Chapter 1

Carson was watching me, again. I pretended not to notice this time. I knew form past experience that asking him what his problem was did me no good. I remember him just looked at me only few weeks ago..

"Ella, he probably just has a crush on you." My friend Abby was sure that Carson had a perfectly normal explanation why he was always staring at me. And why he never talked to me. Or why he was in every one of my classes. Or why no one knew where he was from. Or why he transferred in the 4th quarter of the year. There were a lot of those kinds of things about him. And Abby didn't seem to notice. Along with the rest of the 9th grade student body. I was even sad to report most of the teachers thought him not talking and staring at me were completely normal. All except Ms. Kaleen, who looked at him and smiled brightly all the time, then looked at me. I really didn't know which one was weirder.

"Well I'm sick of it!" I said. I was completely fed up with him. I was never one of those types of girls crushing on guys. If a guy liked me, but was too chicken to ask, he wasn't worth my time; normally. But Carson was different. And let's face it, with his extra dark brown hair and nearly black eyes he was drop dead gorgeous.

"Carson what is your problem!" I said, not missing a beat. I wasn't in the mood for games. Apparently Carson didn't understand that because he just stared at me dumbly. "Carson, I'm not in the mood for games." I said getting more ticked off by the second. At this Carson smirked. I am not kidding, Mr. I Am Dark and Have No Emotions smirked at me! I was BEYOND ticked off now. "Carson just tell me why you're always staring at me!" I screamed until the entire hallway was looking at us.

My hands did something they shouldn't have done. They reached out to shake him. My arms touched the side of his skin. The only way to describe it was like lightning hitting me. But not in a painful way. In an, oh my god that's not even possible, kind of way.

I stared my eyes bugging out of my head, my mouth gapping open. Even Carson had a look of shock on his face. "It's true." He whispered. At least I thought he did. But maybe my brain was still messed up from the whole lightning thing.

I wouldn't know because I ran away faster than a hungry cat from a mouse.

So I would NOT be approaching him again. But I still really wanted to know what was going on.

I sighed and walked into Ms. Kaleen's class. Where this whole Carson problem started over a month ago...

"Ms. Kaleen, what does a movie about love have to do with science?" Robby, one of the boys, asked as a last hope.

"I don't understand why you guys are being so difficult. It's Romeo and Juliet, how could you protest." We had all gathered that Ms. Kaleen was a hopeless romantic. Although she was probably only 50, he husband had been 67 and died a few years ago.

Then the door opened and in walked the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. I could practically hear all the girls drooling already. He looked at the girls one by one until he saw me. His face changed in recognition. My heart fluttered. I could feel my heart beating like crazy.

"Ah I see you have finally joined us." Ms. Kaleen clapping her hands together in amusement. "Class this is…"

He interrupted, "Carson Keith."

Ms. Kaleen gave confused expression that I was sure I was the only one who noticed. Then she went right back to normal. "Carson, of course. Please take a seat and welcome to science class." I don't know why but she sounded sarcastic. That was unlike her. Or I was just hearing things.

That had to be it.

And of course to really turn me around, Carson sat right next to me.

And as you probably have guessed it was only the beginning.

"Welcome class!" Ms. Kaleen's smile was bright. Just like her sundress which I found kind of cute on my teacher.

In a grandma kind of way.

"Now I want everyone one to take out your final essay paper, this will count as 35% of your grade." I could have thrown up right there. I had been so stupid. I forgot my paper. I wanted to burst out into tears and leave the room.

Then a hand tapped my lightly on my jacket. I knew I was about to start crying then and there.

Carson wordlessly handed me a sheet. I looked at it and my eyes went wide.

It was my paper. I could have sworn I left it at home, but I must have dropped it. And Carson gave it back to me.

In those next few seconds I forgot about his weird staring and I gave him a big hug. I could feel his body tense up for a moment before he hugged me back.