Living in Time

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Summary: Stuck with immortal, Kagome has a different task to go through, but she doesn't know it. Going around the feudal era, she helps humans, demons and half demons alike until her task shows itself, but when she gets in tangled with Sesshomaru. Can Kagome still complete her task?

Chapter One: Story telling

"Totosai" a long black haired female with light blue hakama and a shirt come up the hill to see his house and workshop. Walking through the heat of the area, she quickly made it to the door.

"Totosai!" she yelled into the cave mouth while rubbing her forehead with the back of her hand, waving her hand at her face from the heat.

Footsteps from the inside and were coming her way. She saw a figure turning the corner and stopped.

"Oh Kagome my dear, how are you?" Totosai asked as he scratched his head.

"Fine, I need you to make a sword of me, maybe some daggers too." Kagome smiled at him, as she walked in and gave him a very small hug. Then she took step back and looked him over, he had aged a bit but still wore the same outfit.

"For what? Kagome, where is Inuyasha and the rest?" Totosai asked, while he walked to the side of her and looked out to seeing nothing, no half breed yelling at him to be quick, no slap sounds from the monk or yelling of the demon slayer and no more kit trying to play with his tools.

'Fine, I was going to tell you after all Totosai it has been a long time," Kagome said while she looked at him and noticed he was trying to look for her friends.

Totosai just stood there for a few seconds before looking at Kagome for her to explain.

"Well, let's go sit first, I have been walking for just little over a week to get here," Kagome stated to him.

"Okay, follow me," Totosai said, as he walked, into the work room where a large rock and seat was.

"Okay, I'll tell you," Kagome said as they both took a seat. Totosai lit the candles around them, giving the room a glow.

"Well, where is Inuyasha?" Totosai asked looking at Kagome.

"I might need to catch you up on what has been going on for the last two years since we last saw you," Kagome said.

"It's been that long since you saw me?" Totosai cried out, his eyes widening at Kagome words.

"Yes it has been two years, Totosai," Kagome smiled.

Totosai opened then closed his mouth and nodded his head in Kagome's direction to begins her tale.

"It begins with the final battle with Naraku." Kagome Responded.


"Kazu no Kizu!" Inuyasha yelled out. While the sun was shining brightly on the battle field with a few clouds coming in, seeing some villagers racing away from the battle field riding on some horses.

It has been over three years since I had come to the feudal era, I have met some great friends and adopted a kit named Shippo. This will be the final battle with Naraku to get the jewel from him. The jewel that I had broke at the beginning of my trip here.

"Fox fire," Shippo called out as he stood in front of his mother as he stood at her waist now. While his fox fire burned demons that got too close to them.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango said as she threw a boomerang towards some demons coming towards the back side.

"Kazaana!" Miroku screamed out as he opened his left hand and demons where sucked into his hand.

Sesshomaru flew to the right side and killed demon after demon with his new sword and his re-grown arm.

Blood gathered in the battle field, as demons were killed by the groups that were fighting against Naraku. While Naraku stood behind the demons that he had summoned to fight with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's group. He smirked at the sight, in front of him.

I grabbed some arrows, and notched them into my bow. I have gotten much better and can shoot two arrows at a time now. Releasing the arrows they flew with my reiki within them purifying demons to the sides where I stood with my friends.

"Bakuryuha" Inuyasha called the out as the word echoed out, killing many demons. I grabbed some more arrows, releasing them at a group of demons. I was on my last arrow.

When the demons attacked me, they swarmed all over biting into my flesh in different places, I heard my name being called by my friends. I called forth my reiki into my hands and took a few demons out, when I felt myself falling. My body was in agony, I felt a strong arm suddenly wrap around my waist and a very soft item placed around my upper back near my neck.

It was Lord Sesshomaru who had caught me, I was shocked, soon I felt my feet touch the ground, but before I could heal myself, Lord Sesshomaru used his tongue to get the most injured parts of my body. I felt his tongue on my upper arms, and lower legs near my knees he took his time healing me.

"Miko, you can heal the rest," Sesshomaru said as he let go of my waist.

I nodded and healed the others wounds that I had from the demons, I smiled at him, while he took out a sword from his side. He thrust the sword at me.

"Sesshomaru?" I .questioned

"You need to fight still, use it." He said as he disappeared from sight.

I summoned my reiki into the sword, as I started to defensively attack the demons around me; slowly I didn't notice moving closer to Naraku at all.

"Miko, you think you can kill me," He hissed out at me.

"I might not be able to kill you but I can try," I yelled, as I charged him.

Swinging my sword, at him with proficiency and swiftness, Purifying him bit by bit, until I heard "Dragon strike" I looked over to see a dragon of light blue light coming fast at us.

