X:

There was an audible thump as all of us hit the ground at the exact same time, give or take a few milliseconds. It took me a few more seconds to realize the ground was not floor (or at least normal floor), but glass. I could see nothing through it, but my reflection wasn't there either. My eyes narrowed, and I didn't like this place anymore.

To make it worse, my sister could be in danger as well.

"Ugh," I heard her grunt, shoving herself to her feet. I quickly followed, much more gracefully. She purposefully ignored that. "Man, that thing practically strangled me to death."

"Please," Starfire said, as I helped her up. "Where are we?"

"You've got me," I answered.

Aqualad put one finger up, "Ditto."

"Wherever we are," Beast Boy interrupted. "We should try and get back."

"Great idea," I said, sarcastically. "But tell me Captain Obvious, where is 'back', exactly?"

The others then noticed the rest of the oddness.

The rest of the long, rectangular hallway that led you could not see the end of, was made of mirror on the walls. The roof seemed to be made of the same material as the floor. This seemed to greatly unnerve them. Or well, more so then before.

"Oh, I wish very much to return home!" Starfire complained, seeming suddenly very small.

"What should we do?" Aqualad asked, looking down the endless hallway and then back to the wall behind us.

I shrugged, "Guess the only thing to do is go forward."

Beast Boy did not seem pleased with this, but there was obviously no other option. As he walked forward to take the lead (since this was his girlfriend's mother's mirror) he grumbled, "Next time we find a creepy mirror, remind me to leave it alone."

I laughed earnestly, but the others seemed to disturbed to. Beast Boy didn't seem to care, for the joke had probably been sincere. I was thinking along the same lines to be honest.

At first, you could only see dim reflections on the walls. But as we walked (for I don't know how long) I noticed (as did my companions) that our images got brighter. Like the old walls had been fogged up and these ones were cleaner. Though, when we kept going even still, I noticed just how realistic these things seemed. Like there was a real person on the other side of the wall.

"Wait a minute," I said, halting everyone. I had taken my place at the back of the group. Protection in front and the back, with Beast Boy and myself in charge.

"What is it?" Jinx demanded. When she got scared, though she'd never admit it, she was very temperamental.

I leaned towards the image that leaned right back, like it should. But there was something off about it. "Does anyone else think something's wrong with these reflections?"

Each one of us leaned towards ours, which repeated my reflection's actions. Just a hesitant mirror image almost. Like it wasn't sure of us just as we weren't sure of it.

"Freaky," Aqualad agreed.

We froze.

Two voices had spoken.

My eyes narrowed at the image. For a moment, it did the same thing before its head turned. To my surprise my reflection (or the other me, since I had not moved) looked to its left and my right. I turned to see it looking at Jinx. My eyes widened as realization hit me and immediately I darted towards her, knocking her to the ground just as the glass shattered and reworked itself.

All of our others seemed just as terrified of us as we were of them, save mine. As soon as Jinx was safe from the X that went flying overhead, I glared protectively at myself, if that makes sense.

"A copycat," It said. "Not entirely surprising. I am the best villain there is."

"Copycat?" I demanded. "And I haven't-."

It laughed, interrupting me. "Save the psycho babble for the big-time bad-boys, kid."

The other me's palms flipped up, and immediately, I pushed Jinx out of the way again. Both my friends and their reflections turned real now watched us, avoiding looking at their other selves. Pulling out my own X I took it and jammed it against the neck of the other me, pinning it against the wall and partially suffocating him.

"I don't know who, or what you are," I warned, straining to keep him down. "But you will leave my sister alone. Whatever fighting you want, its between you and me."

"Sister?" The other Starfire questioned. Her voice was exactly the same. From the corner of my eye, I saw my friends flinch, and Starfire shudder more violently then the rest. "I did not believe you had a sister."

Same way of speaking too.

"I can take care of myself," Jinx snapped, trying to glare at me but obviously shaken up. The idea of going against someone exactly (from what we could tell) like her brother wasn't normally frightening. But because this one would probably try to kill her, she wasn't dealing well.

The other me snorted, its neck pulled to breathe right. "Ha, yeah right. She's not anyone's sister, just a traitor villain turned good."

"Excuse me?" Both Jinx's shouted at the same time. They both then turned to one another, examining and calculating.

It was then he shoved me away, rolling his neck and cracking it a few times. I was ready for another attack when he held his hands up, seeming to have decided something.

"Alright, enough. As much as I'd love to fight you, I would like to know where I am, and why I'm seeing double."

Our Beast Boy was glaring suspiciously at the other Beast Boy. This other seemed completely baffled more then irritated. Obviously the outer similarities did not entirely meet the inner ones.

