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Lelouch vi Britannia was used to waking up gloriously.

It was not the sound of his alarm clock (however coincidental it might have been) that woke him up, but the unearthly rays of sunlight that penetrated his silk curtains and shown upon his sheets. Accompanying this came the lure of a new day that was freshly waiting to be conquered. He could almost smell the aroma of a righteous new reign brewing alongside his coffee.

The school boy would gently tap the off button, stretch his arms deliberately, and then sit up against his bedpost. There were no ripples or creases upon his linen, for Lelouch did not toss and turn in his sleep, and thus the sun would ignite his bed into an undisturbed sea of gold that he awoke to every morning.

Except for this morning.

For the sunlight never made it to his eyes. In fact, they were painfully shut tight and quite fervently protesting the coming of day. Nor could he smell anything akin to conquest. Or really inhale any oxygen at all when his nostrils were so clogged with bodily fluid like that. When he reached out for the alarm, his movements became sluggish and uncoordinated as he missed and accidently knocked the device off his bed stand instead.

The ringing in his ear, worsened by the insistent alarm, reached a peak when the clock clattered jarringly on the ground. He groaned. Since when had all his senses turned upside down?

Since when did Lelouch vi Britannia….become sick?

It was unacceptable.


The green haired witched watched bemusedly as he sat down at the dining room table. His joints were protesting and he was doing his best to ignore it. He was also pointedly looking at anywhere but C.C, who was undoubtedly devouring her second slice of pizza. His sickness would not let him stomach the sight of food, especially something that was so repulsively greasy in the morning.

"Did you have a good sleep, your highness?" she asked, but he could hear the smirk without having to see it.

Lelouch leaned back and hid a frown. His back longed for the comfort of his bed, instead of the hard wooden plane behind him. Understandably he sounded a little cranky.

"I slept quite all right and I'm sure you did as well, so I'll save myself the trouble of inquiring," he huffed.

C.C. must have noticed how he occasionally sniffled and grimaced with each sip of coffee. And if she hadn't, his unusually nasally voice must have given it away. But she decided to press the issue on regardless, for whatever pleasure it might have brought her.

"Someone didn't put a pea under your mattress did they?"

The coffee burnt his throat as he swallowed too quickly.

"I'm a prince, not a make-believe princess with the inhuman capability to feel a pea underneath countless mattresses," he continued talking even though it slightly hurt to do so. "Don't quote such an absurd story so early in the morning, you're making me lose my appetite."

"My apologies, I didn't think you had any to begin with."

"That's irrelevant. I still need to eat regardless of whether or not I'm hungry to regain my strength and overcome this….common cold," that's right, Zero would not be so easily defeated by a measly sneeze.

And although the thought of calling in sick for the day sounded highly appealing, he unfortunately had too many "sick days" recorded already. Any more would require complementary lessons which would interfere with his future plans of taking over the world.

"Lelouch, you should take some medicine."

"I have."

"Then you should eat some pizza."

"I refuse."

"It'll cure your sickness."

"That…is a blatant lie. It's not even a good lie either, I'm disappointed."

And then something strange happened.

The witch before him had paused in her consummation of what might have been the fourth slice of pizza for that morning and grinned playfully. She held the cheesy, pepperoni covered concoction between her palm and thumb and inclined it closer to Lelouch. Said boy could already feel his stomach disagreeing.

"Just try some, won't you?"

His frown deepened and he scooted back in his chair, "C.C I won-"

"Lelouch, eat the pizza."

And suddenly…he wanted to.

The thought of leaning forward and biting down on that appalling substance that fast food industries had wrought had somehow crossed his mind and stayed there. It just wouldn't leave him alone. Amethyst eyes tried glancing away, only to be mysteriously drawn back to the slice in C.C's hand. He consciously became aware of how hungry he was, how indiscriminate his taste buds had become that they were now craving for something cheese like.

It was a strange sensation and it was bothering him greatly.

But not as much as the fact that he really, really wanted to eat that pizza – and hadn't done so yet.

Lelouch gave in.

He quickly took a bite and tried not to think about it as he hurriedly chewed and swallowed C.C.'s object of worship and the potential future cause of any artery failures. The action surprised both him and the woman before him.

"You…You actually did it." Golden eyes had widen with, awe? "You really…"

The school boy coughed. He raised a hand to grip uncertainly at his throat, as if wondering if his own body had betrayed him. Which it had. Or perhaps it was his mind?

"That tasted absolutely awful," he claimed, whether or not it was true.

"Then why did you do it?"

