Two Guys, One Night

Two Guys, One Night Part 1

I do not own Digimon, even though I said I wasn't going to write anymore digimon fics! Hey, season 2 gave me some ideas! I couldn't help it!

In Kari's class on Monday, just as they were taking a test, the principal's voice went over the intercom.

"Attention students, the back to school dance is this Friday. Start the school year off right with a party!"

"Oh cool, a party!" Davis shouted out loud, dropping his pencil and rising to his feet.

"Shh!" Kari hushed, "let him finish!"

"Anything for you, Kari!" he sat back down and gazed at her.

"Shh!" T.K hushed again, "we were taking a test!"

"Shut up, V.J!"

"The dance is casual and it's just a dollar to get in. It starts at 7:30 and ends at 9:30. Show your school spirit and come to the dance!" the intercom switched off.

"I'm there, Mr. Principal!" Davis cried, jumping up and pointing to the intercom.

"Davis, sit down!" the teacher scowled. "You're not going anywhere until we finish this test!"

"Y-yes, yes sir!" he sat back down and tapped his pencil on his paper.

"Now I know you are all excited about the dance," the teacher said with a smile, "Me too. In fact, when I was your age..."

All the kids groaned when there teacher started his story. "Please, the test!" T.K said, "let's finish the test!"

"I'm already finished," Kari said, holding her paper up.

"Kari, what'd you get for number 7?" Davis asked in a whisper.

"You can't cheat!" T.K whispered back.

"I wasn't talking to you, R.A!"

T.K grumbled and finished his test. "I'm done too, sir." (AN: I don't know the teacher's name! Is it Mr. Fugiyama?? Or was that just Tai's old teacher??)

The teacher came by and took their tests. Because there were still people working on their tests, (Davis included!) to be quiet and still be able to communicate, T.K opened his notebook and started writing a note to Kari. (AN: I did this a lot in my classes, don't tell me you don't do the same!)

"Hey, Kari," he began, "want to come with me to the dance this Friday?" he pushed the notebook to her.

Kari took her pen and wrote her message below his, "Sure, T.K! Why not?"

When he saw her message, T.K almost jumped up and raised his arms to shout, "Yaaaahooo! She said yes!" instead, he blushed, smiled at Kari and wrote another message. "What time to you want me to pick you up?"

"The dance starts at 7:30, so come to my place sometime before 7:00."

T.K smiled, "should we take Patamon and Gatomon with us?" he wrote down, followed with a happy face.

Kari almost burst out laughing, and wrote "I don't think they will be aloud to get in!"

The bell rang and the teacher dismissed them, "Remember to read pages 10-15 in your History books!"

Davis was still working on his test, "I can't believe there's a test and school's only just started!"

T.K and Kari got their stuff together and the left the class, hand in hand.

"He's holding her hand!" he whispered. He quickly filled in the last bubbles without looking at the answers or questions and put on the teacher's desk, "See you tomorrow, sir!" he shouted over his shoulder.

"I'll walk you home, Kari," T.K said, "I'll carry your books for you too."

"Oh, T.K, you don't have too," she said, "that's what backpacks are for!"

"Hold it right there!" Davis shouted, "alright, N.J, what do you think you're doing with my girl?!"

"Your girl?" Kari gasped, "since when was I your girl!?"

"And I'm not named after a state in the United States!" T.K snapped, "I should know, my brother's girlfriend lives there!" (Okay, that's going too far, maybe Mimi and Matt didn't really hook up before she left, but T.K likes Mimi and I think Matt and Mimi look good together.) "Why can't you get my name right? It's T.K, understand? TEEEEEKAAAAAYYY!!!"

"What's it short for?" Davis demanded. "Trouble and Krime?"

"You need to learn how to spell!" T.K said, stomping toward Davis. "How'd you like for me to say your name? Huh, Mavis, Javis, Tavis!???!"

"Shut up, you look like Gilligan in that hat!" Davis pushed T.K

"Cut it out!" Kari shouted, pulling T.K back protectively and stepping into Davis' face, "right now, Davis, or I'll rip my brother's goggles right from your head!"

"He only gave them to you because yours broke anyway," T.K pointed out.

"Hey, don't talk to me like that, Kari," Davis said, stunned, "remember, if it weren't for me, Veemon wouldn't have armor digivovled and you would be a goner!"

