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He made the mistake of testing out the limits of his reversed Geass condition with C.C. that morning.

No, he made the mistake of actually waking up and getting out of bed. Clearly, what he should have done was stay underneath the covers indefinitely. It made sense, tactically of course, to wait his sickness out. He was damaged and operating at below optimal efficiency. Some would even go so far as calling this counter-productive! However, his pride was far too strong for him to carry out a retreat now. No matter how warm his comforters had been…

Thus he found himself in an even worse dilemma than he had ever thought possible.

Lelouch sat back as far as his regal posture would allow him. He had one arm thrown over the back of his chair, and the other raised in the air, mid-chest before them. The Britannian waited until he had the witch's attention, making sure that her amber eyes were watching his loosely clenched fist, curiously.

He lifted one finger.

"I only take commands when the order is made with eye contact."

The woman nodded, and Lelouch continued.

He raised a second one.

"I can take multiple commands from the same person." He watched the witch closely. "This is something that deviates from my original Geass."

But C.C. only shrugged nonchalantly.

His lips formed a thin line, obviously unpleased with her answer. But he raised another digit and continued regardless.

"Apparently if the commands conflict with each other, I take the last command given to me."

This was the only comfort he had in this situation. If ever he found himself in a risky scenario, Sayako would be able to reverse the harmful command given to him with a counter-command of her own. This meant she would have to be on duty all day, following him around campus. However, there was still one thing that was bothering him. He uncurled his fourth finger slowly, looking at it as if it was the answer to all of his problems.

"However, we've yet to figure out whether or not my original Geass still works," Amethyst eyes narrowed in a contemplative manner, for there was a very unfortunate obstacle ahead. "My Geass doesn't work on you – nor do I want to use my Geass on Sayako or Rolo."

At the moment, he added in his mind.

A yawn broke him out of his thought process. The student held back an instinctive scowl, his dignity could be at stake here and C.C. merely found his situation as entertainment! So when her next comment was actually constructive and relevant, he forgot to chide himself for not thinking of it earlier.

"And what about commands you're strongly against?"


"You might not be aware of this, but if a person's will is great enough, they may be able to break the Geass placed on them. I had thought that in Euphemia's case…"

Lelouch was thankful for the trail. He wasn't sure if his unstable physical – and now mental – state would have been able to cope with a painful memory relapse. But that didn't change the fact that C.C. had yet again concealed information from him about his Geass.

"And when were you planning on telling me this?" he asked, his voice getting darker.

"Never, actually," and she had the decency to laugh. "I don't think anyone's ever been able to break a Geass before. I just thought you'd like to know about it, seeing as how we're going through all the hypothetical scenarios you could find yourself in with a malfunctioned Geass."

There was a twinkle in her eye, and had Lelouch been in his proper health, he might have taken heed of it. But as the case there was, the warning was left unseen and Lelouch fell unknowingly within her trap.

"Very well," he said tiredly, heaving out a sigh. "Give me an order that I would be opposed to and let's see how strong willed I actually am."

Perhaps it was because they were experimenting. Perhaps it was because he was just given new crucial information and his mind hadn't quite processed it thoroughly yet. Or perhaps because instead of being strong willed, Lelouch vi Britannia was undeniably strong minded. If he could give the command to kill thousands, to shape lives, and to build a new empire – surely he could resist a measly order given by his accomplice?

But when the amber orbs dazzled, the smile widened, and an aura of pure excitement radiated from the woman before him – the prince started to have his doubts.

"Imagine yourself in bed with your worst enemy."

And here began the ending of Lelouch vi Britannia's dignity, and on a more exaggerated note, his life as well.

It took him a moment, but he recognized the room remarkably well. Pristine white walls with marble column décor, curtains in shades of purple, covering ceiling high windows that opened up into a beautiful garden – and of course, a four poster canopy bed fitted with silk sheets.

The linen felt exquisitely soft beneath his fingertips as he fisted them, his nails perhaps marring the surface as he increased the pressure. He knew he was shirtless because he could feel the cool mattress soothing his aching back, and the feathered pillows that cradled his head to sleep. He breathed in the scent of an exotic perfume, a royal inheritance, a bypass of what was once his home.

Everything was almost too perfect.

Lelouch had done it.

He could sleep peacefully now in this made up fantasy of his. That is until he remembered that this world was exactly that – fabricated. It wasn't real. And something wasn't right. Something was missing…

Definitely missing…

And unfortunately that something was Schneizel el Britannia.

The student let out a scream that was definitely neither future world-conquer like, nor manly at all.

"Sch-Schneizel, wha-what are you doing here?"

Lelouch became suddenly aware of how exposed he was and grabbed the sheets beneath him, pulling them up to cover his naked chest. He had half a mind to conceal the look of abrupt horror on his face, and instead tried to glare menacingly at the other man.

"G-Get out of my dream!"

The blond prince before him grinned, a taunting wolfish sort of expression that would haunt Lelouch for an eternity of nightmares to come. He watched, frozen with fear and something akin to dread, as the next heir in line slowly shed the heavy coat. The only comfort the Britannian student had was that royalty came in many layers – both figuratively and literally.

Lelouch scooted back as Schneizel began advancing, getting close to the bed with every garment he discarded. "Get out of here at once, I command you!" tried the dreaming boy, but his words fell on deaf ears.

The taller man had finally reached his destination. The mattress sank – a pressure that dropped both on the bed and in Lelouch's stomach – as Schneizel, clothed in nothing but his white dress pants, climbed on top. He watched in sick fascination as his half brother began to crawl upon all fours towards him, in a pace that was driving his nerves upon ends.

