Band Geeks

AN: I don't own any aspect of Naruto, obviously. Everything band related is based on how my school runs the band, so don't flame me if it's not how your band is run. Also, this is my first fanfic. Thanks! =3

Chapter 1

Trudging back the slim alley of the school bus with my blue uniform bag reading : RAINCOAT: 68 NARUTO UZUMAKI, I wondered who I would be forced to sit with this year. I'm the only guitarist in our small school band. Since I'm a guitarist, I'm in the pit, with the other percussion players excluding the drum line. I quickly got in my seat- the third from the back. This bus would include the pit, drum line, and guard girls... oh, the beautiful guard girls.

I had never gotten up enough nerve, even from how outgoing I seem, I can't quite muster up enough courage to talk to them. What if they thought less of me because I was in pit?what if they thought I wasn't good looking enough?

Cold air hit my face abruptly as I opened the window up to the first notch so I could hang up my uniform bag. Oh, Cavalcades... (Cavalcades, in case you're not in marching band, are band compitions.) I hate how cold it is during marching band season. I also hate how long the bus rides were- probably a good two hours it would take to get us there and then another two back. Four hours in a seat with... only Kami (Japanese for God) knows who.

I settled down in the seat as others came onto the bus, and it became quite cold as the windows were opened to hang uniform bags. It was only 5 PM, but we had been practicing since 11 AM and I was unbelievably tired. The color guard was obviously about to get on the bus because of their approaching adorable giggles. A few members of drum line had yet to get on though... I almost hoped my... "seat mate" wasn't a girl. We would have to change on a moving bus in the same seat!

I couldn't help but gaze out the window as they sprayed each other with a final coat of hair spray, just in case, before helping each other apply a coat of blue glitter over blue eye makeup. Now, with all of their performing makeup caked on, they aren't nearly as beautiful as they are at practice and in school. I quickly looked down as they began shifting onto the bus with their purses and uniform bags. 'Please don't sit with me, please don't sit with me, Please don't sit with me!,' was all I could think.

Despite my thoughts... a guard girl slipped into the seat with me.

"Uhm... please excuse me for a moment," her shy voice said as she hung her uniform bag from the window.

"uh... sure." Smooth, really smooth Naruto...

But this guard girl... she wasn't just ANY guard girl. This was Hinata Hyuuga of the great Hyuuga family. Wealthy and strong... and I had to sit with her! Besides how shy she was, every guy in our grade thought she was stunning. Her smooth face, innocent eyes, curves in all the right- get ahold of yourself Naruto.

She looked a bit nervous as she sat down. "Would you prefer the window seat?"

"No... thank you, this is fine."

Do you have any idea how awkward this year was about to be?