I turned away from Naraku and raced away from him, suddenly I was grabbed from behind; I recognized the arm, jumping back to safety with me. I watched his attack ripping through Naraku's body.

"Miko," he voice sounded at my back, leaving a chill down my back. I nodded as we landed and I moved away from Sesshomaru and summoned my reiki though the sword that Sesshomaru lent me. I heard a whisper of words mixing together.

Shouting "Mystic Purifying blades." I heard" Kazu no Kizu, with Hiraikotsu

And finally I saw the large jewel that Naraku was holding fly up into the air. I saw it fall to the ground while "Kazaana," was finally heard from Miroku.

Finally Naraku was finally gone for real this time. I breathed in the fresh air, while I walked over to where the jewel was. I picked it up before turning to the group that was closing in on me.

"Kagome!" Sango shouted as she hugged me.

"Sango, Shippo, Inuyasha, Miroku, I'm glad you guys are okay." I said to them, and then turned to see Koga and his wolf tribe.

"So my women you ready to go?" Koga asked me.

I rolled my eyes at him and shook my head too. "Koga, no,"

I turned to see Sesshomaru walking away from us, to his group that had flew in on the dragon that Rin named. I walked over to them, and started to talk" Thank you Lord Sesshomaru for helping us, here is the sword you leaned me."

I gave the sword back to Sesshomaru and walked back to my friends with the jewel within my possession. Not caring that Sesshomaru and his group had disappeared from sight. I thought about a wish long ago, Naraku or his minors would come back to life…but that would be a taint on the jewel still.

"Pure hearted Miko that wish wouldn't be self, but it would be a pure wish, your wish to help your friends isn't a tainted wish, "soft gently voice called out.

"Who are you?" I asked.

Suddenly a light came forward and burned brightly, their stood four people. Two females and two males all wearing robes of ancient times.

"We are the Shikon No Tama four souls," they all said together, while my friends and I stood silent with shock.

"So what are you doing here?" I heard Miroku asked them.

"We are here to grant wishes, but some of the wishes are impossible to act on. As to the time that Miko Kagome has been here, and we can grant one wish to each person, unless the wish is impossible," They replied.

"As to Kagome's wish to help her friends instead of her needs, the wish will remain pure and will disappear from this world." They all said.

"You monk will go first, but remember the wish is only good as the Miko Kagome has been in this time," the female with light green hair and light purple robes stated.

Miroku looked at the souls, and thought of a wish," Madam, "As he looks at Sango.' I would like to speak to Sango's father, to get permission to marry her."

"You wish has been granted, please step into the light," a deep voiced male with a bald head and red robes said.

Miroku step into the light and disappeared from sight. "Demon Slayer, choose wisely as we can only bring one person back from your family, only one,"

"Why only one?" Sango asked.

"Most of your village people and family don't want to come back," the second male with purple hair and yellow robes on said.

Sango's face paled, she missed all her family but she could only choose one person. Sango looked her friends, and wondered who she could bring back. Until Miroku stepped out of the light and went towards her, giving her a hug.

"Sango, I have talk with your father, and he has gave me permission to marry you, also he said not too worry about the wish, Make Koharu come back," Miroku said.

Sango nodded her head at him, then asked" I wish for my brother Koharu to come back "

"It shall be granted," a voice replied from the left. A light appeared, out stepped Koharu, looking around, to see his sister smiling at him.

"Sango," He replied as he ran towards her.

"Koharu," Sango cried out with happiness.

I stood and watched this sight, I was happy for my friends, but I wondered what Inuyasha would wish for.

"Half demon," They called out to him. "You have either two wishes,"

"Why can't I decide?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Because your fate is only with two wishes, Inuyasha," a totally different voce replied


As a female wearing ancient armor appeared in front of the four souls. "Midoriko!"

I stood still as the famous miko of this time stood in front of us. "Miko Kagome, I thank you for releasing me,"

I nodded me head at her, and opened my mouth" Why are you here?"

"I'm here to give you, your task; this was just the beginning for you," Midoriko exclaimed.

"Wait, isn't this it?" I asked her.

"No isn't, Miko Kagome," Midoriko stated as she watched the young Miko face fall.

"So what is it?" I asked.

"You'll find out when the time is right, but that could be any time, five years, ten or over hundred years, this is my wish to you, I wish that Miko Kagome was immortal," Midoriko called out to the four souls.

"Midoriko, your wish will be granted," They called out, as they spun around me. Then I felt pain, I bite my lip, with the pain. I dropped to the ground, with my lips bleeding from the pain. When it was over I looked over at the four.

