2156 CE
Uncharted System

The infinite blackness and emptiness of space was suddenly interrupted by a blue glowing vortex which seemed to tear space itself. The dark centre of the vortex flashed brightly spitting out three purple colored ships in the form of a slender long body with wings coming out of the top, bottom, and sides of the main body.

As soon as the three ships entered normal space the vortex suddenly vanished.

On board one of the starships

Captain Carn Molari was sitting in the command chair, he was tapping the handles of the chair with his fingers, which was a sign of boredom, even commanding one of the new Vorchan class starships didn't take away the boredom that comes with this seemingly unending patrols.

"What should I buy for my fiancé when *I'm done with this patrols? Perhaps jewelry or a pet?"
He thought to himself, while not minding the rest of universe after all what would be interesting in this system. It's just another system with a yellow star and nine planets.

But his deep thought was interrupted by his XO.

"Captain we are detecting a couple of starships with in the system, mostly centered in the third planet."

Molari jumped in his chair,
"Finally something interesting,*He had just discovered a new primitive race that could be annexed or conquered into the Great Republic." he thought to himself.

"Set a course for the third planet, we must investigate this further."

"Yes, captain" his XO replied.

A few mins later

As the Vorchan was a near the moon of the third planet, the starship stopped to take a few sensor readings on the planet, nearby space and these ugly utilitarian designed starships that the local race here used.

"Sir, those ships seem to lack jump space capability and our analysis state that their technology level seems to be post industrial but pre FTL discovery."
The XO said.

The*Captain replied while he was looking at one of the utilitarian designed starships as they move towards his patrol of three Vorchans

"Sir, we are being hailed by the local race."

"Patch it through"

Then the communications screen was replaced by the image of what seemed to be a Centauri but with different style of hair and clothes and also different eyes which seem to be cat like in ppearance.

Then the male alien spoke,
"Unknown stah ship t'is is fleet cohmand, identify yo'self"