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Chapter 6

Sweetheart's Day

Everyone knew that Sweetheart's day was the exact same as Valentine's Day. They all called it a scam, which it was, but whatever. It gave girls one more day in February to make their guys do whatever for them. The day was held on February seventeenth, which was oddly familiar to me.* I didn't exactly know why, though. I shrugged it off as I went to the Hyuga compound. Neji and I were sixteen now; young adults. I was finally out of the orphanage. The hokage allowed me to get an apartment when I was twelve, which I gratefully accepted.

Anyways, I arrived quickly, finding my favorite Hyuga at the door. Neji walked me into the kitchen, where Naruto, Hinata and Hanabi were. Sadly, Hitomi died several years ago. Thus, Neji and Hizashi were even farther away than they had been. Anyhow, Naruto and Hinata greeted me happily. Hanabi had her attention on the clock.

"What's up with Hanabi," I inquired.

"Party at Konohamaru's," Naruto answered.

"Tenten-Chan, would y-you like to h-help me drop h-her off?" Hinata asked me sweetly.

She still had that stutter, but she was one of the few people on earth that made it cute. I nodded as we grabbed Hanabi and went. Konohamaru didn't live all that far away. However, Hanabi was running, which made it seem like forever; even for us genin! We finally arrived, Hinata and I panting like crazy, but Hanabi in complete and perfect shape. She knocked on the door, which Konohamaru answered. They walked through the aperture together as Hinata and I slowly took our time getting back to the Hyuga compound.

We arrived once more, entered and Neji and I left. Sure, we weren't a couple, but we liked to hang out together. People still glared at me as I walked down the street. They gave me that same look they often gave Naruto. However, Naruto learned to ignore it. I, on the other hand, had a spaz attack. I got gawks, stares, glares, whispers, sneers…anything and everything. You'd think it would stop sooner, but it didn't.

"Gosh," I sighed quietly.

Neji looked at me with a cocked brow. "What?"

How didn't he notice any of it?

"Look at the people, Neji," I whispered.

He did as told. I believe he saw what I saw. People just being rude. Rude and horrible and irritating and mean. I hated it. He grabbed my wrist and we headed to the training grounds where we met up with Kakashi-Sensei. We were expecting to be alone, but Kakashi needed to have a serious talk with me.

"Sit down, Tenten," he sighed, closing his book.

I did as told.

"Now, Tenten, do you recall those dreams you used to have when you were younger?"

I gasped, grasping both Neji and Kakashi's attention. That was completely unexpected. How did he…? What did he…? Was he stalking me or…? I was absolutely speechless for several moments. My mouth just hung there, catching flies. I finally shook it off after about ten minutes.

"How did you know about those," I inquired hoarsely.

"I gave them to you," he explained, "I trapped you in a genjutsu."

That about tore my heart in half. He was the reason for my suffering for all those years! He made me cry every morning for several years! I wanted to die every day! It was crazy! Tears brimmed my eyes as he explained why he did it. Apparently, he knew my parents. At first I didn't believe him, but then he pulled out a picture. It was me…it was me, my mother and father. We looked so happy together. What could've happened? Did I cause this?

"Why…Why did they give me up?" I queried quietly.

"They didn't," Kakashi shook his head. "Their names are Obito and Rin Uchiha. Obito thought something terrible would happen in the near future, so he and Rin eloped and had you. Sadly, he died only a year or so later. Rin died a year after he did. I wasn't supposed to tell you until now, but you were so upset. The memory dreams didn't seem to help, but I needed you to figure it out."

Suddenly, everything pieced together. I wasn't born out of wedlock, but of young children. That's why everybody always gawked at me. Tears were streaming down my face, staining my cheeks. Neji was staring at me, utter bewilderment scattered across his face. Hadn't he seen me cry before? I didn't know anymore. All I knew was that my parents did live once. And I got to spend more than just birth-time with them.

I calmed myself as I asked, "Why are you telling me now?"

"Well, one, I couldn't take your sadness anymore, and two," he sighed and paused before he said it, "I think you can find Sasuke."

My mouth gaped. Why on earth would he think such a thing?

"I don't even have my sharingan yet!" I exclaimed.

"I'll teach you everything you need to know," Kakashi assured me. "But today is Sweetheart's Day. Go spend it with whoever and I'll meet you back here tomorrow."

Neji and I looked at each other before I nodded at Kakashi and thanked him. We got up, dusted ourselves off, and began to walk away.

"By the way, Tenten," Kakashi stopped us in our tracks. "I'm your uncle."


Neji and I spent the day in my apartment. We bought ramen and dango and stayed to figure everything out. I let Neji look through basically anything and everything there. Man it was boring to just sit there and think. But at least I knew who my parents were. I sighed as I planted my head in my palm.

"You should do it," Neji stated.

I jolted my head toward him, "Really?"

"Yeah," he nodded slowly, "if I can go with you."

I smiled widely, but softly, "That would be just perfect."

My practice started tomorrow.

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