Yep, that's write, I have returned to a Naruto Akatsuki mood. Sadly it was right after I donated all my books because I thought I was bored of Naruto T_T I still have my DVDs though. Now I will actually be rewriting this and delete all OCs, I am so sorry :( I am keeping the 3 requests that have already come in but otherwise I don't think I am taking OC requests. Tell ya what, if this gets at least 5-10 reviews saying Continue! I will... I will either way XD but if people can convince me to keep OC/Akatsuki couples I will. Now please tell me what you think and I am so sorry for being so long with a update.

Everything will also start off as a new story so I can get fresh and new reviews. Please forgive me and I hope no one has given up on me