"Miko Kagome is now immortal. Now for you half demon," They said. "Your wishes could be either of those. One wish is that you could be transformed into a full demon and loses your humanity with it and kill your friends. Or you can have your destined love brought back to life. Choose wisely."

Inuyasha looked at us, with a shock look, I gave him a look and I heard him ask," Isn't Kagome my destined love?"

"Hey that is my women, and leave her alone," I heard Koga yelled.

"Inuyasha, Miko Kagome is a big help to you, you should have just asked to become a full demon instead of asking questions, Miko Kagome is destined for someone else." The female with pink hair said. "Young Koga, Miko Kagome isn't your destiny either. Now keep your promise to Ayame."

"But… my women…" muttered Inuyasha

"Now listen here you wolf, Miko Kagome was never your destiny, your destiny is with and always have been with Ayame," The four souls yelled at Koga, making him fall to the ground, clutching his ears.

"Now, Half demon, your wish still waits," They said very calmly to him.

Inuyasha nodded his head as his mouth opened" I wish then your Kikyo to be brought back to life with her own soul and still have miko powers."

"Your wish is now granted," They said as a light appeared and out stepped Kikyo in her new body.

"Inuyasha!" She exclaimed as she raced towards him. As I saw them whispering to each other.

"This is your departure," the four souls said as they disappeared from sight. Their voice echoed with" The well will only stay opened until your task has come."

Midoriko opened her mouth to say" Miko Kagome, just listen to the feelings you will have, follow them. They will lead you to your true destined. Goodbye," Midoriko disappeared from sight too.

"That is the whole story," Kagome said.

"Wow, that was it, I see," Totosai said. "Okay and you are here for a …"

"Sword and two daggers to be made from this metal," Kagome replied as she takes out the metal. "I know that I need a tooth, but the only demons that I know are Inuyasha, his tooth isn't that strong and Koga is the same."

"I can do it, until you somehow get a demon tooth; this metal can and could break at anytime." Totosai said, as he took the metal.

Kagome nodded her head at him. As she pulled out a book, she thought back to the well, the four souls said"The well will only stay opened until your task has come." So when she was back at Kaede's village, she asked the men to make her a home, as she brought back items from her time and filled it up. She even brought a dress back for Sango's wedding gift from her, and for Kikyo's wedding gift too. Kagome thoughts went back on the days before and at both weddings for her friends.

….. Month before the wedding…

"Here Sango," Kagome said as she gave her a wrap gift.

"Oh Kagome," Sango smiled at her, while she opened the gift. Sango eyes widen at the sight of the gift. "Kagome what is this?"

"In my time that is know as a wedding dress," Kagome replied at Sango," and since you are going to get marriage soon to Miroku. I asked my mom to lend me her wedding dress."

"Kagome, I can't wear this, then it belong to you mom," Sango stated.

Kagome knew this would happen and took out a voice recording device and press play.

"Sango, Kagome said you would have a probably with wearing my old wedding dress"

Sango eyes widen even more, as this voice talking to her.

"Sango since you are not of my blood, Sango I have heard good things about my daughter Kagome, and listento this young lady. You might not be my real daughter, but I consider you like my daughter. This is my gift to you. Please wear it, make your real parents and I proud of you."

Sango just nodded her head at Kagome and then smiled. 'Okay, Kagome you win,"

Sango tried the dress on, Kagome did the adjustments, then Sango slowly and gently took the dress off.

"Okay, now all I need is to bring this back and get the adjustments repaired for you." Kagome replied.

Sango and Miroku had a lovely wedding, with close family and friends.

At the wedding…..

A pall of silence hung over the field, the only sounds that could be heard was the birds, wind and water, the drums and flutes started their melodies when Miroku and Sango came out of different sides of the trees.

Walking towards the middle, Miroku took Sango's arm and led her down the aisle to Kaede who would be the miko for the wedding vows.

Once they got to Kaede, they bowed to her, and waited for her to talk.

"We are gathered here today to witness the ceremony between Miroku and Sango." Kaede stated. "The couple made their own vows, so we will hear from the groom first"

Kaede looked at Miroku who nodded his head at her and then turned to Sango. "Sango the day that I meet you, was the day you stole my heart, today, Sango, I join my life to yours, not merely as your husband, but as your friend, your lover, and your confidant. Let me be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest, the companion of your life. We will walk the same path from this day forward."

Sango had tears coming down her face, as she gave a tearful smile and nodded her head at him and said"Yes I do Miroku."

