It was a chilled summer's night in London; the year was 1786.I was on my way home from the bakery, I had just picked up some fresh bread. It was quiet, except for the sound of my shoes clacking against the cobble stone street. I glanced up to see a gorgeous full moon, smiling I quickened my pace.

My life up to this point was less than exciting. I was left at an orphanage as a new born and raised myself with no help from the owner. Eventually the orphanage ran out of money and the owner decided that I was only making her life worse, so she sold me into slavery. Thankfully I was only five, not old enough to become a prostitute, so instead I became a maid for Mrs. Kaden. She was a very wealthy and intelligent woman. She taught me how to read and write, and even how to play the violin! I have been her maid for 12 years now and to be honest I still feel as though I haven't gained her respect. But I like being her maid, even if she is a bit stuck up.

I caught sight of Mrs. Kaden's home and smiled, soon I would be out of this cold. I raced up the steps and reached for the handle, only to find the door slightly ajar. I paused, something didn't feel right. Ignoring my gut, I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. It was pitch black except for a light in the living room. I slowly walked to the room, her back was to me, but I spied Mrs. Kaden sitting in her chair watching the fire.

I walked to the kitchen and set the bread on the counter. Taking off my black cloak, I hung it up on the wooden coat rack. I walked back down the hall and entered the living room. I stood at the door way, "Mrs. Kaden would you like me to make you some tea?" I waited a minute, but she did not respond. Watching her, I noticed her head slump slightly.

My heart skipped a beat. "M-Mrs. Kaden?" Slowly I walked over to face her. I threw my hands over my mouth and tears ran down my cheeks. Their sitting in her chair was Mrs. Kaden, her throat sliced open and blood pouring down onto the carpet. I sobbed as I stared into her glossy eyes. My legs began to shake. Suddenly I saw a black shadow in the corner of my eye. Turning quickly, I tried to see what it was. Before I could even gasp, a hand shot up and grabbed me by my throat, slamming me against the wall. I placed my hands over the attackers in an attempt to pry them off, but they only tightened their grip. I gasped for air as the attacker lifted me up off the ground. I watched in horror as the attacker stepped out of the shadows. I had never seen such a being. His hair was long and as black as raven feathers. He was tall and easily loomed over me. His face seemed to be carved by gods, his skin was perfectly smooth. But what surprised me the most was his crimson eyes. They seemed to stare into my very soul. His eyes ran over my body as I hung there gagging. Suddenly he let go and I fell onto the floor. I gasped loudly and began to cough. The man crouched down and watched me. Then I felt his cold hand pull my chin up, so that he could look at my face. Slowly he spoke, "My little flower, don't look so frightened. I promise not to bring any harm to you." His voice was seductive and he had a strong Romanian accent. As he spoke I marveled at his bright teeth, his canines were abnormally long and pointed at the end. He stared at me then chuckled, "What is your name?" I gulped, "Rose." He smiled warmly, "Rose."

Before I could even blink, he had sunk his fangs deep into my neck. I gasped in pain then felt the strength leave my body. When he was done, he laid me on the rug. I stared up at him, tears rolling down my cheeks. He leaned down and kissed them away, as if a lover. "Dear Rose" he stroked my cheek. "I have decided to give you a gift." I stared blankly into his burning eyes. "The gift of life." My cheek twitched. "You see, I have been watching you for some time now. And I have decided to make you mine." He pressed his forehead against mine, his skin was ice cold. "You will be my Grimm Reaper."

He smiled once more, then I blacked out…..this was the day I died.