Starting Over (A Carlisle and OC Story)

Author's Note: I usually write about either the wolves or the younger crowd in my fics but I've decided to start writing more about the other characters as well. I decided in my venture out into writing these other characters that I would start with the best in my opinion of the Twilight adults because what can I say? Peter Facinelli AKA Carlisle Cullen is a total babe. I will be doing this from both Carlisle and Samantha's points of view throughout the story so if it get confusing let me know and I will stop.

I would like to thank my Beta, Liz for helping me with this story, this particular chapter was edited by her and I have reposted it with the corrections and I will do with the other chapters in this story after she has a chance to Beta them. Thanks again Liz.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or any recognizable situations, they belong to Stephanie Meyers I only own Samantha, Marie (Billy's mother- only mentioned in passing) and Arthur (Charlie's father- only mentioned in passing)

On with the Show

Chapter 1- Crisis in Denali

Carlisle's POV

My darling Esme and I sat in the living room of out home in Forks shortly after Edward and Bella left to raise little Nessie on Isle Esme trying to figure out what our next venture would be. We knew that because Charlie was so insistent on seeing Bella so shortly after her change that he was in danger of the Volturi for knowing about us.

"Carlisle, he is your friend as he always has been and he will understand why we to have to leave," Esme almost whispered as if sensing that I was struggling with where to go and how to tell Charlie as to our sudden disappearance.

I decided to vocalize my fears with my loving wife, "I know this, love. It's just that we are Charlie's only connection to his daughter and granddaughter and I would hate to take that from him, but then again he is not safe with us around, knowing what he knows of our existence, he is in danger of the Volturi guard's wrath," I said softly as Esme placed her hand in mine. "We need to call a family meeting to talk this out and figure out what's next," I added and Esme agreed, moving to get the rest of our children who were elsewhere in the house.

Once our children Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett entered the room we knew it was time to talk.

"As you know, Charlie knows of our existence and it is up to us to keep him safe," I started and the group nodded signaling me to continue, "I am still undecided as to whether it would be safer to stay here in Forks or to move on from here so as to not alert the Volturi as to our whereabouts," I said, but when I looked up I saw Alice staring off into space.

We have learned that when Alice stares off into space it only meant something was going to happen.

"There's a nomad at the Denali's. They came home with Irina and …"Alice said in an upset manner "He got Carmen before Eleazer killed him."

I hung my head at the loss of Carmen wondering if this was true or if it could be avoided. Carmen and Eleazer were our friends who lived in Alaska, who stood with us to bear witness to the Volturi after Nessie was born.

"Eleazer will call soon," Alice said, and, as if on, cue the phone rang and I rushed to go answer it.

"Cullen," I answered professionally and I heard the upset voice of Eleazer on the other end.

"Carlisle my friend, it's Eleazer," he said.

"Yes, how are you old friend?" I asked already knowing what this was about.

"I am not well it seems that Irina decided to bring a nomad into our home as she does many other men and they killed my poor Carmen before I could stop the attack," he said, his voice full of anguish, and I hung my head knowing that Alice's vision was right.

"Yes, I was made aware not even moments before you called by Alice's vision," I told him honestly. "Esme, the children and I will come up, without Edward, Bella and Renesmee of course, to help you through this time," I said.

"I hope you will," he said sadly.

"We will board the first flight to Juneau in the morning," I said.

"Very well my friend," he said through his thick Spanish accent "Until then," he added and I nodded to myself.

"Until then," I told him, then hung up.

The next day we drove to Port Angeles and got onto the first flight available for Juneau, Alaska and since we had time to kill I decided to call Edward to see how things were going.

"Hello, Dad," he answered and I smiled.

"Hello, son. How are things down in beautiful Brazil?" I asked.

"They are great dad, Bella's really come a long way with this whole Newborn thing and Renesmee is growing like a weed. I will send you pictures if she ever slows down long enough for us to take one" he said with a laugh and I smiled

"That would be great," I said. "Unfortunately, we are on our way to the Denali compound, for one of Irina's many lovers just happened to be a nomad and he killed poor Carmen. While Eleazer killed the man that did this to his beautiful wife, he also continues to beat himself up about not getting to her in time," I said and I heard a sigh on the other end.

"I hate it for poor Carmen, maybe it will make Irina change her ways as far as bringing random people home to partake in indescribable acts with." Edward said causing me to laugh.

"I don't know, I hope so," I said.

"Dad, I must get back to Bella and Renesmee but please call and let me know what's going on with our cousins," he said.

"I will. I love you, son. Be safe and enjoy your time with your new wife and daughter," I said before hanging up.

The flight to Denali was somewhat uneventful and the drive from the airport was a bit messy in the snow but we finally got to the Denali's in one piece. I didn't even knock for Tanya seemed to sense our presence and came to the door as I raised my hand.

"CARLISLE!" she squealed throwing her arms around me.

I exchanged pleasantries with her as well as gave her my condolences on the loss of her mother before walking further inside the compound to find Eleazer with Esme right by my side. We found him sulking in the living room so I sat down next to him on the couch with Esme on his other side. We both wrapped our arms around him and embraced him in a sympathetic hug.

"I wish I could have gotten to her in time, Carlisle, and now my whole world is gone thanks to that COWARD who stole her life from me. All I have left now are these here ashes," he said holding up the remains of his mate.

I felt Esme shift on the couch taking him solely into her arms, which was a bit unusual but they had become rather close during the time before and after the Volturi confrontation.

"Shhhh," she whispered rubbing soothing circles into his back as his face laid between her breasts that only I was allowed to touch.

Any other day and I would be very jealous of such acts but today my old friend needed consoling and so Esme was doing that for him since she was closer to Carmen out of the two of us.

Once the children finally made their way into the living room area, I could feel Jasper throw out a wave of calm over the house.

"Thank you, Jasper," Eleazer said sitting up a little straighter. "I needed that."

We sat in the living room for a while just talking and catching up with our dear friends before each couple retired for the evening. The next morning we hunted with the Denali coven.