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Kakashi Gaiden = Naruto Shippuden episodes 119-120
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There were very little secrets left in Team 7. Minato, Kakashi, Obito and Rin were usually open books too each other. Even Kakashi shared a few secrets that wouldn't be held against him. But one day changed that entirely. Once in a lifetime, you get to be married and have children. Once in a lifetime, you die. Obito had pointed this out to Rin one day while eating Ichiraku with her. Their team was gone for another week or so. The two had been dating for quite some time and Obito had noticed there had been deaths occurring each week, and that was only their village!

"Where are you going with this, Obito-Kun?" Rin asked as she slurped a noodle in.

"Well, I-I've sort of been thinking of something…i-it, it's been on my mind for a while now and…" Obito began.

His face went more scarlet than Rudolph's bright and shiny nose. Suddenly, Rin saw his head turn to a tomato. In and instant, Obito slammed the currency down on the counter and grabbed Rin's hand. She climbed down her stool and kept up a steady pace with him. He led the two of them to a little spot just next to a waterfall somewhere deep in the forest. Rin sat atop a lopsided log and Obito sighed heavily, washing all of his tension out of his brains. He bent down a knee and looked up at Rin. Her eyes widened when she saw the sight in front of her. Obito shoved his goggles to his temple and grabbed her hands.

"What I was trying to say in Ichiraku…I-I know I'm almost thirteen and you're only twelve, b-but…Narigashi Rin…" he began. "Would you…you…"

"Yes, Obito!" she exclaimed and tossed her arms around him. "It makes sense now."

"I'm afraid one of us may die soon, and-and I don't want to be looked down on to horribly, you either, especially no one looking down on you." Obito stated. "So, would you mind if this was…a secret…sort of? Like, having us…"

"Elope," Rin asked, causing Obito to nod. "I wouldn't mind. My mother would go crazy and who knows what Sensei and Kakashi would think!"

"So, when and where, Uchiha Rin?" he asked flirtatiously.

"How about right here, tomorrow at dawn and we ask Hokage-Sama to be the priest?" she asked her fiancé.

"Or you could let me do it."

The pair stood up and looked behind them. Who else other than Jiraiya would be spying on a pair of preteens who went out into the forest?


"I won't tell your teacher, families or Hokage-Sensei if you allow me to marry you together." He replied. "I expect nothing in return…unless you can sell one of my books to Kakashi."

"Deal," the couple agreed.

The next morning, it was short. Jiraiya did it quickly, but honestly and Obito and Rin were married. Jiraiya reminded them of the wedding night and how "important" it was, so they each thanked him greatly and rushed off to Obito's home. Luckily, his clan was asleep, so they were alone for the while. Or so it seemed, anyway. Obito was beyond amazed that Rin went along with everything. At first he thought it was a dream, but only a few days later…Rin's belly proved it wasn't.


Several months had passed and Kakashi and Minato were busy trying to find out why Obito was being even gentler with Rin than usual. Rin was a very lucky girl. Her belly hadn't grown more than an inch and whenever somebody inquired her belly, she replied she just grown a bit of meat on her. Kakashi and Minato gave up on cracking the code when Rin went into her ninth month. The four had gotten a mission to go to China. Obito was worried beyond belief, but Rin was fine with it.

In China, Kakashi finally figured it out when Rin's water broke. At first, Obito tried to make it look like she was just peeing, but he should've known Kakashi wouldn't buy it. If anything surprised them, it was that Kakashi offered to help deliver the child. Obito almost got down on his knees and worshiped him, but the child was approaching them. Within an hour or two, a baby girl had come from Rin. Kakashi cradled her in her arms before handing her over to Obito.

"She looks just like Rin." Obito whispered. "Arigatou, Kakashi. I appreciate it."

"Arigatou," Rin thanked him with a single nod.

"Daijubo," Kakashi replied quietly as he caressed the baby girl's face. "So am I Uncle Kakashi now?"

"Mhm," Obito nodded, a smile still planted on his lips. "Uncle Kakashi, this is your niece."

"Konichiou," Kakashi waved at her.

"Obito-Kun, could I see my baby?" Rin asked, sitting up against her smooth stone.

