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Chapter 11
"Forever Together"

No One:

She didn't get it. What happened?

People were surrounding her, looking down ta her in shock. Was she on the floor? She had barely registered anything when a red blur shot out, gripping her very pale hand that seemed suddenly far more fragile then a teenage superhero should be allowed to appear. The stupor was only made worse as she collided with something firm and unnaturally but familiarly warm. The jolt dazed her further and she felt immobile.

"Jinx," the voice breathed, clutching her against him. She would've tried to pull away, to look at the familiar face but it was hard. A few seconds later Jinx realized he was solely supporting her weight and it would probably be best not to try and move away. Even if he would catch her in (literally) an instant. "Jinx, you're okay."

Finally, she regained lip-muscle movement. "Who . . . are you?"

The warm arms around me pushed me back a little, and she met his eyes. He seemed shocked. "You don't . . . remember me?"

She blinked a few times, realized her mistake through her drowsy haze, and then corrected herself. "Which . . . Kid Flash . . . are you?"

He mimicked her rapid blinking a second (except far more quickly) before giving a relieved and weak smile. He stroked her face with one red gloved hand, careful to support her full wait in the other. It was then she realized how quietly he was talking, as if purposefully avoiding everyone's gaze. She wondered who was looking at them. She wondered if anyone was looking at them.

"The right one," he finally said, with a grin. "You're home, Jinx."

Jinx . . . didn't get it fully at first. She turned to look at her friends, who were each reuniting. Raven and Beast Boy were hugging furtively, and Red X had just put Kole back down on the floor when Blackfire practically tackled him. He laughed heartily and hugged her tightly back, embracing her in both his arms in a sort of cage. Her eyes then roamed to find Beast Boy and Raven, which was such a startling sight. They weren't hugging, or kissing, they were barely touching, just holding hands. But the way they looked into the others eyes, watching their moment felt like an invasion of privacy, so she turned away and glanced at the other reunions.

Eventually, Jinx turned back to Kid Flash. "You saved me, then?" He nodded. "From what? I can't remember anything.

He frowned but shook it off. "We all did. Actually, Slade sort of helped out. Raven figured out a way to contact the other Raven and they worked out a portal, to drag both you and Jinx back at the same time. It gave us an idea. The mirrored effects of a portal or something could act as a reverse spell." He laughed then, scowling at himself. "It's sort of hard to explain. You've been out for a few minutes. You missed the light-show. Rest assured, it was a very dramatic entrance."

She smiled weakly, yawning, resting her head on his chest. "I figured."

Beast Boy and Raven looked at their friends, each holding or speaking to one another in such a way. But the words weren't loud, it was a very subdued moment. Everyone was tired, Raven realized at once. This was just something that wasn't going to be celebrated. Somewhere deep down, everyone knew this would be kept a secret. Like Raven's own heritage and Beast Boy's criminal acts. One of many things you didn't talk about when on a team of idols.

"Come on," Beast Boy suddenly murmured quietly, tugging on one of her hands.

Raven turned to him, glanced back and then nodded silently as she followed him out the door and into the dark hallway. Their mood was somber and serious and she sort of knew what was coming next. A part of her had always known this was coming sooner or later and she began to brace herself.

It seemed to quick a time when they reached Raven's room. She was mildly surprised he had led her here instead of his room, where he felt more in his comfort zone. But maybe he thought of their rooms as one, no real difference.

"Sit down." He ordered softly, taking a seat on the couch and gently patting the spot next to her. He seemed nervous and she wished he wouldn't be. Raven swallowed and made herself promise there wouldn't be any hard feelings.

Because she knew he was done. Raven knew she wasn't interesting anymore. This heroing was to much for him and she was willing to do what Beast Boy wanted best, even if it meant being away from her one and only love for the rest of her existence.

"Beast Boy," she began, quietly, unable to look at him. "You don't have to say it. I know."

His face scrunched up in confusion, losing some of that seriousness. "What are you talking about, Raven?"