"I was okay…I only hurt my ankle."

"Oh, yeah?" T.K said, "well, if it wasn't for me, Angemon wouldn't have digivovled and both me and Kari would have been goners!"

"Incase you've forgotten," Kari said, folding her arms, "if it wasn't for me and my sacrifice, Gatmomon would've have digivolved and Myotismon would've had made everyone goners!"

"She got you there," T.K said to Davis.

"Oh, be quiet!" Davis grumbled. He looked at Kari, "Uh, Kari, want to come with me to the dance this Friday?"

"Sorry, Davis," she apologized, "T.K already asked me. I'm going with him."


"Why don't you ask Yolei?" T.K suggested.


Izzy walked by with Yolei chasing after him, "Hey, Izzy, wait up?"

"What is it Yolei?" Izzy asked turning to her.

Yolei ran to him and stopped in front him to catch her breath, "Izzy…would you….." she gasped, "go," gasp "go with me to the" gasp "dance this Friday?"

Izzy shrugged, "Sure, I don't see why not. I don't have much homework and even if I do get homework Friday, I'll finish it in time."

Davis, T.K and Kari watched with wide open mouths.

"What?" Yolei cried, "I asked you nicely and you turned me off!" she started banging on his chest, thinking he said no, "you need to get a life! Why, Izzy, why…Oh, you said yes!"

Izzy nodded. "That's right."

Yolei laughed and threw her arms around Izzy's neck, "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"No problem."

"Pick me up at 7:00!" she told him as she turned around and nearly crashed into a lamp past, "Oh, bye Izzy!" she shouted, waving.

Izzy blushed and wave, "what have I gotten myself into?" Izzy whispered to himself and walked past Kari, T.K and Davis, who were still shocked. "Hey guys!"

"Hi, Izzy," Kari mumbled, over coming her shock, "so, you're going to the dance with Yolei?"

"Uh-huh," Izzy said. "I better get going. See ya!"

"Well, does that answer your question, N.A?" Davis asked.

"N.A," T.K mumbled, "Are you saying I'm Not Applicable to be Kari's date?"

"I'm way cooler than you are!" Davis shouted.

"I don't think so!" T.K shouted back, "my brother's a rock star! Coolness runs in the family!"

"Why would you think Kari would go with you?" Davis demanded. "What did she ever say to you?"

"I knew her before you did, buddy," T.K said, "and as a matter of fact, she even said to me one time in the digiworld 'you're the man!'"

"Oh, yeah! That's right!" Kari said, snapping her fingers.

"Yeah, well," Davis snarled, "I can protect Kari better than you anytime!"

"Oh, really?" T.K questioned.


"Oh, Yeah?"


Davis was about to punch T.K, but T.K dodged it, "whoa, I am not planning to become exactly like my brother! I don't care if I look up to him or not, I'm not going to fight with you!"

"You're a wimp, G.K!"

"You got the last letter right!" T.K told him. "Now, you just need the T."

"Stop it!" Kari shouted, "That's enough!" (I loved how she said it the first time!)

Davis blinked and turned to Kari. T.K put his hand on his hip, "what is it, Kari?" they both asked.

Kari sighed and hung her head, "I can't believe I'm gonna do this," she said to herself and raised her head, "I'll go," gulp, "with both of you."

"HUH?! WHAT?!" T.K and Davis gasped.

"I like you both," she said, "even you, Davis."

"See, I told you!" Davis said to T.K.

"T.K, you're very nice and sweet and you make me laugh," she started.

T.K blushed, "Oh, thanks, Kari."

"And you Davis…you're an um…well, a very good soccer player and I like how you do stand up to the digimon emperor."

Davis smiled and rubbed his nose and put his hands on his hips, "Yeah, well, I couldn't let him hurt Veemon or you."

"So, I'll go with both of you."

"We both pay her way in," T.K said.

"Yeah, 50-50!" Davis agreed. "It's a deal!"

"We'll even walk you home, right Davis?" T.K said, slipping his left arm through Kari's right.

"Sure, R.K!" he took Kari's other arm.

"Getting closer," T.K mumbled.

They walked her home and stopped at her door, "as your dates, we'll take you home each day this week until the dance!" T.K said.

