Living in Time

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Chapter Nineteen: Courting Mark

Kagome couldn't believe her eyes; she could see all Sesshomaru's thoughts and feels through his eyes. She could tell, he wanted her and his eyes softened more. She shivered within his arms. Kagome yawned into her hands as Sesshomaru watched her.

"Fluffy, why am I within your room and bed?" Kagome asked.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at that nickname, his miko gave him. "You were injury and you need to be warmed up." His answer was to Kagome.

She nodded her head and wondered what happened when her mind went back and relooked at the scene. She stiffened.

Sesshomaru watched many emotions went into her eyes as the last one was fear. He softly growled at her and stated," You are still pure, my miko."

Kagome calmed down as she heard Sesshomaru softly growls and then his words. "Your miko?" Her eyes twinkled while she said it.

"Hai, My miko. Would you allow this Sesshomaru to court you?" Sesshomaru asked her. His eyes search hers and wondered what she was thinking.

Kagome was in shock by this questioned and thought about her duty, that she might have idea now. Slowly Kagome thought about it, when she became to glow within Sesshomaru's arms.

Sesshomaru eyes tightened at this and wondered what was going on, slowly his miko was disappearing, he tried to tighten his gasp on her but it was too late. He hissed in displeased as he got up and got dressed, lucky for his miko, she didn't noticed he was naked from the waist up.

Kagome stood in the middle of a beautiful garden with many types of flowers blowing around her. She turned around to see no one around her; slowly she heard footsteps coming her way.

Kagome turned to see four being, that she recognised them. She bowed to them each. "Welcome back, Shikon souls."

"Shikon miko, it's good to see you again." the female with light green hair and light purple robes said.

"Good to see and hear you again too." Kagome replied.

"Good, she says." a deep voiced male with a bald head and red robes said.

Kagome rolled her eyes at him and uttered," Why are you here?"

"Shikon Miko… the time for your duty has come. Right now we sense you in tumor." the male with purple hair and yellow robes on stated.

"Hai…. My duty is here but the pull isn't pulling me now. Why?" Kagome questioned.

"It means you are right where you need to be. Open your heart to the young western lord." the female with pink hair replied. "Love is within everyone."

Kagome was stunned on this and had to asked," You mean that Sesshomaru was meant for me, all the long?"

"Hai, Shikon Miko." The male with a bald head and red robes chimed out.

Kagome was shaking her head and slowly she left herself going back.

Sesshomaru almost left the room, when he smelled Kagome again. He turned to see her glowed again and appeared; his swiftness brought him closer to her. His arms went around her and Kagome squeaked in surprise. He took her and sniffed her neck and the rest of her.

Kagome's face turned bright red as she felt his nose touching her breasts and going down to the ….. as she tried to close her legs. Sesshomaru brought his arms around her legs holding them apart as his long tongue licked against her cover area.

She moaned at him and shuttered out," Sess…homaru…"

His eyes went to hers and held her within them as his tongue went faster against her as he let go of one of his hands and was going to moved her underwear, she shot up and shivered at his strong arm around her.

"Fluffy….please stop this. We need to talk." Kagome stated as she took his hands into hers and looked at him. Sesshomaru nodded his head and let go of her. He stood up and held out his hand to Kagome.

Kagome took his hand and slowly got up and smiled at him. "Sesshomaru…what do you want from me?"

Sesshomaru smirk and stated," I would love you to become my mate, the mother of all my pups before and after."

Kagome smiled and replied back," You have to court me than. This court will last two months. However I will let you know, I'm not a pushover or will be submissive to you. I have my own mind and skills."

"This Sesshomaru wouldn't dream for you being submissive. I accept your terms," Sesshomaru said as he took her hand again." I need to place the courting mark on your neck."

Kagome took a step closer and tilted her head so he can get to her neck more. She knew this was a submissive tact but she knew Sesshomaru wouldn't and hopefully wouldn't take it that way.

Sesshomaru had to supress his growl at this sight. He knew his beast would take this and within his mind he heard growls and snaps about it. He lowered his head to her neck and nipped against it. Slowly his fangs lightly bit into her neck, marking Kagome with the courting mark, which was slowly forming into the crescent moon shape and color of his marking.

Sesshomaru gently let Kagome go but not before he turned her around and gave her gently and passionate kiss on her lips. He let go of her and looked at her. He smirked and walked away from her.

Kagome saw this and raised her eyebrow as she looked around to see if her bag was within the room. Once Kagome had seen it, she walked over to it and opened it up, she took out her items that she was going to use within her bath. She looked over to Sesshomaru as he looked at her.

"Sesshomaru?" Kagome uttered. His eyes snapped closed and then he opened them and looked at Kagome again.

"Sesshomaru, I have something to tell you after my bath, I'll see you in the office." Kagome muttered to him as she gathered her items into her arms and walked towards the door and opened it. She walked out and down the halls towards the bath house.

