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One of the responsibilities of a mafia boss is to know his comrades. By this, the boss will gain the complete trust and undying loyalty of those working for him. So Tsuna was expecting Reborn to suddenly appear one day and give him a ton of profiles about all of Vongola's employees, but instead, he found seven folders neatly placed on his desk.

And the names on each one baffled him.

Gokudera Hayato.

Yamamoto Takeshi.


Sasagawa Ryohei.

Dokuro Chrome.

Rokudo Mukuro.

Hibari Kyoya.

It didn't really made sense at first, but from all the thinking he has done for the past five minutes, he figured what Reborn wanted him to do.

Tsuna doesn't really know much about them. His guardians, of all people. Gokudera did tell him things about his past, but the six others simply didn't bother to tell him anything about themselves. Well, he really didn't bother to ask them; Tsuna figured it was kinda rude to do so. He often wondered why Yamamoto never mentioned his mother, or where Ryohei and Hibari's parents were. Tsuna knew Chrome was named Nagi before Mukuro came into the picture, and that Lambo's birth parents were dead, but his knowledge ended there.

The eight of them shared a strong bond (he wasn't really sure about Mukuro and Hibari, but nonetheless, he trusted them) and yet he, as their Sky, knew so little about them.

And so, one by one, Decimo started his search for the answers to all of his questions.

Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Lambo, and Chrome opened up to him so quickly that it surprised him. But of course, there's Mukuro and Hibari.

You can't barge in to their rooms and ask some questions. It didn't work like that with those two. So he opted for another method.

He investigated them.

Tsuna decided to go for his external advisor first: Hibari Kyoya.

Hibari is a secretive man. He didn't like connections. He hated crowding. Being an anti-social guy, one couldn't really find out much about Nami middle's once disciplinary chairman.

But of course Tsuna wasn't exactly just another human being.

And so he searched. And when the answers turned its face to him, he was surprised because of what it revealed.


Kyoya is the only son of a very rich family; a family who has ties with the military. He's half Chinese, half Japanese.

His father, who has some Italian lineage, is responsible for his silver grey eyes and his handsome features. He serves the country as a high-ranking military official. Status: alive.

His mother gave him her feistiness and stubbornness that later, he became famous for. Mama Hibari originally came from Mainland China, from a family of martial artists. She was probably the one responsible for Kyoya's deadly tonfa skills. Status: alive.

With the lack of their presence in Kyoya's life, Tsuna began to worry. They certainly weren't divorced. And Kyoya certainly was living absolutely fine without them. So why? Why would someone leave their own child at such a young age?

Decimo decided to ask Kusakabe.

"It was a matter of upbringing," He answered, "Kyo-san's parents are strong people. I remember, back in middle school, when he first allowed me to come into his house," Kusakabe smiled, "I took notice of this one picture, hidden among some books. It was their family picture. He looked so much like his father, except for those almond shaped eyes that came from his mother. I thought he was going to bite me to death when he saw me holding the frame," he laughed, recalling his memories, "But he didn't. He just stared at me, and then I asked – to this day I couldn't believe I did – I asked where they were."

"And then? What did he say?" Tsuna pushed on, wanting to know more.

"I don't know." Kusakabe restated Kyoya's words, "Nor do I care."

Tsuna's deep hazel eyes widened.

"I didn't get it." He continued, "I thought maybe his parents mistreated him, but my suspicion was cleared when I got to meet one of them."

"I met his father," Kusakabe stated, his face turning serious, "He's quite scary, in fact. I met him accidentally when I went to Kyo-san's house to report some matters. He was about to get in this lacquer black car when he spotted me. That cold stare he gave me was quite chilling, but it made me realize some things. I understood what kind of parents they were. I don't know if you'd follow this idea – it might be a little crazy, I must admit."

Tsuna nodded, and with this Kusakabe finished, "Think of them as a family of predators. Carnivores often drive their young away to fend for themselves, don't they?"

The idea wasn't exactly correct in Decimo's view. Hibari-san's parents do love their son; it may be in this odd twisted way, but they still cared for him. They supplied him with the necessities he needed for everyday life (who do you think pays for all of his fees?); just like every other parent out there.

It's just that they didn't supply him with much needed attention.

Tsuna began to think that this led to Hibari's irrational abhorrence to social relationships. He was practically alone most of his life. Tsuna imagined living in that large, traditional Japanese house all by himself, with no one to share your joys, your frustrations and sorrows.

He wouldn't survive in those conditions. He was sure of it.


From the moment he was born into this world, she was there.