"Yeah! And if you want, we can do it for the rest of the school year," Davis told her, "and the year after that, and the year after that. So, in high school, we'll still be walking you home! We'll protect you from that mean evil digimon emperor for you, Kari!"

"Thanks," Kari said, placing her hands on each of their shoulders, "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye, Kari!" T.K and Davis said in unison.

Kari walked inside and slammed the door behind her. She put her back against it. Tai ran out of his room, thinking something was wrong, "Kari, are you alright?"

Kari shook her head and headed for her room, "don't ask."

Tai heard T.K and Davis talking about Kari. "Huh, what are they doing here?" he peeked out the window. "Man, you give a guy your goggles and he thinks he can have your sister too."

After grabbing a snack and searching his closet for something suitable for the dance, T.K began to leave the house.

"T.K, where are you going?" his mom ordered.

"To see Matt," he answered, "I have nothing to wear and the dance is this Friday!"

"Oh honey, it's this Friday," she said with a smile, "not to worry."

"Exactly!" T.K stormed stepped out quickly.

His mom crossed her arms and shook her head, "boys will be boys."

T.K caught Matt right when he came back from his band practice. "Hey, Matt," T.K said, walking in, "you got any clothes you don't want anymore?"

"Huh?" Matt mumbled, closing the door behind him. "You came all the way here just to get some clothes? Are the department stores all empty or something?"

"There's a dance this Friday!" T.K told him, "and I've got nothing nice to wear."

"Isn't it casual?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, but I don't have any nice casual clothes!" he looked at his wardrobe, "man, I need to get new clothes, this shirt, these shorts, this, this stupid Gilligan hat!" he took his hat off and started jumping on it.

"Whoa, T.K!" Matt grabbed him and moved him off his hat. "Since when you were worried about the way you dress?"

"Since Kari became my date!"

"You're going with Kari?" Matt asked, impressed, "way to go! But, you're like her best friend, why would she mind about the way you dress?"

"There's more, Matt. Davis is going with her too!"

"Wait a second you mean," Matt said, trying to take it all into perspective, "you and Davis are both taking Kari to the dance?"

"That's right," T.K said, going through Matt's drawers and closet, "and I want to look better than Davis! I don't want him to think he's better than me!" he stopped as he took a random shirt and looked up, "would you believe he actually calls Kari his girl?"

Matt laughed, "are you jealous T.K?"

"Who me?"

"Come on, you like Kari, don't you?" Matt slugged his younger brother on the shoulder. "You like her, come on, tell your brother the truth! You got a major crush on her, don't you, T.K? You like her, you luuuuuuuve her! You're jealous of Davis!"

T.K blushed, "cut it out, Matt! I don't have a crush on Kari!"


"Really. And I'm not jealous of Davis either. He can't even say my name right!"

"Then I'll tickle you until you confess!" he raised his hands and started tickling the daylights out of him. He fell on his bed.

"Nnnooo, Matt, no tickling, I'm not a little kid anymore!" T.K shouted, trying not to laugh, "TeeeHee, Hahahahaha! No, cut it out! Matt, please! This isn't funny!"

"Then why are you laughing?" Matt asked while tickling him.

"You're tickling me, silly!" T.K cried, "Matt, Stooooop! I'm going to stop breathing."

"Come on, T.K, confess!" Matt urged. "You like Kari! You have a crush on Kari! You have the hots for Tai's younger sister, you always have! Don't deny it!"

"Yes," he gasped.

"Huh? Louder, I can't hear you!"

"Okay, Okay! I like Kari!" he said a bit louder but not much.

"Come on, T.K, say it like you mean it! You're jealous of Davis and you have a crush on Kari!"

"I have a crush on Kari!" he suddenly confessed, "I liked her since I found out she was the 8th digidestined and I'm so jealous of Davis! Kari's not his girl! She likes me more anyway!"

"There, now was that so hard?" Matt demanded, taking his hands off his brother to let him breath.

"You didn't," gasp, "haveta tickle me!" T.K gasped, sitting up.

Matt sighed and put his hand on his shoulder, "that brought back memories, huh?"


Matt stood up, "Well, let's see if we can find something to wear on your first date with," he chuckled, "your girl!"

T.K's mouth dropped open, "Cut it out, Matt!" he started to chase him around, "quit picking on me! I thought you said you'd stop treating me like a kid! Come on, Matt!"


