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Please Don't Walk Away Ch.3

The next morning Harry was up before the sun. He wanted to be ready and gone before the rest of his housemates woke up. He tiptoed out of the boys dorm, not wanting to wake anyone; especially Ron. Sure he knew he was avoiding the inevitable, but could you really blame him? His best friend had been acting as if Harry had some sort of infectious disease ever since his stunt in the Great Hall the previous day.

Prat! Don't see why he can't just be happy for me for a change.

After using the loo and laying his glasses on the sink, Harry headed into the shower. The hot water felt like heaven slipping down his aching muscles. As he rubbed the soap over his body, the sent of sandalwood invaded his senses. Severus always smelled like sandalwood, it's why Harry had bought the bloody expensive soap in the first place. As he thought of his grouchy boyfriend, he couldn't help but smile.

Boyfriend, Ha!

Sev hated the label, and Harry had taken great pleasure in using it as often as possible, if only to see him pout. Severus was adorable when he pouted, Harry had decided this early on. His thin bottom lip would plump out ever so slightly and his brow would furrow. Anyone else would have taken it for his typical scowl, but Harry knew him better than anyone. Or at least he thought he did, but he hadn't seen their break-up coming at all. Harry shook his head. He didn't want to think about that now. He needed to get ready to put his plan into action, and for that he needed to be randy, not depressed. He thought back to when all of this started.

They had started a tentative relationship six months ago, right at the end of sixth year. It had been two weeks before he was to be sent off to the Dursley's for the last time. Harry was in yet another detention with Snape for some ridiculous reason, breathing too loudly perhaps but he couldn't quite recall. He had been scrubbing cauldrons for at least two hours before he decided it was just too damn warm to keep his robes on. Why Snape had such a strong warming charm on the classroom was beyond him but he couldn't take it, so he had stripped down to his black trousers and a thin white tank top he used as an undershirt before continuing his manual labor.

Not long after, Severus had slipped out of his office and into the classroom. He was in pressed black trousers and a white button up shirt. The top two buttons were undone, revealing a creamy white collarbone and the sleeves were rolled to the elbows, showing muscled forearms and the mark that brought him so much pain. Severus looked startled to see Harry still in the room.

"Potter! What in the bloody hell are you still doing here? Detention was over an hour ago!" Harry continued to stare open-mouthed at his professor.

Sweet Merlin but he's gorgeous! Was the only thought running through Harry's mind.

Severus, seeing that Harry was unresponsive, gave a frustrated growl. He stalked toward the youth, ready to give him the tongue lashing of the century. That was until he noticed the boys attire, or lack thereof.

Harry's thin tank top was soaked with the soapy water he'd been cleaning the cauldrons with and left nothing to the imagination. Severus could see the dark, hard buds of his nipples, poking into the fabric and nearly groaned. The boy was born to torture him, of that Severus was certain.

Harry snapped out of his daze and realized just how close Snape was to him. The potions master wasn't looking him in the eyes he realized. He followed the trail of the glazed look, noticing for the first time just how indecent his clothing was.

Oh Merlin he's going to kill me!

He waited, but Snape said nothing. He used Severus' distracted state as an excuse to appreciate the older man's body again. His hungry eyes feasted on the site before him. He trailed lower and lower and was startled to see the heavy bulge tenting the potion master's trousers. Harry's big green eyes widened in shock and he took a startled step back.

Severus snapped his gaze to Harry's face. The obsidian orbs burned with wanton desire and Harry knew that his reflected the same.

"Potter, I think you should leave now." Severus whispered in that silky tone Harry loved. His voice, dripping of sex, washed over Harry and sent a tremor through his heated body.

"I disagree professor." Harry took a step forward, his own erection painfully obvious. Without a word, Severus put up a strong locking charm.

"You had your chance boy." Without warning Severus crushed Harry's body to his, both men hissed as their erection pressed together roughly. Elegant fingers slid in unruly locks, tilting Harry's head so that Severus could look into his emerald eyes.

The man was so close, his lips hovering just above Harry's. Both ached to make contact. Harry closed his eyes, waiting for Severus to take control. If he was expecting a soft brushing of lips as their first kiss, he was sadly mistaken. Sev crushed their lips together brutally and shoved his long tongue into Harry's wanting mouth. Sparks exploded and Harry felt like his body had caught fire. They moaned into each other, Harry clawing at Severus' muscled shoulders as he ground their hips together.

It felt like an eternity, yet it was only a moment that ended far too soon.

Severus was there, and then he wasn't. Harry had collapsed to his knees, shaking and unsatisfied. He glanced up to see the man several feet away.

"Potter, you need to leave, now."

As Harry daydreamed about their first encounter, he ran his hand down his hard, slick body, hissing as he scraped blunt nails over the sensitive buds of his nipples. He slipped them down his muscled abs and over slim hips before trailing fingertips up the insides of his thighs.

He grasped his erection in a tight fist, giving a long, slow stroke.

"Merlin he always leaves me hard and wanting, even when he isn't here."

Harry panted, leaning his back against the red tiles of the shower wall. He imagined Severus was here, whispering in that splendid voice; Harry could cum just from hearing that voice. He continued his slow stroking; panting and moaning into the steamy shower. He felt himself getting close and slid his free hand back up his lithe frame. Pinching his nipples roughly, he began thrusting erratically into his hand. A few harsh pulls later and he was screaming Severus' name into the empty room as his seed spilled over his trembling fist.

After he rinsed away his mess, Harry turned off the water and stepped into the chilly changing area and quickly dried and dressed. Knowing that his hair was a lost cause, he headed back to the dorm to get his Gringotts key. If things went his way today, he would be needing it.

By the time he made it back, the rest of the boys were up and about. Not surprisingly, Seamus was the first to speak up.

"Harry! What the hell was that yesterday?" He perched his hand on his hip and looked at Harry expectantly. "Was it a prank or do you really fancy Snape?"

Everyone in the boy's dorm was looking expectantly at Harry. He ran a hand through still damp locks and straightened to his full height, looking right into Seamus' eyes.

"It was no prank, Seamus. I'm in love with Severus." The room was quiet as death; everyone stared wide-eyed at the Boy Who Lived. Harry glanced toward the back of the room and saw Ron, pale as a ghost, shaking his head in denial.

"Ron…" The gangly redhead bolted from the room before Harry could get another word in. Harry looked down at his feet, sighing sadly.

"No worries mate!" Seamus clapped him on the back and gave a hearty chuckle. "You've got balls, I'll give you that!" The tension drained from the room and everyone chuckled along with him. Seamus shoved his hands inside his pockets and gave Harry a saucy grin. "He may be one fine piece o' ass but he's still scary as hell."

Harry grinned back.

"Oh you have no idea Seamus."

Harry walked over to his bed, popped open his trunk and grabbed his Gringotts key. Seamus watched him walk towards the door.

"Where you headed Harry?"

The Boy Who lived turned to Seamus.

"I've got a Potion's Master to seduce!" He gave the boys a wink and rushed out of the room, he needed help and he knew just where to find it!