Kaede looked at Miroku and smiled at him" Sango it is your turn,"

Sango nodded as she took a breath in and out," Miroku the first time I meet you, you were kind in my time of need. You gave me patience when I was hurt. Then you turned into a jerk for a few years of my life. But I wouldn't change a thing about you, because you are the person that I fell in love with over time. So today, Miroku I join with you in mind, soul, heart and body until my last breath."

Miroku smiled at Sango" Yes I do Sango"

"Then I Kaede, miko of this village proves of this wedding, now you may kiss the bride," Kaede stated as she watches Sango and Miroku kiss.

Three weeks before the wedding…..

"Come on, Kikyo just try it," Kagome said.

"No Kagome, it belongs to your mother," Kikyo said.

"Kikyo, please," Sango add with Kagome.

"No," Kikyo stated with a final tone.

Kagome nodded her head, as she took out the same voice recording and hit the play bottom.

"Kikyo, Kagome knew this would happen with both of you. Now Kikyo, I loaned my dress to Sango and you to get married in. Even though you are not of my blood or family. You also might not be my daughter, but I have heard great and bad stories about you. That is now in the past, please place it behind you. I have forgiven you long ago and I know that Kagome has too. Please wear my wedding dress."

At the end, Kikyo had tears coming down her face as Kagome walks over to her. "I had forgiven you long ago Kikyo. It is time to place your misunderstanding behind you and look to the future."

At Kikyo's wedding….

A suspended sound of silence covered the field, the only sounds that could be heard was the birds, wind and water, the drums and flutes started their melodies when Inuyasha and Kikyo came out of different sides of the trees.

Walking towards the middle, Inuyasha took Kikyo's arm and lead her down the aisle to Kaede how would be the miko for the wedding vows.

Once they got to Kaede, they bowed to her, and wait for her to talk.

"We are gathered here today to witness the ceremony between Inuyasha and my sister Kikyo." Kaede stated . "The couple made their own vows, so we will hear from the groom first"

"Kikyo, my love, when we first meet over fifty-five years, we had our differences. We fell in love and evil torn us apart until now. I will say thank you to Kagome for making my wish come true. Thank you for bring back my love Kikyo. Kikyo, you have filled my world with meaning. You have made me a happy and more fulfilled person. Thank you for taking me as I am; loving me, and welcoming me into your heart. I promise to always love you, respect you as an individual, and to be faithful to you forever. Today I choose you to be my partner, and commit myself to you for the rest of my life. "

Kikyo raised her eye brow at him and he looked on to her." I do Inuyasha; now who helped you with that?"

Inuyasha look sheepishly at her before muttering"Kagome"

"Well I say thank you Kagome for helping my love with his vows." Kikyo smiled at Kagome who was taking some pictures, as she smiled back.

"Kikyo, your vows now too," Kaede said with a smile on her face.

"Inuyasha, my love, What can I say to you that I haven't already said, What can I give you that I haven't already given, Is there anything of me that isn't yours already,
My body, my mind, my heart, even my soul, Everything that is me belonged to you long before this, And it shall be yours long after this, I will follow you anywhere and everywhere you lead, Hand in hand and heart in heart. So I Kikyo former guardian of the Shikon No Tama, join Inuyasha in marriage and in mating for the rest of my life." Kikyo stated with pride in every word.

Inuyasha smiled and before Kaede could say anything else, grabbed Kikyo and kissed her lips with passion. Before letting go, "I do Kikyo"


Kagome was here, when Sango and Miroku got married at the village, she was the one to plan all the wedding and help Sango get a dress, which is still in her home within her treasure chest for safe keeping.

Inuyasha and Kikyo were married and mated with both human and demon terms, until she felt a power calling to her. She left the village and has been wandering around the country side for almost two years now. Helping out people with problems, she also had Shippo with her until she and he helped out a fox tribe.

She knew that Shippo had no training with his powers, just the ones that he was taught by his father long ago and it wasn't enough to fight with, so Kagome had a talk with Shippo about his future with the fox tribe. Shippo then decided to stay with the tribe and learn more ways to fight with his powers.

As for Koga and Ayame, all she knew is that they retreated back home to the mountains. That is where the feeling was calling her, but first Kagome needed weapons besides a bow and arrow.

A few hours later, Totosai stood up, and walked over to Kagome. "Kagome your sword is done now all but the daggers, I couldn't make, as there was not enough material for them," He replied.

"Thanks Totosai," Kagome uttered to him, as she took the sword from him and then gave him a hug.

Walking out of the home of Totosai's, Kagome walked in the direction of the mountains where Koga and his tribe lived. Looking to the east to see the sun was setting of the night; Kagome took out, her sleeping bag, and then set up her camp with ease. Waiting for her food to cook, she wondered when her task would begin.

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