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He tells me to lean back, so I do.

"Two fingers," he says. I try to imagine what that would feel like, Lea, inside of me, prodding around experimentally. I bite my lip and moan harshly into the phone.

He says my name, so I say his, and then he says "Three."

"S-slow down!" I'm begging him.

He chuckles and I almost drop the phone. Damn him and his voice.

I secure the receiver between my chin and shoulder, which frees up my hands for more dire matters. You know, being ambidextrous comes in handy when you're jerking off. There's a pun in there somewhere, but my mind is too hazy to figure it out.

"You still with me?" he asks.

"Yeah," I breathe, after a particularly long stroke.

He says something on the borderline of dorky and cool, like brace yourself. I think I might have laughed, but it comes out as a choke instead. I wait a while, I listen to the sound of his ragged breathing on the phone, I think about how it matches mine. We both sound desperate.

I close my eyes and tell him to move.

And then something strange happens.

Suddenly, the hands pinning me down become long slender fingers. The body above me is a thin wiry frame, and the jeans on his hips slide down to reveal incredibly sharp bones. But then I open my eyes and the figure is unexpectedly gone.

Luckily Lea doesn't notice.

"Shit, Destiny, you're tight," He tells me.

I make a noncommittal noise distractedly, realize it wasn't sexy enough, and do it again.

Lea is too far gone to say anything about it. All I hear is him grunting on the phone, his groans are getting louder and faster, and he's telling me how good I feel around him. Usually this turns me on like nothing else, but for some reason…today it just feels a little off?

This is ridiculous, so I press my mouth against the receiver and give him my best porn star moan, "God, right there, Lea. Oh God, Le-aaah."

And then I see him again.

Red hair, green eyes, and mischievous grin.

The moan dies in my throat, and gets reborn as a gasp, either way I get the breath knocked out of me.



Why do I keep picturing Axel when I'm talking on the phone with Lea?

When I'm having phone-sex with Lea?

"That was a pretty cute sound, am I that good?" Lea asks, but I hear it in Axel's voice.

I see his face, his cheekbones, his tattoos, his burning eyes. They get closer to me and he's nuzzling my face, tickling my nose with his carmine spikes. I am literally frozen in my seat, unable to breathe, unable to respond back to whoever it is I'm talking to.

Who am I talking to?

"No answer, huh?"

I don't know what to do.

This has never happened before. Usually when I'm taking calls, I'm just jerking off to some faceless hot guy or girl. They've never been people I've actually recognized before…


He sounds like he's close, so I tell him I am, too. But this isn't the case at all. It feels so incredibly wrong to fake an orgasm but that's basically what I did. For the first time on my job, I actually felt dirty. I was downright lying to people. But I couldn't get myself back up again, not after what my mind was doing to me. What was going on…?

My breathing doesn't come back until long after we've hung up.


When Riku picks me up I make it very clear that I do not want to talk.

Because talking was what got me into this mess.

I throw my backpack under the seat and curl up against the passenger door. I probably look childish, but I've known Riku since forever so he probably doesn't care. He closes the window for me and turns the radio station to something low.

At the stop light he says something about his hospital shift, but ends it with a "Well I guess things like that just happen," which means I don't need to respond.

The rest of the trip is silent.


It doesn't occur to me to check my cell phone until I get back home.

Of course with the fiasco that I had at work, I should probably be avoiding all forms of communication in general. I flip the screen up and see two missed calls flashing back at me. Even for a Friday night, that's pretty rare. I don't usually get calls?

The first one is from Namine.

The second one is from Hayner.

I guess it really has been a while since I've talked to either of them. Namine is probably just calling to check up on me. She's afraid that if she leaves me alone for longer than a month I'll jump off a bridge or something.

Hayner on the other hand I had just completely forgotten about.

Ouch. I'm a bad best friend.

He had gotten into the same college as I did, but his parents are well off so he doesn't need to work over the summer. So while he's hitting up skate parks back at Twilight Town, I'm here taking sex-calls to pay for my tuition. I didn't think I was the jealous type, but maybe subconsciously I might have pushed him away.

I collapse on my bed, kicking my shoes off and debating about which one of them I should call back first.

Bros before hoes, says Hayner's voice in my head.

So speed dialing Hayner it is.

After a few rings my childhood buddy picks up with a "Where have you been, maaaan?"

It feels so natural to pick up where we left off that I can't help laughing, "Sorry dude. I've been constantly working my ass off here. And yesterday Riku took me to get some books. All my money – gone, instantly."

"Sad life, huh?"

"Definitely. We're not all smothered in inheritance like you."

"Haha, but even Olette knows when to take a break once in a while. Not like you, man. We haven't hung out in ages."

"I know," and I do, "I'm sorry," and I am.

"Whatever," he brushes it off instantly, and then his voice gets excited, "Hey you remember that I'm coming up tomorrow, right?"


"You forgot?"

"Maybe, I've been…out of it lately."

"Idiot, tomorrow's move-in day. Pence and I are driving up tomorrow with our 'rents and getting our room assignments. You promised to help lug my stuff, remember?"

Kind of. I remember him telling me that the two of them were living in on-campus dorms and that they've be moving in this week. But I don't remember anything about helping them carry baggage…

"My dad's got a bad back and Pence's dad is basically as useless as he is. You gotta help me out here, Rox."

"How much stuff do you even have? Aren't you living in the dormitories? Those places have furniture already!"

"Did you forget how many video games we've collected over the past decade? Do you not remember waiting in line outside of skate shops and emptying our wallets at comic book conventions?"

He has a point.

"Okay, fine I'll help."

"Thanks, man," and this his voice drops down low because he's about to talk about something sketchy. It's amazing how well I can read Hayner, even over the phone.

"Do you know of any parties we can crash tomorrow?"

"Nope," I deadpan.

"C'mon. It's a Saturday! There has to be one!"

"None at all."

"Did you ask Riku?"


"I bet you Riku could get us into any party. I heard he's like the campus diva or something."

"Hayner, I have no idea what that means. And the only party I know of is some…super-cliquey reunion party thing that Riku and Kairi are going to. We're going to stand out like sore thumbs there as freshmen, not to mention everyone already knows each other!"

The other line is silent for a minute. I think Hayner is seriously considering crashing this thing.

I can already hear his shit-eating grin.

"Let's do it."


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