Music of love

Summery-Hinata Hyuga (Punk Angel) is 15 years old and the world's most popular girl singer and is going out with 16 year old Sasuko Uchiha (Sasuke Uchiha), the world's most popular boy singer. They both know that the names they use on stage are just stage names and the only clue they both have is that they both go to the same school. So what happens when they figure out who they really are, ignoring the fact that Sasuke has a girlfriend at school, is the most popular guy in school while Hinata is one of the 'losers' and is crushing on Sasuke even though she loves Sasuko. Looks like music is going to save the day.

Character profiles

Name-Hinata Hyuga aka Punk Angel


Looks-As Hinata-Long bluish blackish hair always pined in a messy bun, lavender eyes

As Punk Angle-Long hair out with light blue streaks, always wears fishnet gloves

Attuide-As Hinata-Shy, quiet, stutters if nervous, embarrassed if attention is turned on to her, cares about people before her, sweet

As Punk Angel-Loud, outgoing, sweet, cares about people before her, brave

Name-Sasuke Uchiha aka Sasuko Uchiha


Looks-As Sasuke-Raven black hair, coal black eyes

As Sasuko-Raven black hair with dark blue streaks

Attuide-As Sasuke-Cold at times, tends to get mad easily, nice to the 'losers' especially Hinata

As Sasuko-Sweet, kind, doesn't get mad that easily unless by Neji, cares for people before him, especially Punk Angel

Chapter 1

Third person POV

Hina at age 7

Hiashi Hyuga was in his office when he herd the door open.

"Daddy" said a small voice

"Yes Hinata?"

"Can I come in?"

Hiashi smiled softly, "Come on in, Hina"

Hinata comes in and goes by his desk.

Hiashi looked at his eldest daghter,"Now Hina what seems to be the matter? It's 11:40 pm. Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"I couldn't sleep. I had a bad dream"

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

"It's the same dream. The one were Mommy is front of me and when I reach out to touch her, she disssapers. Daddy I miss her so much" the little Hyuga started to cry.

Hiashi picked up his daughter and held her close. "It's ok Hina. Ne Hina?"


"Do you want to listen to her songs?"


Hinata's mother, Haziki Hyuga, was a singer. She meet Hiashi when he became her new producer. 3 years later they got married. Unforutently she died when she had her second daughter, Hanabi.

God knows winter version

As she listens, an idea comes to the young Hyuga.


"Yes Hina?"

"Do you think I can become a singer like Mommy?"

"Probably. You have your mother's voice. Do you want to become a singer?"

"Yeah. I wana be just like Mommy."

Sasu at age 8

Itachi Uchiha walked through the door of his house. He hoped that his brother, Sasuke, would be asleep. He barley got to see his brother because of his classes at the Kohana School of Arts. Just as he was about to go to his room, he saw the lights in his brother's room on. He opens the door to find a crying Uchiha on his bed. Itachi goes over to Sasuke.

"Sasuke what's the matter?"

"Why did Mom and Dad have to die? Every time I think I forgot about them, I have this dream of them dyeing."

The Uchiha's parents had died in a car crash. They were both managers of very popular bands and use to be singers themselves.

Itachi sits on the bed near Sasuke."Why would you want to forget about them?"

"It hurts every time I think about it."

"True, but don't you think forgetting about them is just as painful."

Sasuke stops crying and thinks about what Itachi said."Hey Itachi?"


"I think you're right. It'll hurt more if I completely forget about them."

"See? Now why don't you go to sleep, k?"

"Hai, Akane."

Just as Itachi is about to turn off the lights and go to sleep himself, he then remembers a project he has to do.

"Hey Sasuke?"


"What do you want to be when you're older?"

"Um...A singer. Just like mom and dad. "

8 years later at Tokyo stadium

The place is packed with people big and small. Backstage, Itachi, Hiashi and his nephew, Neji, are getting ready for the consert. Hiashi checks to make sure everything is in place. Itachi is making sure everyone is ready from the crew to the band, dancers and backup singers while Neji is looking for the stars of the show and failing. He then snaps.

"Does anyone know where Punk Angel and Sasuko are?"

"Neji, have you checked PA's (Punk Angel) dressing room" Itachi said calmly

"Yes Iatchi. I've checked every possible place they could be. I can't find them any where."

"Can't find who "said someone that caused Neji to turn around only to see the people he was looking for.

"Punk Angel! Sasuko! Where were you?"

"In Sasuko's dressing room" Punk Angel said like it was the most obvious thing ever.

"I checked there. I didn't see you."

"You didn't? Oh well, we're here now."

"Do we go on now?" asked Sasuko

"Punk Angel first then you come on, k. Now before I blow a fuse again, PA, get to the rising stage. Sasuko, be on stand by." Neji ordered.

