Ice Inside Your Soul

Chapter Seventeen: Epilogue Fifty-five years later

I was sitting outside in the wild white field behind our home when I heard a crunching of the snow. Had I still been human I would never have heard the footsteps, but because I am a vampire I heard two very distinct sets of footsteps. I turned to Alice and noticed she heard them too.

"Jasper and Emily aren't supposed to be back for a few more days, right Alice?" I asked her as I turned back to the noise. Alice walked up to me and I felt her arms circle my waist protectively. Then all of a sudden I heard her shout excitedly.

"Edward!" She yelled in my ear. She let go of my waist and started running to the tree line. Before she reached it, I saw the tall outline of the Cullen I exiled so long ago. He wasn't alone. As he crossed into the open field I saw a woman follow him. She stood about my height with an olive complexion, black hair and golden amber eyes. She looked like a Mediterranean goddess.

I slowly walk over to Alice and stand before Edward and this new vampire. I look at my ex and I can see that the last five decades have changed him. He looks over to the woman with him and smiles. In that smile alone I see the love and utter devotion that Alice and I feel for each other. Edward has found his true mate. He turns back to Alice and I.

"Jemma, this is my sister Alice and her mate Isabella but she goes by Bella." He says as the woman reaches out her hand to shake Alice's. Alice being Alice gives her a look and pulls her into one of her "welcome to the family" hugs. Jemma just looks at me and I respond the only way I should. I wrap my arms around my wife and my new sister and hug them at the same time. Of course Edward being the same Edward I know, giggles.

We all separate and before Alice can ask, Edward answers her.

"Yes she has a power. She has the ability to manipulate emotions similar to Jasper." He turned to face her and continued, "she melted my ice cold heart, didn't you my heart?" She smiled while holding his hand to her chest.

"Yes, my love, but you have done so much more for me." She replied lovingly.

"I know someone who is going to want to see you so badly Edward, and meet your lovely...wife?" I asked curiously.

"Yes she is my wife. We have been together now for fifteen years. Before you ask, we decided to wait to come back. I made many mistakes I need to make amends for. Bella, my love for you was real and misguided. I am so thankful you decided to let me live all those years ago. You showed me mercy and how humane you were and always will be. I am forever in your debt. Because of you I found my Jemma. I am also glad I did fall for you, because in doing so you met Alice, and she is the happiest I have ever seen her." He said as he pulled Alice an I into another hug. "Now, we really need to go say a long overdue "I miss you" to Carlisle and Esme."

Alice took Edward's hand and led him through the woods to the Cullen manor and stood at the door waiting for Jemma and I to catch them. Alice turned to me with her amazing smile and then opened the door. She stepped back and let Edward enter with Jemma. Then instead of us joining them for the reunion she closed the door and walked back over to me. I pulled her into an embrace and bent down and kissed my beautiful and amazing wife. Everything is the way it should be and our family is whole and healed.