"Does she have a point?" Sam Winchester asks quietly.

It's not the reaction he expected. Dean, of course, is all temper and demand and heat, but Sam doesn't even stand up, elbows on his knees and watching Castiel with an expression he can't quite read.

"What?" He asks, still assembling the materials that will let him find Anael, wherever she has gone. The dread on Dean's face is easier to read than Sam's expression, and Castiel takes his cue from that and frowns, turning a little more.

"Would – what she's saying. Would it work?"

For a moment, Castiel is confused. It seems that Sam is asking for some reason if Anael's killing him would be …appropriate. Dean does not seem puzzled, though. Dean seems to be looking at him with something like desperation.

And he understands. It is not as though, after all, he can ignore the self-loathing that rolls off the younger Winchester the majority of the time.

A lot of human expressions used to frustrate Castiel. They didn't make sense, not in the literal way that he expected, and they took him by surprise and annoyed him in their peculiarity. He understands one right now, though, that he heard once while Dean was getting coffee (and pie).

"Just give him enough rope to hang himself," one man said. Castiel did not understand why they were talking about suicide so casually, and Dean had had to explain to him that it was another one of those expressions.

"It means letting someone screw themselves over," Dean said, "Like – letting them make a fool of themselves by handing them the means."

It hadn't really made sense then. It did now. Sam was looking at him with that too blank face and Dean was looking at him with fear and Castiel could see what would happen if he told the truth.

It would just be giving Sam enough rope to hang himself in a far more literal way than the guys in the coffee shop.

"No," he said. It still felt strange to lie, but some things were important. "It wouldn't work." Dean breathed a quiet sigh of relief, and Castiel tried not to let himself worry that Sam just looked faintly disappointed.