"Sure, Rin-Chan." he replied, handing the infant to the mother.

"She has your face, Obito-Kun." she inspected. "The shape is just right and she has a lot of hair…like another Uchiha I know."

"Not as much as me, though." Obito replied. "I'll beat her, I bet."

"Sure," Rin drug the word out with a giggle. "We can't thank you enough, Kakashi."

"I don't expect anything in return…although, I would like permission to know her name." he said.

"Oh, well…" Obito started, and then paused. "…I've always liked Yumi, but it's common."

"True and we need to let it sound a bit Chinese…" Rin said.

"Maybe I could be of service?" Kakashi inquired. "Maybe something that has to do with your thanks above."

"Then I know it." Rin stated with a grin. "Uchiha Tenten. That is your name and I hope you like it. Your name means 'Heavenly, heaven'. On March ninth, just a month after your father's birthday, you were born from Uchiha Obito and Narigashi Rin."

"You were delivered by Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Obito." The eldest Uchiha added. "You will wield the sharingan and possibly some medical ninjutsu. Of course, you will be kept secret for a while, but I could live with that."

"It would be the first thing he didn't brag to the entire village about." Kakashi teased before including his own information. "You will most likely be most elite of all your age. You were born in China, but you were conceived in Japan. We believe you will do well, Uchiha Tenten."


Of course, Tenten was kept secret for quite some time. Jiraiya offered to babysit her every time a mission appeared. Rin and Obito had shown each of their parents Tenten when she was a year old. Obito hadn't been scolded after he explained every detail as carefully about having married Rin before having a child with her. Kakashi even helped. After convincing each of the mothers that Tenten was well taken care of, they finally agreed to be alright with it. Therefore, they volunteered to babysit Tenten whenever they had the chance.

Unfortunately, Tenten didn't have a father for as long as everyone thought. Apparently, Obito was the only one who saw an accident coming. When Obito died, Rin and Kakashi had to watch him suffer. He gave his new sharingan eye to Kakashi, who said he would keep Rin and Tenten safe. Sadly, Kakashi's promise hadn't stuck. When Rin was fourteen, Iwagakure had come back to Konoha, in order to kill off more than just one Konohagakure civilian. Rin had taken a sword through the heart for a patient.

How Tenten survived the Uchiha massacre was easily done. She was traded out with Obito's mother and was at the Narigashi household the entire time. How Itachi didn't find out was a mystery. Tenten was always in the right places at the right time. What she didn't know was that Kakashi was forbidden by Rin to tell any of this to Tenten until she was sixteen.


Kakashi and Rin were just helping the injured out of the hospital. All of a sudden, an Iwa Nin with a sword came for a weaker patient. Rin got in front of the patient and had her life taken instead. Of course, she was going to die, for her heart was what had been stabbed. Kakashi tried to help her up, but she told him no.

"I'll tell Tenten about her parents when she's old enough. Don't worry." he assured her.

"Kakashi, no, please don't." Rin gasped out. "D-Don't tell Tenten! I couldn't bare look at…my child from…heaven only to see that she's…too young to miss…her parents. I-I want you too-too tell her th-this when…she's sixteen. Th-Thank you f-for everything, K-Kakashi…take care of T-Tenten, ok?"

Unfortunately, Kakashi tried to get Rin's mother out of the house while he had Tenten in his arms, but she refused, knowing her child was dead. He tried his best, but she was too upset that she just up and ran into the war. Kakashi ran after her, but a kunai was flung and hit her through the head. Kakashi's eyes were becoming wet. He finally made it up to the top of the Hokage Mountain and watched his sensei battle.

"Uchiha Tenten…" Kakashi called for the two-year-old, who looked up at him with her chocolate brown eyes. "I can't tell you how much your parents loved you…please…just please let these fourteen years go by quickly."

"Uchiha Tenten." She replied.

With those last few words, the two-year-old clung to him and fell asleep on his shoulder.

"I will protect you with my life. That was Obito's final wish. Rin practically begged me to do so." Kakashi looked down at her and kissed her head through his mask. "My life, Uchiha Tenten, I swear I will protect you."

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