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Seeking the Lost_ Prologue

By Draconis

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"Hmm… the Weaselette has some good genes after all…" Draco Malfoy commented as he stood at Platform 9 ¾ waiting for the Hogwarts Express. He held the hand of his brat of a godson as he stared at Potter and his brat.

"Uncle Draco…"

Draco ignored him as he continued with his thought process 'But where's the Weaselette? Even with her upbringing, you would think that she would have enough class to accompany her own family. After all, it is her brat's first day of school.'

"Uncle Draco!"

Draco snapped back to attention and looked down at his godson, Cecilius Zabini.

"What Ceci?"

Cecilius wrinkled his nose at the feminine nickname. "I said I want to go talk to my friend!" Cecilius said as he pouted. Draco bit his lip to hide his amusement then he let go of the small hand clutched in his own.

"Make sure you stay where I can see you. The train will be here in a bit."

"I know, I know," Cecilius huffed as he turned from him. Draco's amusement ebbed away with every step his godson took. Cecilius stopped behind Potter and yanked his robes. Potter turned around, smiled and then lifted Cecilius into his arms. Draco stood, stunned as Potter and his brat played with his godson. This continued until Cecilius turned in Potter's arms and pointed directly at Draco. Green met grey for a fraction of a second with pure curiosity until those green orbs darkened with the anger of past rivalries… and something else that Draco couldn't discern. Unless… No! He couldn't even dream of that possibility. Those emotions had been drowned long ago when Potter had married the Weaselette. Thankfully, the clamor of the Express rolled in and halted the depression and self-pity that was souring Draco's mood. When he'd mustered enough courage to look back at Potter, he was already ushering both children into the train. Draco turned to leave but stopped when he heard his name called.

"Uncle Dracoooo," Cecilius sang, a mischievous glint in his eyes, "You forgot my goodbye kiss." Draco's already red face flamed even redder when he saw Potter snickering next to Cecilius.

"You little Brat!" Draco hissed venomously, trying to reach his godson. But Cecilius quickly ducked inside the train as Potter's brat followed after him laughing.

"Who knew you could be so affectionate Malfoy?" Potter commented, but it went ignored as his body reacted in ways he thought were no longer possible.

"You, if my memory serves me." Draco snapped automatically. Potter's voice did not hold any malice in it when he'd asked the question but it stung nonetheless. And when Draco was hurt, he hurt others in kind. Whatever Draco thought he saw in those green pools a while ago was completely gone now.

"Biggest mistake I ever made," Potter muttered darkly before turning away. Draco watched his retreating figure as the memories from twelve priors rushing back to him.


"So that's it? Now that Old Voldys gone the Golden Boy is too good for Slytherin trash?"

"Draco, please, you know it's not like that."

"Then what is it like, Potter? Why don't you explain it to me?" For the first time since this conversation began, Draco raised his eyes and looked across the table at his soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. Harry wrung his hands, a nervous habit Draco had once thought cute. It was the last Hogsmeade weekend of their 7th year and they were sharing a booth in the Hogs Head to avoid others seeing them together. Draco thought this sneaking around would no longer be necessary when Old Voldy was gone. In fact, he was so sure things would change that he had gone as far as telling his best friends Blaise and Pansy about their relationship. Obviously Potter had other plans


"Look, Draco I… I told Mione about us yesterday and… and she said that it's not a good idea. She said that others might not take the news well and I-"

"I didn't ask about what the Mud- Granger or the others, whoever they may be, would think. I asked you what you think."

"I think…" Harry sighed in resignation, "I think I agree with them."

"Very well." Draco stood and walked out the door, not bothering to look back at the person who he thought would be the love of his life. About one week later, at their graduation Potter announced his engagement to the Weaselette and then two weeks later he had come back running to Draco, but it was too late. Draco's pride would never let him forgive Potter, so he had fled the country on the day of their wedding and had returned only because of the birth of his godson.

End of flashback…

Draco stood at the station long after Potter and the train had both gone and wondered if he had done the right thing twelve years ago…

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