A long time ago, there was a night, a lot like many of the other nights, except for one detail; just one thing that changed that night forever. Some people were sorry, others didn't care, but one man was horrified, confused, and angry.

It was a night where he lost the most important thing he had. The thing he thought he could never lose.

She had been sick for a while; the doctors said there was nothing they could do to save her. Her time was up, and he just had to except that. She was only six-years-old; a child - his child. She was his whole world, and he would do anything to protect her. He felt powerless on that one night, the night she passed away.

He blamed the world for taking his little girl. He was angry at everyone: people he would see on the streets, the little children he would see running around, anyone in the Districts who got to love their children. He hated them all for having something he didn't. It seemed that they had everything.

So why did they rebel? Why did they fight the Capitol? He thinks the answer is because they're selfish. They want everything and anything. They don't know what real pain is. They don't know the pain of losing their child; their own flesh and blood. All they care about is themselves. That's why they lost the war.

They should be punished for their actions. They should be shown that they can't have everything. But how could he do that? How could he show them the pain he went through? The answer came to him quickly.

He'd take their children. He'd make them lose the thing they loved. He would show them what it's like. They deserve it after all. Maybe now they'd be able to appreciate what they had. Maybe now they would see that their lives weren't so bad after all. They'd regret they ever made a move against the Capitol. He would make them feel his pain.

So every year, he took two children - a boy and a girl - from each of the Districts, and made them compete to the death. He wanted the two families from each District to watch their child die, and he wanted the others to see what might happen to their children next year, so he put it on live T.V. for them all to see. He made it mandatory, so they'd all have to suffer like he did.

He felt powerful again, like he was never stripped of his power that one awful night. The world took his child, so he was taking everyone else's.

After all, they deserved to have it happen to them.