Attention to the people, who read this story. This story that you have all come to know and love, will be rewritten, or deleted.

Let me explain my absence, by saying that was in the hospital for some time and I have been drowned in work when I came back to school. I'm set and focused, so I can come back to my stories. I have school work, cheerleading and personal problems so don't beat down my back, please.

Back to what I said before, there might be changes or the story might be dropped. There was another crossover, except it was X-men and Teen Titans, and I'm not sure if I want to go back to that deleted story or not. Then, I have another idea with Teen Titans and Naruto. I will let you have your say, but I will still choose my own story path. I will let you vote on a poll that will be set up on my profile. I will give you a preview of the rewritten version and the other idea.

Rewritten Preview:

I was trapped in another world, lost in a dimension, and for the first time, I felt alone. I might have been a little scared, but I was too proud to admit it.

"You are just like him! Why should I trust you? Why should I even give you the chance?" His voice was filled with emotion, and his eyes were possessed with anger. Every drop of a word hit my, like a knife.

New Idea:

A traitor stood at her feet, and she should have killed him, but for some reason, she froze. Not a single limb could move, but a small, salty tear escaped her eye.

"This is the group you will be working with. Raven, I would like you to meet your escorts, Cell Seven." Tsunade said.

The young girl bowed. "It's nice to meet you."

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