Waking up in the middle of the night, screaming. There's nothing worse. It's as if before you scream, while your dreaming, something inside of you is saying 'Wake up, wake up!' And when you do, you're scarred for life.

Most people have nightmares from movies or television shows, but not me. I was born this way, every night with a nightmare, every day with a dream. Everyone loves sleep but I hate it. Sleeping for me sucks, every night I wake up screaming, then not remembering what my nightmare was about.

Running, from him, a man I had never met before. He looked a few years older than me. Maybe two. I was only seventeen, running from a nine-teen year old, it was weird. Let alone I didn't know him. He started gaining up on me, grabbing me, taking me away, and kidnapping me! I felt shaking on my arms more and more and…. Screaming, I had woken up screaming.

I started shaking. My mom came running in my room she grabbed on to me, hugging me, and rubbing my head. I began to calm down. "What was it?" my mom said. It felt as if I herd those words every night, probably because I did. I sat their in silence trying to regain my memory. Thinking, harder and harder. Nothing, I got nothing, I remembered nothing.