C.C. looked a bit hurt at the proclamation but said nothing of it. The surrealism of the situation was still affecting her and the hope of having someone to share the afternoon pizza with was lingering.

"I don't know, after you told me to I suddenly…had this strange," The words were escaping him, but so was his sanity. "Incredible urge to do so. It's ridiculous. I have no idea what compelled me eat it, much less eat it right out of your hand, or even eat a piece already eaten by you…"

The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to throw up.

"I must be sick," he concluded, again.

"Any human being who doesn't like pizza is sick," she agreed.

"I must have been too sick to think straight, this cold must be muddling my mind…"

"You're very sick minded, you know that?"

"This isn't good. I can't make decisions on my own like this. Don't give me any more suggestions."

"Hey Lelouch, go get me a soda will you?"

He narrowed his eyes, "No."



"Lelouch, go fetch me a soda right now. I want cream soda."

He suddenly got up and proceeded to do so. Lelouch barely heard the noise of surprise as he gripped the handle of the refrigerator robotically and opened it in search of the aforementioned soda. To his dismay he could find none.

"C.C., we don't have any cream soda left."

The dark haired boy closed the door and turned around to face his accomplice. Something wasn't right here…there was something undisputedly, unreasonably, and uncontrollably wrong here. But for some reason he couldn't make out what it was.

"You actually got up to get me a soda."

"Yes, I did."

"And you experienced that same unexplainable urge from before again, didn't you?"

Lelouch held the handle painfully tight and swallowed, "Yes," he became aware that his hand was shaking, "and now because there's no cream soda left in the refrigerator, I have a sudden urge to go to the store and buy some for you."

"Oh, well that would be nice."


"Although you have school and I guess that would mess up your plans and whatnot."



"Call off your order. Now."

"Oh. Lelouch, I don't really want soda."

The trembling had progressed to the rest of his body and it was taking a large part of his self control to unclench his teeth and speak. The dizziness of his cold and the mental mind-warp of these uncontrollable whims were straining his already unstable consciousness.

"Not like that C.C.," his breathing was labored now, "It has to be an order. Hurry now. It's getting very difficult to not leave this room to put my coat on and run foolishly to the store."

A playful chuckle, "Fine. Lelouch, I command you to stop doing my bidding. You no longer have to buy me cream soda."

It was like a giant weight was suddenly lifted off his mind and chest in one moment. The boy collapsed on the ground beside the refrigerator, breathlessly. He held his head still and tried to collect his thoughts, and figure out….

C.C. was once again caught by surprise as the dark haired boy stood up and grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her violently in her chair.

"What is going on with me?" he screamed, so very un-Zero like actually that she almost couldn't take him seriously.

"Is this some idiotic consequence of Geass that you forgot to tell me about! I thought…Well, I thought at least a sense of trust amongst comrades had been established when all of this had started but clearly you must think otherwise."

If the witch knew that this would happen to him all along and simply forgotten to mention it to him - he would kill her.

No wait, that was too simple. She would just come back to life.

He would stomp on all of her leftover pizza, throw away her reward cards, kill her, wait for her to come back to life, and then repeat the cycle several more times until he was satisfied. And then he would Geass all the Pizza Huts within the vicinity to never deliver to this household ever again.

There was murder in his eyes but C.C. wasn't afraid of it.

"Oh boya, I knew there must have been some side effects," an airy giggle that implied she knew something he didn't. "Nothing's perfect after all, not even Geass."

She calmly brushed the other boy's hands off her shoulder and pretended to continue eating pizza. The slice never made it to her mouth because Lelouch had slapped it out of her fingers and the on slaughter of questions had begun.

"What kind of side effects?"

"Geass only works normally on a normal person, with a normal state of mind and body."

"A common cold isn't normal?"

"Your sickness must have manifested itself in your Geass," she knew Lelouch was a smart boy and could figure it out, but she decided to explain it to him anyway.

"Geass taps into your mind, both mentally and physically. But when you're diseased, it hurts the process. Your thoughts and desired become unfocused and Geass gets confused – it doesn't know what you want anymore."

The student balled his fist, speaking through clenched teeth, "What I want – I know perfectly well what I want! I want my Geass to stop taking orders from other people!"

C.C. smirked, "I dunno Lelouch, maybe it's time you started getting a taste of your own medicine."

To his dismay, Lelouch was going to find that there was no cure to his Geass reversal. His only hope was for the process to undo itself once his cold had been relieved.

And also to his misfortune was the fact that C.C. might be right – perhaps it really was time to see what the other side was like? Had he been using Geass for so long that he could no longer empathize with other humans?

However, Lelouch never could have known how bitter the taste of his own medicine was.


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