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She is suspended in that place just before awakening: where pleasant dreams and harsh realities mix together in volatile harmony. In this space, warm clouds and even warmer drops of blood brush and splash against her cheeks and fingertips—and she remembers. At least, she recalls as much as her mind will allow her. Her body isn't ready to fully awaken just yet.

Memories and nightmares of past lives creep up behind her and swallow the peaceful scene. Old wounds re-open and she bleeds rivers of red. The familiar crackling of dying chiropteran echo against the walls of her mindscape and she clamps her eyes shut.

Amidst the quiet serenity of the stone tomb, a chevalier holds his waking charge close to his chest. He is surrounded by the crumbling remains of her cocoon and the long, silken waves of her glorious hair.

The fading sunlight shines just so, and rests upon her smooth cheek. The change in her breathing is too minute for even the most advanced technology to detect, but Haji senses the difference acutely. The bond he and his queen share is more powerful and complete than any man-made machine; their very blood is intertwined.

When her eyes finally open it is a slow affair. The sun has long since set, but she blinks rapidly nonetheless. Even the milky light of the moon is too much for her long-dormant eyes.

She recognizes his scent before she does his face. "Haji?" she manages, her throat raw and dry from years of neglect.

"Don't try to speak just yet, Saya." His voice is as smooth as ever, and it washes over her senses in a welcome reprieve. "You are still very weak." His torso supports her weight as he pulls his collar away from his neck. "Drink, Saya."

She rests her lips and forehead against his throat, but does not take the offered sustenance she so badly needs. "There's so much I want to remember, Haji." She feels a familiar burning behind her eyes, and when she pulls away to glance at his neck she sees her tears sliding down the smooth surface of his skin. "But I'm just so confused…so sleepy…"

His tranquil eyes do not waver. "That is why you must feed." Haji places his bandaged hand gently on the back of her head and guides her back to his chest. "You need your strength to remember."

She ignores his words of advice and bites the inner flesh of her lip. "I've had so many dreams and nightmares—I don't know what's real anymore. I thought that…I thought that you were dead, Haji, that you had left me forever!" Her voice is whispered and flurried, he can feel the beating of her heart increase.

"I will never leave your side, Saya." He brushes an errant lock of black away from her eyes. "I will be with you for all of eternity if you allow it."

She can't seem to stop weeping. "And the battle—our battle—is it truly over?" It is too wonderful to believe that the century-old war has commenced. The better part of her life had been spent hating Diva, searching for Diva, wanting to kill Diva, but now Diva, her lonely, sad little sister, is gone, and Saya isn't sure what to feel in regards to that fact.

"Diva is dead," he says bluntly, though his tone is melodic. "There is no need to fight anymore."

"I want to know it all, Haji." She leans closer to his neck, unable to fight away her horrible thirst any longer. "About Kai, and…" She winces. "And the children." She clings to his narrow shoulders for all she's worth. "Because I—I've been away for so long—" Her tiny teeth break through his flesh.

"If that is what you wish," he murmurs.

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