Punk Angel, or Hinata as we would better know her, got on the rising stage and stooped because the distance form underground to the stage was pretty short. She made sure her skirt wasn't caught on the cage, to make sure she didn't fall out, like during dress reahersal. It took her forever to get it out. Her outfit was a black mini skirt with black lace at the end and black leggings underneath, a dark blue tank top with black and blue winter boots and her famous fishnet gloves. Neji came over and gave her the mic, told the band from his head piece to start playing and told the crew to raise the stage. As soon as Punk Angel was shown, the crowd went wild. She then started to sing.

Your love is my drug

Maybe I need some rehab or maybe just need some sleep

I got a sick upseption; I'm seeing it in my dreams

I'm looking down every ally; I'm making those desperate calls

I'm staying up all night hoping; hit my head against the wall

What you got boy is hard to find, I think about it all time

I'm all strung out, my heart is fried

I just can't get you off my mind

Because yeah, your love, your love is my drug

Yeah your love, your love

I said yeah your love; your love is my drug

Yeah your love, your love

Won't listen to any advise, Mom's telling me I should think twice

But let to my own device, cause I'm addicted it's a crises

My friends think I've gone crazy; my judgment's getting kinda hazy

My sez is going to be affected if I keep it up like a love-sick crack head

What you got boy is hard to find I think about it all the time

I'm all strung out, my heart is fried

I just can't get you off my mind

Because yeah your love, your love is my drug

Yeah your love, your love

I said yeah, your love, your love is my drug

Yeah your love, your love

I don't care what people say the rush is worth the price I pay

I get so high when your with me, but crash and crave you when you leave

Hey so I got a question do you wana have a slumber party in my basement

Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?

Is my love your drug, your drug?

Huh, your drug, Huh, your drug, Is my love your drug?


Yeah your love, your love is my drug

Yeah your love, your love

I said yeah your love; your love is my drug

Yeah your love your love

Yeah your love, your love is my drug

Yeah your love, your love

I said yeah your love; your love is my drug

Yeah your love, your love


Hey (giggles)

So (laughs)

Your love, your love, your love, your love

(Whispers)Is my drug

I like your beard

The crowd went wild with appluse. Punk Angel then greets her fans

"Good night everyone. How's everyone?"

Everyone screamed to answer her question.

"Awesome. Now please help me welcome to stage my boyfriend, everyone's fav boy singer, Sasuko Uchiha"

At the sound of his name the crowd went crazy and Sasuko came on stage. He was wearing a white t-shirt, a black hoddie, jeans ripped at the knee with chains on the buckle and black sneakers. He came up to Punk Angel and kissed her on the cheek. Then he greeted the crowd.

"Sup everyone?"

The crowd went wild.

"So you ready to rock"

"Yeah" yelled the already crazed crowd

The music started and Sasuko started

New classic

Ohh, Oh, oh, oh, Ohh

Sasu-Ever try to reach for something, but it's someone else's dream

Every step that you take forward, takes you right back where you been

And then when you least except it, and you tried about everything

Sasu and PA-Somebody hears your option

Somebody cares what you say

You woke me up, no longer tired with you I feel inspired

You help me find my fire

Sasu-You're the new classic, your P.Y.T

Stands for pay, young, taking on the world from the drivers seat

You look so classic, fantasic, the way you own that floor bring the beat back once more

And let me see you do that

Your turn, do it right, no rehearsal, it your life

The way your doing this crazy dance

Cause your making these crazy plans

PA-Just this is not a test, you put in work to be the best

It's a classic take on a brand new game

Sasu and PA-Before the needle drops they gonna know your name

When it gets old don't lose the love, your cold

I'll warm you up when the fire enough

Sasu-Enough, enough, enough, enough

You're the new classic

PA-You're the new P.Y.T

Sasu-It's stand for pay, young

PA-And trying everything just to touch your dreams

Sasu and PA-You look so classic, fantastic

PA-The way you own that floor

Sasu-Bring the beat back once more

Sasu and PA-Let me see you do it

PA-It's become so hard for me to be surprised

Sasu-Your bring back the real me no judgment in your eyes

Sasu and PA-Cause when I dance with you, it's how I speak the truth

Just a classic when we meet

Sasu-Now you make me move

You're the new classic, you're the new P.Y.T

Cause your pay, young and taking on the world from the driver's seat

You look so classic, fantastic, the way you own that floor

Bring the beat back once more (bring the beat back once more)

You're the new classic

Sasu and PA-Your the new P.Y.T

Sasu-Cause your pay, young

Sasu and PA-And taking on the world from the driver's seat

You look so classic, fantastic

The way you own that floor

Sasu-Bring the beat back once more bring it back, bring it back

Let me see you do it

Sasu and PA-Your the new, yeah, new P.Y.T

Cause your pay, young and taking a chance to believe me

You're the new classic, fantastic

The way you own that floor

Bring the beat back once more and let me you do that

The crowd went wild because at the end of the song Sasuko and Punk Angel faced each with their faces really close, the crowd thought they were going to kiss, which they did, but the kiss only lasted 5 seconds. The concert went great. Songs were done by both singers along with a couple more duets. Punk Angel ended the concert with her song 'Naturally'. The couple wished the crowd good night and walked off stage.

