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Somewhere in the deepest part of Tartarus lay a young man with black hair and green eyes. He was whimpering for no reason, all alone in his dirty cell. His name is Percy Jackson.

A year ago…

Percy's POV

The New York Empire State building and its surrounding area was a mess. Everywhere half bloods and satyrs were fighting a monster. Percy was fighting Kronos (Luke). But suddenly Kronos collapsed and the eyes shifted into blue. "Stab me at my Achilles Heel on my left arm!" Luke screamed. "Kronos is going to become his true form!" At that moment Percy understood a line in the prophecy. The hero's soul, cursed blade shall (A/N or is it will?) reap. Luke was going to die. All alone the hero was Luke, and Percy was simply a side character. But then he had an idea, It was dangerous, but Luke can be saved.

"Restrain me and don't let me hurt anyone," he whispered to Annabeth. Annabeth looked confused but nodded. Percy closed his eyes and opened his mind, hoping Kronos will leave Luke and enter him instead.

Annabeth's POV

"Restrain me and don't let me hurt anyone," Percy whispered to her. Annabeth was confused but nodded her head anyways. Percy closed his eyes and fell to the floor, motionless. Suddenly Luke stood up agilely with his eyes blue, the way it is supposed to be. He staggered and blinked. "Kronos is out of me!" he said in amazement. At the same time Percy opened his eyes. Something was wrong though. His eyes were golden instead of sea green. And he became mad, slashing everyone with Riptide, his eyes filled with lust.

"Stop him!" Annabeth screamed. She put on her Yankee's cap and fought Percy invisible with Luke and Thalia (who heard Annabeth's call) along her side. Annabeth knew the only way to stop this madness was to stab his Achilles Heel. The effect was immediate. Percy screamed like a hag and his eyes became green. He fainted, with his back bleeding heavily. Just then the gods all arrived from their triumph of defeating Typhon. Poseidon was in lead, smiling widely, until he saw Percy. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"Apollo!" He commanded. Apollo instantly went to Percy's side, chanting in an ancient language even more ancient than Greek. Percy glowed golden and his bleeding stopped. He stirred and tried to stand up.

"Annabeth, tell us what happened privately," her mother commanded.

Annabeth explained quickly to the gods how Percy became crazy and tried to kill everyone. They were all silent.

"We shall hold a council." Zeus and the gods went to their thrones, including Hades, though he sat on a guest chair.

"You, Perseus Jackson! We will council about what you did. All in favor of sending him to Tartarus for all eternity?"

Percy's POV

"All in favor of sending him to Tartarus for all eternity?" Zeus's words rang in his head. He saved Olympus and they want to send him Tartarus? He was livid. The only one who didn't agree was his father, Poseidon. The guards was about to take him away, when he asked, "May I say a good bye to my friends, at least?" Zeus nodded curtly. He hugged them all, but when he reached Annabeth she moved away.

"Stay away from me, you murderer!" she hissed. Percy was in shock. Even when the guards took him away, he didn't struggle. They threw him down into Tartarus, where he would live forever…

A year later…

Annabeth's POV

"Mother, you are the goddess of wisdom! How can you let him out, after the time when he tried to kill so many half bloods?"

"Annabeth, the council decided that for the sake of saving Olympus, we want to give him a second chance."

"But we will all be in danger here! He might try to kill us all!"

"It is the council's decision. If you want to complain, say it to Lord Zeus. We will all be coming here to meet Percy."

"But…" Athena, Annabeth's mother, cut off the connection to the Iris Message. Annabeth fumed. The whole camp will be in danger, doesn't her mother know that? She went back to the hill where Thalia's pine is, to meet Poseidon along with Nico, Thalia, Grover, and Luke.