Chapter 7

Brother and the Twins

"You can't make me!" Louie cried as his left hand was getting crush, Louie grunted with pain.

"Louie...!" Dewey shouted as he was held on by Louie.

Huey didn't have anyone to grip; he was too far away from Dewey to grab.

"Fine then..." The mean duck said as he pulled Dewey into the boat with them. "Both of you will play the part to get my money back!" Both of the brothers were scared as they held on each other. Huey growled, they were his brothers to mess with, not him. "And for you Hubert," Victor loomed over the back. "The most troublesome one, you think you can stop me?"

Huey shuddered if he let go now, he won't see his brothers ever. "You can't take my brothers away from me, you thief!" He cried that only made Victor smile.

As Victor pull back his arm ready to smack Huey off the boat. The twins suddenly jumped upon Victor.

"Don't you dare mess with our older brother!" Louie cried that made Huey widen his eyes.

As Louie pulled on his hair, Dewey held on his leg in return Huey got himself into the main seating area and attacked Victor as well. While the struggle went on the stopped boat, it cradled so much that Victor was about to fall over into the water and when that happened, it looked little Louie was going down with him since he sat on his shoulders except Huey grab hold the back of his brother's tank-top and pulled him in his direction.

"Help...! I can't swim!" With no other choice since the boys felt guilt, they had thrown a lifesaver for Victor.

And finally it was all over. All three sat down beside each other with Huey in the middle.

"Good job bros, we did it."

Dewey just smiled. "Yeah, and we are so much better together!"

"No kidding, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you guys." Louie said.

Huey then ruffled his brother's head. "It's alright little brother." He said. "Besides in all truth we have each other,"

"And nothing is going to break us apart." Dewey and Louie said at the same time as Huey pulled his arms around as they lay down on the floor, exhausted.

"That's right." He replied as he was proud of them.

Bella returned the Sapphire necklace to museum's hands as she saw her kids coming upon the horizon of the hill with Donald and Scrooge. Bella ran.

With arms wide on her three kids, she felt the connection between a mother and her children.

"My dearest, I'm so sorry...!" She cried as each of the boys realizes her pain.

"Dad wasn't worth it so don't you dare try to find another man just for us." Huey recalled to her.

Bella agreed. "Yes, since now, that I know." Bella cried as she shred tears for all three of them.

"Good job, boys." Scrooge congrats his nephews but in their reply looked at each other, confused.

"But, Uncle Scrooge if you knew that Victor was criminal all along how come you never said anything earlier?" Huey asked then he was interrupted by the police sirens.

"Well one thing for sure, when Victor showed me his jewel collection, I knew some of the treasures at first hand. Curious, I had to look it up in hand-held computer to see the stolen goods." Then Scrooge continued on. "And at the ceremony, I gave your mother a decision of what she really wanted. Apparently by the look of her when she was with Victor, she spaced out. Hopefully she was thinking about her sons."

"I was," Bella confirmed.

"And that is right way, my dear Bella. You thought for yourself and your sons. I'm sorry, I just wanted to test you and see what you'll really decide."

"And she picked the right one by saying no to that jerk!" Louie replied then he sneezed. "And I'm still freezing!" He complained as he shivered that made everyone else laughed.

Donald shook his head as he pulled his arm around Louie. "I'll make you some chicken soup when we get back in the RV."

Bella smiled, she was glad and proud of her family especially her brother, Donald who taken care of her boys unlike herself. So, it was decided and she told her boys in front of everyone. She kneed in front of them and looked at each face.

"Boys, I think all of you should go back to Duckburg with Uncle Donald," Bella then looked at her brother. "If you don't mind, Donald..."

Donald just nodded. She smiled and faced her boys again.

"But mom, we're finally together now..." Dewey replied.

"I know but it's clear, I can't take you, I'm not fit to be a good mother."

Huey then nodded. "Yea, I get yea. Sometimes I can't be a good older brother too." Huey explained that ease Bella's confession. "Don't worry mom, I'll take care of them."

Bella widen her smile. "Thank you."

Bella was proud of them, Donald and Daisy was proud of them, even Uncle Scrooge was proud of them, the boys stayed together even through the annoying times that one would be a pain to the other, or when they would argue one and another. In the end, the boys stayed together, and depended on each other.

One that loves to be surrounded with women, another filled with smarts and finally the other that is a sports player. All three are so different so they can't be brothers right?

"Huey, Dewey, Louie!" Donald screamed as he ran around in the house as he went chasing them.

Of course not, they're too much alike, those three little brats.

The End

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