"I told you Dad I don't eat at McDonalds!" scowled Vanessa as she crossed her arms "I think the food here is barbaric!"

The evil scientist smiled apologetically "oh come on sweetie its not so bad here look they got ice cream"

The singsong voice her dad said I in made Vanessa shudder even more "id rather not"

"I gotta take you somewhere to eat on our daddy daughter days"

"Don't call it that I'm not 8"

"Well you know what I mean"

"…I'm lucky Perry hasn't shown up aren't I?" Vanessa sighed as the food finally arrived and she slumped down in her seat

Doofenshmirtz contemplated this fact stroking his chin "yeah I suppose although that platypus employee over there does look veeeeeery suspicious"

Vanessa hit her head with her hand in a face palm sighing aggravated why do I even bother..?

Doofenshmirtz felt hurt by this remark but suddenly perked seeing something and with lightning speed got a napkin

Vanessa cringed as she felt some wet clothe on her face "Dad what the-?"

You have some ketchup on your face…

Vanessa was so tempted to smack her dads hand away but decided just to grab her food and leave "I'm having a take-away, away from you!"

"Vanessa wait!" but before you could say 'big whopper' she had already stormed out the door nearly hitting a man on the way out.

"Agnes careful of people coming out the door" a worried girl wearing classes said to the unicorn dressed girl

"Sorry…" the unicorn impersonator looked up at the other girl with a mess of blonde hair trapped under her pink hat as she sat on the back of the man's shoulders

"Yikes somebody got issues.." the bald man murmured looking back at the teen girl who had just thundered past them "Ok girl's where would you like to be sitting?"

Suddenly two yellow creatures run out from behind him jumping into a swivel chair and the other jumped right next to a family squishing them against the wall.

He pinched the bridge of his nose "no did I say Dave? No, no I did not I said girls."

The minions moaned dragging their small feet back to their master "bawww…"

While this was all going on Agnes had ran up to a man wearing a lab coat with curious eyes, Doofenshmirtz looked down at her weakly but then got startled being caught off guard "ah! Er...hello little girl"

"Your nose is pointy" she pointed out with her finger making the doctor go crossed eyed

"Yeah erm many people have pointed that out…" he touched his nose consciously

Doofenshmirtz saw a person half running towards them and then crouching down to the young girls height letting his scarf drag on the floor "Agnes don't talk to strangers we've talked about this young lady"

He blinked and the evil men's eyes met "sorry about that…she's a curious one I can be telling you that"

"Oh it's ok really I have a daughter of my own so I know" he could sense the other two girls looking at him from the next table beside him

"Dad this table's free" the eldest said sitting down next to her sister

He sat down Agnes with her legs dangling and sat in the seat across from Doofenshmirtz "Thanks Margo, have you girls decided what you want yet?"

"Happy meal happy meal happy meal" the three girls chanted simultaneously which couldn't stop the two men smiling. The dad of the three girls called the minions back letting them get the girl's orders and his own burger and the girls had already started the colouring pages on the back with Agnes doodling unicorns on the back of hers.

"I'm Doofenshmirtz by the way" he finally said finishing his own meal smiling at the other person next to him

"Oh my name's Gru" he smiled in return leaning his arm back on his seat "so you're a…pharmacist I take it?"

He twitched but kept it down "N-no I'm an evil scientist."

Doofenshmirtz suddenly saw Gru's blue eyes lit up "Evil?" he repeated in his Russian accent "I'm familiar in that field"

"No way!" he spun round in his chair so now they were facing each other "I kinda gathered from the yellow…things over there but I don't think I've seen you around the evil scene"

"Ah those are my minions, I have more at home but the limit for family outings is two"

"Makes sense," Doofenshmirtz shrugged looking at the girl's "are they all yours?"

Gru smiled the smile you only see from parents, a mixture of pride, love and exhaustion "Yes they are mine, de little one in de unicorn t-shirt in Agnes eez de youngest, de girl in pink is edith and de eldest eez Margo"

"Nice" he dug into his pocket finding his wallet showing Gru one of the many pictures of Vanessa "I only have the one and she's sixteen now"

Gru laughed lightly "a few more years and these girls will be that age"

"Trust me it just flies by, be grateful now while they're this age and still sweet"

"Typical teenager?"

"Typical GOTH teenager"

"ahhh" Gru nodded understandably "How eez that going?"

"I think you met her as she stormed out…" he leaned his head on his hand

"oh…" Gru patted Doofenshmirtz on the back "she'll come around, they always do"

Doofenshmirtz looked at him weakly "do you think so?"

"They might hate you now but deep down they love you to pieces" he turned to his daughters "isn't that right girls?"

The girls were too busy drawing and eating to really pay attention

"…thanks for helping my point out" he rolled his eyes

"So what do you do when they act up?"

"well I usually just do something they are interested in, like de girls wanted me to go to dis fair and I went with them and not only did they love eet I love eet too. It works on de both levels"

Doofenshmirtz thought "your girls...do they take an interest in your w-work too?

Gru shook his hand "ehhh here and a there, the odd scheme or two. If you scratch their back they will be scratching yours"

Doofenshmirtz smiled "hmm maybe your right…"

As if on cue Vanessa walked through the door not looking at her dad "Dad I need money for food, I found the food here inedible…"

Doofenshmirtz got up "of course, where would you like to eat? I'll take you anywhere"

Vanessa blinked "well there was that place down the street…but you never let me eat there with you you always said it was too dark and the music was too loud and sounded like someone strangling a cat"

Doofenshmirtz smiled wrapping an arm round Vanessa "Honey if you wanna eat there I'll eat there with you. I'd do anything for you"

Vanessa smiled pulling away jokingly "Dad your embaressing me..!"

The two walked out the restaurant and Doofenshmirtz gave Gru a thumbs up as a thank you.

Gru smiled "they are going to be aaaaaaaalright" he looked over to see his two minions walking back "What took you guys so long?"

They came back Gru's order pointing back at the counter "bebop gabba gabba"

"Really? ...I guess you don't see that everyday."

The burger suddenly let out a small nauseous gas causing Gru to fall over the minions and his family laughing around him not knowing that the platypus employee thought Gru looked a lot like Doofenshmirtz from a distance.