He tried to say something. He really did. But every time Lelouch opened his mouth, the man who was certainly invading his personal space now would give him that look. The smothering, unwavering gaze that made Lelouch feel like he was being eaten, devoured, entirely dominated by the other man.

Now with their bodies on top of one another, Schneizel ran a hand smoothly behind the other's back and pulled the lithe form against him. Lelouch nearly whimpered when he felt their bare chests touch –when he could inhale the scent of the other's perfume, when he could practically feel his brother's breath on his face. Quite ashamedly, he actually did make a sound when he was unceremoniously grabbed about his lower regions.

"Ahhhhh, not th-there. Ahh, Schn-stop it…"

It was absolutely embarrassing. The noises he was making – even allowing to escape from his mouth. He wanted them to stop, he wanted to have control of his body back. As if hearing his distress, Schneizel solved the problem by providing a bigger one of his own.

Lelouch was unprepared for the crash of lips against his and the invasion of the prince's tongue. He was stunned and remained motionless as Schneizel explored his mouth hungrily, the wet muscles stroking at the side of his mouth, the tips of his teeth. Likewise, he could feel hands working his body to an extreme ecstasy. Schneizel's hand on his cock had began pumping him harder, faster, as his other marked his body like a territory being conquered.

Had he been in his right of mind, Lelouch would have wanted this to stop. But the heat that radiated from the other man, and the warmth that started from his groin and spread to the rest of his entity, had fully engulfed him. He was lost in the exhilaration of Schneizel's body rocking against his, and the other man's talents hands working his member to something closer and closer. It was too late for him to stop riding the waves of pleasure, all he could do was close his eyes and…

He didn't know what he wanted more, to push Schneizel off of him – or to fully pull him down on top of him.

Lelouch bit back a moan and grunted "I hate you. I really do."

And for the first time since he entered the room, Schneizel spoke to him. His voice was like liquid chocolate, the kind that stuck to your fingers, that left a lingering taste at the back of your mouth, and invaded your nostrils with its sweet scent. He couldn't get rid of it.

"You know hate isn't that far of an emotion from love," and when Lelouch opened his eyes again, he swore he saw the other smirk, "The opposite of love is actually apathy. And you're definitely not apathetic about this."

The other man punctuated it with a particular hard stroke to Lelouch's cock, causing the other boy to jolt with a frenzied kind of pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh, my god…."

The pumping increased at a maddening pace. Lelouch found himself short of breath, short of sanity, as Schneizel began attack his neck, nipping at the skin directly below his jaw. He almost didn't care that he was being marked, that he would be showcased to the rest of the world as something belonging to Britannia. As long as this feeling didn't stop – as long as Schneizel kept touching him…

"That's right," the prince chuckled, "I'm god."

And that's when Lelouch woke up.

To the sound of laughter that is, ringing in his ear as they echoed upon the walls of the kitchen. C.C. was on the ground, holding her sides tightly and curled on the ground as tears threatened to fall from her mirthful eyes. It was unfortunate that the only times he saw C.C. filled with this much happiness or uncontrollable laughter was usually were those at his expense.

"Haha, ha- Schneizel? Really now? That's – haha, that's who ahahaha."

With a shaking hand, he pressed it against his heavily breathing chest, waiting for his body to recover from the fantasy-induced hyperventilation.

"You had a dream where you got bedded by your own brother?"


"He's still kind of related to you."

"And he is also my worst enemy! Which is why that hallucination turned out that way!"

"You mean how it turned into a happy ending?"


"Didn't sound like it from here, not with all the 'Oh, oh, Schneizeeeeeel.'"

Lelouch angrily banged both of his first onto the dining room table, shaking the surface and silverware upon it. He was furious, he was embarrassed, and he was nearly de-virginized by someone he would rather never sleep with. But most of all, he was going to end this conversation.

"That's enough C.C." he stood up, fidgeted a bit, and then brushed off the imaginary dirt on his school uniform. He pretended to take no notice of the woman chucking and rolling on the ground as he passed by her through the doorway.

"Oh Lulu, that's priceless. I mean really that was like pornstar worthy," Lelouch nearly tripped over himself as made it to the front door. During the stumble, he predicted that he dropped his dignity. "I never would have pictured you in an incestuous relationship – no doubt a homosexual relationship, too. That was like some kind of sick rape-fantasy, there are just so many thi-"

A standard-issued Ashford shoe was thrown at the witch.

"Lelouch you really have terrible aim, you know that? And besides, I'm a little surprised that it wasn't Suzaku trying to bed you in that dream."

The second shoe was already raised in the air, but now Lelouch was holding it in a contemplative manner. He looked at the black leather footwear as if it could possible give him some answers – well it would have at least provided him with some solace if he could just hit C.C. with it! But his companion's voice once again pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Isn't Suzaku your worst enemy?"

The student inhaled deeply, the type of grief that plagued generals much older than him filled the air around him. He brought the shoe back down and slipped his foot into it, then standing back up again to retrieve the fallen pair.

"He's not the worse," Lelouch bent down to finish putting on his shoes. "There are definitely people more dangerous than him out there. Maybe not as powerful, but certainly more of a threat than just a school boy who can pilot a giant robot."

"And can't die," reminded C.C.

Lelouch nodded. And then he turned to the witch, who was leaning against the doorframe that connected the foyer to the kitchen.

"He's not my worst enemy."

The boy smiled sadly and gave the response that he had been repeating to himself like a mantra these past weeks.

"He's just my worst best friend."

And with that he left, grabbing his school bag and closing the door shut tightly behind him. C.C. starred, noticeably less amused now, at the foyer where Lelouch once occupied. She flipped a strand of green hair over her shoulder subconsciously, and spoke to no one in particular:

"I suppose it would be much more complicated to sleep with your best friend, wouldn't it?"


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