Kagome opened the door and walked into the room. Slowly placing her bathing items down she got undressed and placed her soap oil into the water making it smell heavenly within the room. Kagome walked into the hot water and rested against the side as she ran her fingers into her hair and sighed.

"This feels so good." Kagome stated as she took her shampoo and started to wash it. Kagome thought about the years she had been here, first it was three years and then after that…Kagome counted with her fingers. It had been five years now. It was a sure long time but she loved the feudal era with her friends but she also missed her mother, Souta and her grandpa.

Kagome washed her hair and then her body as she relaxed into the water, slowly she knew she needed to get out and with that she got up and walked out. She dried herself and got dressed into her blue hakama's and white haori. She did her hair by combing it and then placing it up into a ponytail.

She walked back towards Sesshomaru's bedroom and opened the door to see the servants cleaning the bed as she placed her items into her bag. Then she walked out with a waved to them, she walked away. Kagome slowly went towards Sesshomaru's office hall, when she heard," Mom!"

She turned to see Rin racing towards her; she opened her arms and hugged her daughter. "Rin, sweetheart, are you okay?"

"Mom, I'm fine, but was I mad at you for leaving me here." Rin responded back to Kagome.

"I'm sorry, love. The pull came back and I had to leave, but I'm here now. Let's talk after I'm done with fluffy-chan." Kagome smirked as she heard a growl behind her. She turned and smiled to see Sesshomaru standing there.

"Rin, leave us." Sesshomaru commanded. Rin grinned at him and hugged Kagome and walked away from them.

"I have accepted you calling my fluffy but fluffy-chan?" Sesshomaru questioned.

Kagome giggled and stated," I wanted to know what reaction I would get from you. I guess you don't like it?"

"No, I don't," Sesshomaru replied with a grin. He walked closer to her and kissed Kagome's lips. "Well, let's talk."

Kagome launched into her story from that last time, she was within the Western Lands, as she recounted everything, and even that she had to be the Northern Lady for two months. Sesshomaru looked at her with his glaze of understanding. He would have to send a messenger to the new Northern lord.

"Sesshomaru….what do you know about me?" Kagome asked. She dreaded the answer he could gave her.

"I know you live in Inuyasha's village from time to time, I also know you disappear very offer and when you reappear you always have this new scent on you. I know you are the most powerful miko in this time. You purify the Shikon no Tama with ease. You can make friends and allies with a few words. You are educated more than myself." Sesshomaru stated.

Kagome sighed and wondered if she should tell him." I also had and have noticed that you speak differently, dress differently when you came here and carried strange items on your person."

"Sesshomaru…this is highly classified secret that I'm going to tell you. However I need to trust you and trust is important in the courting and even mating, if we were to have it." Kagome uttered. Then she launched into her story and she could see his eyes widening with each word and turn.

After she finished, Kagome waited for Sesshomaru to say something." So you're from the future and…the Shikon no tama was within you. Why did you stay here?"

"I broke the jewel into the shards. It was my respondability to gather the shards and make it right again." Kagome told him.

This went on and on, as Kagome told him more about herself and her time. She even told him about the name of the human that was killing lesser youkai's and that would be starting the holy wars on youkai's. She had ideas to save the race as this was her true mission, from the four spirits of the Shikon no tama gave her.

Sesshomaru looked at Kagome and smiled as his beast thought," From the future. I always knew something was very different about her. She will make a fine mate for us."

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes at his inner self. He stated," Kagome, thanks for trusting me with your secret. This Sesshomaru guessed that his half-brother Inuyasha and your friend knew about this."

Kagome nodded her head at him and stood up. "Well, I'm off to see the pups and my grandchild now." She walked away but Sesshomaru was soon in front of her. He pulled her into his body and gave her a long and gentle kiss. Sesshomaru slowly let Kagome's lips go and opened the door for her.

She smiled at the kindness he was showing. While she walked away from the office and towards the pups room. She met Rin along the way as she led her daughter within her arms.

"What did you name her?" Kagome asked as she cooed at the infant as she kissed her on her forehead.

"I called her, Moegi." Rin uttered under her breathe.

"Rin, are you going back to Lord Yuudai?" She asked.

"No, he was killed in the raid when I was taken. His father is alive but…." Rin replied as her eyes looked tearing up. "I don't think I'm welcomed back."

Kagome hugged Rin tightly as she could as Moegi was still within her arms. Kagome took her grandchild and send Rin to talk with Sesshomaru about this as she walked towards the pup's room. She opened the door to see three wet nurses waiting for her as the pups were on the ground playing either with some toys or their hands and feet.

Slowly she saw them sniffing the air and lightly growling at her as the crawled over to Kagome. She bends down and soon had the pups sniffing her hands and face.

"You remember me?" Kagome asked.

"Lady Miko…" One of the wet nurses uttered as she went towards her.

"Hello again." She stated as she giggled at the youngest crawled into her lap and yawn into her hands closed her eyes.

Slowly the other pups fell as sleep around her as she slowly gave the wet nurses the pups and her grandchild into their cribs or small beds. Kagome stood up and walked over to each pup and smiled.

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