She watched him grow. She was there when his mother taught him his lethal moves while his father assisted him in his training. She was there when he made his first victory over an enemy. She watched when he entered middle school and became the disciplinary chairman. She knew how much he loathed Rokudo Mukuro as he knelt there in his illusions, sinking in defeat. She was there when he became Tsunayoshi Sawada's strongest ally. She was there to feel the pride swelling in his chest when he rose as one of the deadliest predators in the world.

She was ever present in his life; she saw his triumphs and downfalls. There may be no secrets between them: a flawless relationship indeed.

And yes, Hibari Kyoya loves her. He loves her a little more than fighting, and to that she's grateful. So many had benefited from her but no one appreciated her like he does. She loves him too, of course; he keeps her safe and at peace, after all. She's his possession; a territory he fights to keep.

I don't know about you, but if ever Namimori would magically turn into a person, Tsuna thinks that she'd definitely be the luckiest living thing here on earth.


Kyoya loves hamburgers. Yummy, aren't they?

Dino knew this fact when he got tonfa'd for giving his student a fancy cake for his birthday. So when he asked him what he wanted, his answer made him run (well, actually it was Romario who did all the running) to the nearest McDonalds.

And yes, Hibari Kyoya is the only person who can live off from Mcstuff and survive. And that stupid movie about eating anything but McDonalds for a month? Psshh. Nonsense.

So why does he like hamburgers, exactly?

Is it because it tastes good? Not really. Hibari thinks ujikintoki kakigori is yummy as well, but it didn't come to a point that he almost always wanted to eat it every day.

Is it because the dude working in every fast food chain or restaurant he ever visited is scared of him so much that they give what he wants for free? Nope. He has enough money to hire a chef to cook for him, so that mustn't be it.

Tsuna knew the answer lies within Hibari-san himself. But of course, he isn't too crazy to ask him.

So maybe he'll never know that Hibari Kyoya likes hamburgers because his father, from time to time, took him to fast food chains, ordering the kiddie meal for his son because he's been such an excellent boy. Tsuna will never know that Papa Hibari is so busy that he only spends twenty to thirty minutes with his son in that restaurant, and after Kyoya had finished his meal, the earlier leaves for work.

Tsuna will never know that hamburgers may or may not have a little bit of a sentimental value for his cloud guardian. He'll never know if he doesn't get just a little bit more guts to ask him directly.


Fon perhaps or probably knows Hibari. Which of the two is it, you ask?

It's the latter. No, really. They're undoubtedly related by blood.

Fon knows 107 styles of martial arts other than Gyoza-ken. And one of those is – yup, you guessed it – the art of using the tonfa. So it goes naturally that these martial art styles run in the blood line.

Fon didn't tell Tsuna if he's Kyoya's grandfather, or uncle, or any other relative for that matter; however, he did admit being related to his mother. He kindly asked Decimo to keep it a secret, though. He knows Kyoya's a bit disturbed by the similarities they share, and finding that they're really related in some way might finally blow his fuse off.

You know, sharing a face with the first Vongola cloud guardian and an immortal cursed baby doesn't sound too cool as it seems, thank you very much.


Kyoya ranks dead last in Fuuta's horny ranking. We aren't precisely sure as to why the ranking prince did list such a scandalous ranking, but it's really true.

Yes, Hibari Kyoya does threaten people in a rather kinky way (if you're interpreting 'I'll bite you to death 'in that sense,) but the guy really doesn't have an ounce of perverseness in his oh-so sexy body. Heck, even Giannini is kinkier than him.

To this, Dino Cavallone was more than happy to attest.

Back in their training days, he once delivered a dirty joke to his tonfa-totting student about those handcuffs of his, but the latter didn't even get the joke. The blond boss thought this might be Kyoya showing his very rare side; a side who knows how to fool around.

But no, Dino was horribly mistaken.

And so after a few minutes of laughing and much deliberation on his part, he assumed Kyoya is still a virgin. (For a moment, Tsuna rejoiced for knowing he wasn't the only one who hasn't got laid when he was seventeen.) And of course, being the good and nice tutor that he is, he helped his student out of the possible mockery on his pride as a man.

If you just thought that Dino did something improper with Kyoya, well, you're wrong. Unfortunately, Dino isn't kinky enough to do that with our resident tonfa wielder. Though, he did manage to coax Kyoya to bang a hooker. Tsuna didn't (want to) ask how he did it, although he was sure he used something like crack or liquor, and probably asked the woman to include a lot of bondage in their uh, little intimate time together.

After that Kyoya didn't appear to have changed at all. He didn't stare at pretty girls much, nor paid any attention to voluptuous women. But after Dino saw him fighting Suzuki Adelheid…

He instantly knew what turned him on.

It was power.