"Sis, if you go shopping with me," Davis said to his sister (I don't know her name, but she got Matt's autograph. Isn't it Jane or something?) "then I promise never to call you names again."

"You want me to go shopping with you?" she asked. "What for?"

"There's a dance this Friday and I'm going with the cutest girl in school!"

Her eyes lit up, "really?"

"Yeah, but there's another guy going with her."


"Um, B.J, no, R.T. no, T.K! Yeah, that's it!"

"Oh, you mean, the brother of that cute rock star!"

"Uh, yeah," he said.

"Wow, he's cute too!"

"Hey! Sis!"

"Sorry Davis," she said, "so, who's your date?"

"Kari Kamiya!" he cried happily.

"You mean, the sister of that cute soccer player!" she clasped her hands. "He's the best soccer player in the world!"

"Hey, Sis!" he cried.

"Oh, sorry, Davis," she said. "Okay, let's go to the mall and see what we can find!"

"Great!" he cried.

She went in her room to get her purse, "you really like this girl, don't you, Davis?" she asked.

"Well, yeah," he said shyly and turned his head.

She set her purse down and walked to him, "You got the hots for her, you got a big crush on her, don't you?" she raised her hands in a tickle attack.

"Hey, what are you doing…no, hey! Hahahahaha!" he began squirming on the ground, "hey, knock it off…!"

"Confess, Davis! You like her! You looooove her!"

"Of course," he gasped.

"Come on, louder!" she shouted.

"I can't when you're tickling me!" he cried in a whisper.

"Louder, Davis! Let the whole world know it!"

"I'M IN LOVE WITH KARI KAMIYAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he screamed with all his voice, which wasn't much since he was being tickled half to death.

"That's it, Davis!" she said, taking her hands off him and helping him up, "now, let's go to the mall and see if we can find an outfit just for you and your girl!"

"Alright!" he said with a gasp, "well, that was fun."

Kari sighed as she looked out the window. She sat in the windowsill, "what have I done?" she whispered. She felt Gatomon by her feet. "Have you ever felt like you had to choose between two things, Gatomon?"

"Sure," she said as she jumped in her lap, "I had to choose to either stay on Mytosimon's side or to come to yours!" she purred as she rubbed her head on Kari, "and I'm positive I made the right decision!"

"Thanks, Gatomon."

"Kari, what's wrong?" Tai asked, tapping her door as he walked in.

"I think I made a mistake," she said. "I'm going with T.K and Davis to the dance this Friday. It was the only way to keep them from fighting."

"You made another sacrifice?" Tai mumbled, "Kari, why didn't you tell one of them to ask someone else?"

"I would've." She told him. "T.K asked me first and we told Davis to go with Yolei but then Yolei asked Izzy and Davis had a date so to keep T.K and Davis from fighting over me, I decided to go with both of them."

"Well, who do you like more?" Tai asked, sitting on her chair and propping his arms on the back of the chair.

"T.K," she said, turning her head like she didn't want to say it.


"Oh, come on, Tai! You know who!" she started blushing.

"Come on, who is it?" Tai stood up with that "I'm going to tickle it out of you" look in his eyes.

Gatomon jumped off Kari's lap. "Tai, what's going on?" she asked as she moved to Kari's bed.

"Who is it, Kari! T.K or Davis?" he asked.

"Do I have to say it?" she demanded, "Tai, this is embarrassing!"

"Yes, because I don't know!"

"Sure you do!" she turned her head back around just as Tai began to tickle her. "Tai, wait!" he tickled her so hard that she fell off the windowsill laughing but she wasn't hurt.

"Come on, Kari! Tell your big brother who you like more!"

"Hahahaha! Tai, stop! Hahahaha!"

Gatomon started laughing like she was being tickled.

"It's not funny, Gatomon!"

Gatomon laughed even harder.

"Is it Davis or T.K? Come on, Kari! Who is it?"

"It's T.K!" she gasped


"T.K! T.K! T.K! I like T.K more than Davis! I liked him ever since I met him!"

"Well," he said, taking his hands off her, "I'm glad you confessed. Now you got to shopping so you can look good for your man!"

"Tai!" she scowled, "cut it out!"

"Oh, let me rephrase that, your men!"

End Part 1 What will happen on the night of the dance? Find out in part 2 of Two Guys, One Night!