Backstage everyone congratulated them on a job well done. Well almost everyone. Neij still couldn't figure out how even though he looked in Sasuko's dressing room he still didn't see the star couple. He was listing his theories to Itachi, who with each new theory, he was getting a little more annoyed.

"I had only looked on the outside, not in the closet or in the bathroom."


"So even though they may look like an innocent couple on the outside, they could have been in any of the two rooms getting down and dirty."

"So let me get this straight. You think my cousin, Sasuko, is having sex with your cousin PA? Have you lost your mind? They started going out 3 months ago. And by the way, Sasuko changed to a smaller dressing room this afternoon."

"Then why is name plate still on the same door?"

"He changed it this afternoon. You acutely think the crew had time to move the name plates when the concert was only a couple hours away?"

While Neji and Itachi were arguing, Punk Angel and Sasuko were talking about their little secret.

"Sasuko-kun, can't you give me more than that little hint?"

"Only if you give me one."

You see the names Punk Angel and Sasuko were just stage names to hide the person's real identity. When the couple first meet and became fast friends they both told said that the names they used on stage weren't their really names and when they started dating they said how they will give each other hints on who they were. This has been the first hint ever since they started dating. The hint Sasuko gave was how he went to Kohona high school.

"But Sasuko-kun, I don't think just the fact on how you go to Kohona high helps. Oh wait. Yes it does. I also go to Kohona high. That was a hint, so you have to give me another."

"Ok. How about I have the opposite necklace to yours"

"What? Sasuko-kun you know I don't have a necklace opposite to yours and you don't have a necklace."

Sasuko didn't say any thing. He just pulled out a box from his hoddie pocket and gave it to PA.

"Sasuko-kun what is this?"

"Just open it and the answer to your necklace question will be answered."

She opens the box and inside was two guitar pick necklaces, one purple, the other blue.

"Sasuko-kun what is this?" she repeated

"This is your answer. Look a little closer at the picks."

The blue had Sasuko's name on it while the purple had Punk Angel's

"I get it. My own is the blue one and it's opposite to your own the purple one."

"Right. That's one of the reasons I love you. Unlike other girls, you figure things out so quickly."

"Aww. Thanks. Here, help me put mine on."

Sasuko help her put it on then he put his lips by her ear, "You will wear it won't you"

"I'll never take it off," promised Punk Angel. She turned around and leaned in to kiss Sasuko, only to be interrupted by Neji.

"Punk Angel! Sasuko! I have a bone to pick with you two lovebirds."

'Why couldn't I have a normal and non-over protective cousin like everyone else? Oh wait I forgot. I'm not like everyone else.' thought Hinata

'Why does PA's cousin always have to interrupt us every time we're trying to kiss' Sasuko aka Sasuke, thought when he faced Neji. "What Neji ?"

Neji was getting mad. He was protective of Hinata and didn't like the fact that Sasuko was her boyfriend. "Don't 'What Neji' me. Why are you and my cousin here were no one else is ?"

"Let me think. Oh I know. PA and I are trying to have a privet conversation with no one trying to listen in." Sasuko said. He was really beginning to get annoyed with Neji's constant butting in and Neji was getting annoyed with the way Sasuko always had attuide with him.

"Watch you mouth Uchiha. Just because..."

Neji never got to finish because Itachi came up behind him and covered his mouth.

"Sorry about him. I'll get him out of you're faces. Excuse us," Itachi said while he and Neji left the couple alone.

"Sorry about Neji Sasuko-kun. He's really over protective."

"It's ok," Sasuke said after he turned and faced Hinata, "Now where we before we were rudely interrupted by your cousin."

"I was going to kiss you."

She leaned in and kissed him. Sasuko put his hands on her waist while Punk Angel put her arms around his neck. They were kissing for probably 20 seconds, when Hinata's dad/manager, Hiashi, called her to get changed. The couple both got changed and left the stadium, of course after signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. The limo both dropped both stars home. When they went to bed they were both thinking the same thing.

"Tomorrow I'll find out"

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