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-Watari's View-

We got away from the 'psycho-path hobo', as BB called him.

According to Beyond, his name was Jedaiah Mariton.

Strange name…..

"Can we turn on the radio?" Matt asked.

"Yeah!" Near chimed in.

I heard BB giggle.

"I gotta song."

Oh dear lord child…..please be something that won't make L disappointed…..please don't let it be something that'll give me a heart attack…..oh please, please, please!

Of course, my pleading didn't stop Trannylicious from coming on.

"Beyond Birthday….every time you listen to this foul music…I die a little…" I said.

'They make me scream they make me moan, I'm simply sexy head to toe, Trannylicious, what a tease, all my bitches on their knees, my look is hot my ass is tight, you wish you could fuck this every nigh….'

"And know my liver failed." I murmured to myself, tightening my fingers around the steering wheel.

"All right, wanna hear a better song!" Mello asked.

Well, at least 'Never Back Down' by Eminem and Pink is a little better. We ignore the cussing.

"Ewwww rap, it needs to be thrown away just like candy wrappers after L sucked them off." BB said, giggling at the end.

"BB no it doesn- woah, woah, was that a sexual innuendo?" Matt asked, looks of disbelief flickered in his eyes.

I heard 'yes' from BB and Mello, but no from the rest, including me.

"Are we there yet?" Near complained.

"Yes, we're gonna shove you outta the car now." BB said, scrolling through his songs on his Ipod.

"Ugh! You said the exact same word last time!" He whined in response.

"Ugh! So did you!" BB mocked.

"Children, please, shut up!" L said politely, sorta.

"Shut up, Strip Tease by Danity Kane is coming on!" BB whisper yelled.

"You worry me, my young grasshopper." Mello said, putting a hand on BB's shoulder.

"Yeah, well, I worry for your health when you touch me." BB said, his red orbs flashing dangerously.

Mello's hand flew off.

"BB, have you been skipping your daily appointments?" L asked.

"NO! Yes…..yes I have….I really don't like the fact that she is suggesting aroma therapy…it's strange." He said.

"So, maybe you should try it." I said.

"Are you trying to get me to have a heart-to-heart conversation? Like, bonding with me or something?" he asked.

"Attempting to at least." I said.

"You're failing…" he stated.

"Yeah, I know, it was worth a try. Oh. We're here. Come ,come children!" I said, parking and getting out.

We all looked around the area we rented for the next week.

It was beautiful.

Our area was a huge grassy area ahead of us.

Beyond that were trees galore.

Down a hill to the right was a creek with huge rocks, and about a mile away was a big waterfall.

We rented this little house thing to sleep in and what not.

It had 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

We shall make do.

"OH, trees, water, rocks, waterfall, and a hill? Watari I LOVE YOU!" BB screamed. He high tailed it to the car, changed into red swim trunks.

"BB you have to hel-!"L screamed after but I cut him off.

"He'll get tired, then, I'll sneak Nyquil into his tea, which I'll force him to drink, and make him go to bed at eight. I will then wake him up at seven tomorrow and make him help with breakfast, and we'll repeat that until the end of this little…erm…adventure." I said, imagining it all.

L sighed as he imagined his version.

"MATT, MELLO, NEAR, COME ON!" BB screamed.

Rolling down the hill for the tenth time.

"Can we?" was chorused throughout them.

I sighed and nodded, reluctantly.

"I'll give them this, they're finally getting along." L said.

"Yes, yes we should give them this, just this once." I said, sighing.


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