She sighed, "I know, Beast Boy. You're done. You don't want me anymore, this life of being famous is too much for you. I . . . I won't stop you if you want to leave."

Beast Boy was silent. ". . . Raven . . . Do you want me to leave?"

Raven's eyes flashed up. "Isn't that what you want?"

Her beloved shook his head vigorously, shock flashing across his face. His arms suddenly wrapped tightly around her waist and pulled her up onto his lap, still shaking his head before burying it into her collarbone. He breathed deeply, like he always did, she realized, when he was away from her for long periods of times. She sincerely wished he wouldn't ever have to do it again. Ever.

"No," His voice cracked with grief and fear. "I never want to leave you, Raven."

She sighed in relief but still felt confused. "Well then . . . what did you want?"

He laughed, mocking her slightly. "'What did you want', she says." Beast Boy shook his head and looked her dead in the eye. "I was actually planning on giving you something, but, if you insist on saying things that are my worst nightmare, like leaving you forever, then we can just sit here until you realize and remember just how badly I need to be with you. In every way and form."

Raven rolled her eyes, "No, tell me what was on your mind."

Beast Boy carefully moved her off his lap, digging through her drawers. One of Raven's brows rose in debate about whether she should be mad that he'd hid something in her room while she was away or wait curiously to see what he'd hidden. Then he seemed to find it, before she could make up her mind. He held something, apparently palm-sized, behind his back as she approached her. Raven felt extreme apprehension, unsure of what was going on and therefor the situation.

When Beast Boy got down on one knee, nothing but an odd stillness seized her, and Raven stopped breathing for a second.

"Raven," He began. "We're definitely not even legally old enough to get married. I want that, someday, but not yet."

She let out the breath. It wasn't that Raven was scared of commitment or an eternity with Beast Boy as she was simply scared she wasn't ready to be a wife quite yet. She loved Beast Boy but marriage was something Raven was sure she wouldn't be fond of for a few more years.

"What I want, though, is to have myself with you always, since I know you're scared to carry my charms around if they break." He added, more purposefully as he pulled the object from behind his back. Raven noted that Beast Boy was always giving her things, a charm, a charm to replace the old one, and now this. It was a necklace. A small one, in the very cliche form of a heart but she liked the onyx color, lined with gold, that decorated it.

She took it in her hands, surprised at how strong it felt. "What's this made out of?"

"I'm not sure," He admitted. "But it's lined with an invincible glaze. Robin got it made for me, to give to you. It was actually made before you left, but, there wasn't the right moment to give it to you. I'm giving it to you now, before anything else happens."

Raven smiled at the joke and pretended she didn't hear the disguised seriousness at his words. "It's beautiful, Beast Boy."

"It's a locket," he added, taking it back from her to pop it open and showed it to her. "See?"

It was a picture of them. Raven had her arms around Beast Boy's neck, smiling into the camera and Beast Boy smiled warmly at it as well. In the background Raven thought she saw trees and remembered that day, when Cyborg had taken them on a visit to the Old Place and snapped a picture of the couple in their 'origin place of love'. Beast Boy had laughed at the choice of words and Raven had rolled her eyes playfully.

"I . . ." she smiled, then and kissed him forcefully on the lips. "I love you, Beast Boy. Please never forget that."

"I won't," He promised, holding her. "And you have to promise you'll never forget how much I love you, either, and never think that I'd leave you ever again. Ever."

Laughing weakly at the unnecessary "ever", Raven nodded. "Okay. I promise."

She yawned and Beast Boy picked her up, laying her down under her comforters. He didn't even ask, but began to take off his shoes, stripping himself to only his suit (which was unnaturally comfortable) and crawling into bed with her. Raven had already discarded her cloak, shoes, and belt, placing the necklace gently on the table beside her bed. As Beast Boy lay down she wrapped her arms tightly around his torso, hooking one leg up over his hip. Beast Boy growled his content and snuggled closer to her, holding themselves together.

And things were at peace. Forever and always.


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