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"Give it back, Ceci!" Cecilius ignored the his best friends voice and kept running through the fields, laughing all the while. He usually cringed when others called him that girly name but he always made an exception for Ladon.

"Come on, Ceci! I'm going to miss the game! My folks are already at the arena." Ladon was getting nervous. He glanced at his wrist watch. It read nine thirty a.m. His game would be starting at nine forty-five and he still hadn't stretched or warmed up yet and there was no way he was going to play without his lucky charm. Which Ceci was now running away with. He speed up drastically then lunged at Ceci, knocking them both down, sending them rolling down the hill that toward over his childhood home. He straddled Ceci and held his hands above his head to hold the struggling boy still. He inched his face closer and closer until they were only an inch apart and felt a little trill when he felt Ceci's breath hitch. Then he reach into Ceci's unclenched fist and removed his lucky charm then stood, dusting off his Qudditch robes. His Father would kill him if he showed up for the pre-game photo's dirty.

"Tease." He heard Ceci sulking from behind him.

"I told you not before the game." Ladon laughed, donning his lucky charm, a locket given to him by his Father eight years on the first Christmas he spent with him. To him the necklace symbolized the completion of his family and one day he planned to pass it on to someone who meant just as much to him as his family did. Speak of which…

He turned to see Ceci's disgruntled expression. "Oh, cheer-up Ceci!" He clasped both hands onto Cecilius' shoulder and squeezed. He whispered a spell and the portkey in his pocket activated.

"Where is that boy!" Draco worried, passing back and forth, drilling a hole in the freshly manicured lawn and making his husband of seven years dizzy.

"Probably with Cecilius." Aaric answered, trying to calm his three month old. He had married his Hogwarts sweet heart Angelina Weasley (named after her mother) fresh out of high school and soon began their own family. The two had met a Christmas when the his two uncles, Fred and George, had come to Christmas at Godric Hollow with their families. Angelina had her father's love of mischief and her mother's love of Qudditch; Aaric had his father's wit and his dad's charm. The two fit and it only took a few dates for them to realize it.

"No big surprise that he's late. He is his father's son." Draco grumbled.

"Hey! I resent that!" Harry squawked looking affronted.

"Am I wrong Potter?" Draco challenged. "You were late on your own wedding day."

"Because of you!" Harry screeched.

"But I still made it on time."

"You weren't the one worn out by an insatiable lov-"

"Dad!" Now Aaric looked affronted. He gave his parents a disdainful look then went in search of his wife. He needed to be around normal people, for a change.

Before Draco and Harry's debate could erupt into a full-blown argument they heard a pop.

"About time!" Draco said, taking in Ladon and Cecilius' flustered state. He had seen that coming from a mile away.

"Yeah, your father almost had a hernia." Ladon rolled his eyes at his parents' bickering. He was used to it after listening to them for eight years. He made his way off the field to the Puddlemore United's team tent where the team was probably huddled. The minute he exited the closed gates of the field he was crowded with fans and reports and only got through with the help of his manager. He took one last glance at the crowd before he entered the enlarged tent and saw a brood of people with hair as red as his two uncles.

Harry rushed through the crowds trying desperately to get back to their exclusive box before the game began. He had forgotten his sneak o' scope and there were anti-apparation wards around the field so he had to run back to their tent, get the sneak o' scope, and make it back in time. Draco would never let him hear the end of this.

"Oh! I'm sor-" His apology died in his throat when he saw that the person he had run into was none other than Ginny Weasley.

"Don't look so stricken, Harry." Ginny laughed away his nervousness. "Their names are Morgan and Ashton." Ginny said when she saw Harry looking at the red haired children standing behind Ginny nervously.

"Ashton is mine but Morgan is Ron's. I'm just babysitting her because Ron is on a mission." Ginny explained.

Harry stiffened. He had heard that Ron had gone on to become an Auror but he knew almost nothing else about his former best friends. "I had no idea Hermione was pregnant."

Ginny looked at him, startled. "Didn't you know, Harry?" She asked frowning. Her frown deepened when she saw the confusion evident on his face. "You mean you're still not talking to those two? When I left England I told them that they should get over it. Really, we all should have known you would end up with Malfoy. What with your obsession with him."

Harry was to relieved that Ginny didn't hold a grudge against him for breaking her heart to fell indignant about her last statement, so he asked a question instead.

"What don't I know?"

"Oh! Oh, right. Ron and Hermione are divorced, for at least seven years now. Morgan's mom is Lavender Brown."

Harry was floored. How had he not heard about this? Even if they weren't talking he should have known. Why hadn't Fred or George told him. He was snapped out of his musings by Ginny's next words.

"They're sorry Harry, Ron and Mum and Dad, everyone. They all feel like shit for abandoning you back then." Ginny's words healed something in him that had been hurting for years.

"Oh, look! The game's starting." Ginny announced.

"Shit!" Harry had forgotten about the game. He made to run but stopped when he felt Ginny holding him back.

"Look happy, Harry. I'm glad." She smiled then let go of Harry, walking away with the children in tow.

By the time Harry arrived at the box the players were already in the air.

"Where the hell-" Harry cut off Draco's rant with a heated kiss. Will Draco was still dazed, Harry took the opportunity to look around him. In one corner Aaric sat, cuddling with his wife, happily cooing at their newborn. Lucius and Narcissa, who had become his surrogate parents after his reunion with Draco, were sitting with Cecilius who was gushing about how handsome Ladon looked in his Qudditch attire. And Draco, his husband, looking disgruntled but pleased, was sitting right next to him. Right where he belonged. Yeah, he was happy.

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