That was why he liked fighting so much. He was addicted to it. He was addicted to the rush of dominating someone who was as aggressive as him.

So that was when Dino and Tsuna agreed on one thing: Kyoya's going to have a hard time getting a woman to love him as he is.

If there's anyone willing and cracked up to marry him, that is.


Hibari Kyoya will only kill you if you're as powerful as him; or, if possible, when you're stronger than him.

Tsuna knows this because whenever his cloud guardian fought, he left the 'lesser' opponents barely hanging on the thread of life. He doesn't deliver the last blow. It has two meanings: one is that it's some kind of sign he delivers for everyone to see – that he is the apex predator; that whoever challenges his authority will bow down before him in defeat. The second one is that it's a message to all the weak herbivores he had bitten near to death: that they should quit being pathetic and get stronger already. And when they do, they should come back for him. Hibari believes in revenge. It is the sweetest thing, indeed.

So in the long run, the weak are luckier than the strong ones. They have a chance to survive Hibari Kyoya, but the other one…not so much.

And besides, picking on the weak hurts his pride.


Hibari Kyoya is sane because Tsuna exists.

Reborn told him that. "We all need someone to keep us in check,"he remembers the hitman's statement, "Just like how everyone else in the famiglia keeps you from falling into the asylum, Dame-Tsuna."

"We may all rot in hell in the end, but you must always remember that we are different from monsters. Monsters kill for no reason. We don't do that."


Kyoko and Haru thinks Hibari Kyoya is quite the nice guy despite of the antipathy he holds for the mist guardian. They never had seen him hurt Chrome, after all.

But he just fights fair. Chrome is still weak in his eyes. If the time comes that she'd be as deadly as her male counterpart, Kyoya would gladly kill her.

Kyoya does not look at gender as a gauge to determine strength. That's just absurd. He thinks Suzuki Adelheid and Lal Mirch are strong opponents, and will be more than happy to bite them dead anytime.

He's not a gentleman. He's not nice.


Kyoya doesn't know how to react to love.

That sounds very troublesome to Tsuna. In fact, he was there when I-pin confessed to her long time, childhood love. Call it sneaky and rude, but you can't blame Tsuna – who knows what Hibari-san will do to her when he hears those three words?

"I admire you very much," Tsuna recalls I-pin fidgeting under his heavy gaze, "For a very long time, I've been… I've liked you, Hibari-san."

And the following words he uttered shocked Decimo.

"I don't understand."

I-pin stood there, her eyes wide open in confusion. "I… That means I love you, Hibari-san."

"Why?" he asked, and Tsuna knows, he just knew that the question his cloud guardian said is not a mocking one.

"Because… Because," the fifteen year old girl lit like a bulb, not knowing what to say. "Because… I just do. I can't actually explain why, I just…"

"Why can't you explain it?" Oh, this is torture. You can just imagine how many shades of red had coated I-pin's face.

"Hibari-san…" the Chinese martial artist sighed in defeat, "I don't think I can explain love. In words, that is. Love is like that. People just know what it means. Just like… How you like fighting. I don't know why you like it so much, but I think… it's kinda similar. Do you understand what I want to say?"

Kyoya just stared at her, probably mulling over her words.

"B-But, you don't have to feel obliged to be nice to me," she said, smiling, "I know I'm too young. So it's okay – I just want to say it. I – of course I want you to like me back, but that can't be helped. If Hibari-san doesn't want to consider me, that's fine."


"You don't have to tell me right away, either," she smiled still, "So it's okay. I know you're busy. So…I –" For a moment Tsuna wanted to punch Hibari for making I-pin make that face, "I'll be going then."

She ran away. And of course Tsuna knows she's crying.

Because that silence can also mean rejection.

Hyper intuition tells him otherwise.

He even tried to explain it to him. Tsuna told him that Kusakabe's loyalty to him is love. That the mere thought of Dino bringing him hamburgers from time to time or when he visits him for no particular reason is love. When he trusted him to be his external advisor; his confidant when they faced the Millefiore – that is a form of love.

Maybe he failed explaining it to him for Kyoya to be silent after his little monologue.


The skylark sings in flight. It sings when it is free.

Kyoya is no different.

Tsuna knows Hibari Kyoya cherishes freedom more than anything else. But, he also knows how to be cautious about that freedom he has.

He promised that he'd bite up even the Sky, after all.



*It's really true that hibarin likes hamburgers and ujikintoki kakigori. It's on the character book (the burger part, I think) and the tankobon (the kakigori; volume 17). If you're not familiar, Ujikintoki kakigori is shaved ice with green tea syrup and sweet azuki beans (they're red beans, I believe).

Yeah.*sigh* Happy birthday, Kyoya.

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