"I would like to know the same thing," other Jinx agreed. She then frowned at my sister. "And why do you think he's your brother?"

"Not biologically of course," our Jinx said, rolling her eyes. "It's only because he took care of Kole and me when-."

"Kole is like, a billion feet underground." Other Aqualad interrupted. "She goes past sea-level she's so-."

Our Jinx abruptly slammed him into a wall, hand cracking with energy. "What did you do with Kole!"

He seemed terrified. Other Starfire intervened, speaking quickly. "We have done friend Kole no harm! She is simply in a strange land, with her friend Gnark. She does not go above land because he fears it, and she is kind enough to wish to help him!"

"What kind of a name is Gnark?" I snorted, in disdain. "And Kole's not underground. She's back at home, with Kid Flash, probably wondering where the hell we went."

Our Aqualad looked at our Beast Boy. "Raven is going to beat our ass when she realizes what we did. We were supposed to be cleaning the room, not going through stuff."

He shrugged, "I'll just blame you."

"No way! You're the one who'd get off easiest. Plus, you found the mirror in the first place."

"We'll see."

"Enough!" Other Starfire shouted, disturbed. "Please, you know Raven as well?"

"Of course, she's-," Beast Boy stopped, brow up. "How do you know Raven?"

"She's our friend." Other Aqualad said.

Before we could continue any further, a red and black haze shot up in front of my face, as well as everyone else. It came to quickly, and felt suffocating for a moment before a white light appeared, in the distance. I reached out, able to see my hand clutching at that light, and then it too rushed in a tunnel form at me.

Then everything went dark.


I was going to kill him.

"Raven, calm down!" Robin insisted, his hands flat in the air for emphasis.

I hissed through gritted teeth, "Why should I?"

"I'm sure you're just overreacting," Cyborg tried to assure me, with a careless wave of his hand over his shoulder as he watched TV. "No offense, Raven, but after what happened last time, I'm sure not even he would go near that thing." He shuddered. "Its not exactly the fondest of memories we've had with ya."

I scowled, seeing his logic but continuing to counter it with some of my own. "Then who? Starfire and he are the only ones not here at the moment, and obviously it wasn't her."

"Well, how do you know? Now here me out!" Cyborg added quickly, seeing Robin glare at him and Raven's brow raise in disbelief. "Starfire, as much as I love the girl like a sister, could've been looking for you. Maybe she saw it and took it to play with or something?"

I pondered this.

In the meantime, Robin took the opportunity to change the subject. "Speaking of which, has anyone seen those two? They're normally showing up somewhere in the tower, but, I can't find them anywhere."

"Way to lose your girlfriend, Robin," I teased, smirking.

The statement still bothered him, as the two had only been dating for two months, starting the last day we stayed in Tokyo and thriving, as predicted. But now, he barely flinched.

"I'm calling them," He said instead, flipping out his communicator. "Robin to Starfire, you there?"

There was a bit of static on the other end before very oddly, we heard her answer.

She seemed to be coughing. We shared worried looks before Robin continued.

"Star, you okay? Where are you?"

A static-filled reply once again. "Robin? Is that you?"

She coughed again.

"Starfire!" Robin shouted. "Answer me, are you okay!"

Cyborg seemed to be playing with something on his arm. "I don't get it. These communicators have crystal-clear audio, there shouldn't be any static whatsoever!"

"Well fix it, then," I snapped, pulling out my own communicator. "I'm going to try and see if Beast Boy's isn't working either."

There was no protest, and my communicator had the same results as Robin's. Static, and no image whatsoever.

"Raven to Beast Boy, are you there?" I asked, feeling uneasy. Something didn't . . . feel right.

There was nothing before I saw a flash of a gloved hand, covering the screen as if to open the device. I waited a few more moments, trying to push past the unnatural feeling this was having.


It cut off with static, and I saw a flash of green, himself looking at something else with an arm raised for a few seconds. My eyes narrowed, unable to comprehend what was going on. That was rare for me, not to be conceited.

"Beast Boy!" I shouted, frustrated. As much as Beast Boy got on my nerves sometimes, it didn't mean I didn't care about him. He was a real close friend, I didn't want him and Starfire (who was forever eager) hurt.

"I've almost got them." Cyborg informed us. "My monitors say they're-!"

A loud boom shook the Tower. I nearly lost my balance, as did Robin. To Cyborg's luck, he was already sitting down.

"On the roof," Cyborg finished, not quite as sure of himself.

I wrapped us in my powers, phasing up through the floors and onto the roof.

We did not expect what we saw.

Beast Boy and Starfire were there, yes. But there were extras.

One said extra looked up at us, appearing confused. His eyes narrowed.

"Where the hell are we?"

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