It's the last chapter, already. Usually I just don't write stories that are too long. I realized a mistake. Percy only stayed in Tartarus for half a year, therefore this is winter, around the same time Jason and all that Lost Hero stuff was supposed to happen. Oops. I believe I said too much… R&R, my faithful readers!

Percy's POV

Darkness surrounded me. Where am I? In a distant place a light lit up. I saw Annabeth, Luke, and Thalia pointing to me, laughing. Then they became Rachel, her eyes glazing over. She then hissed: "You must die!" . What was happening? That's when I woke up.

"You're awake at last! Thank the gods for Apollo's ever changing chariot or you'll be dead!" Mother?

"Mom, what are you doing here?" I struggled to sit up.

"Your father told me to come here as fast as I can! Why would you jump off Mount Olympus?"


"Gosh, Percy, don't do that again to me."

Then a new voice spoke. "'Bout time you woke up, sleepyhead." Jake, my brother, teased.


Jake started explaining. "You've been out for a week already. And you really should thank Dionysus for curing your multi personality disorder."

"I had that?"

"Don't ask me how, I have better things to do like enjoying my newfound freedom than moping and hoping you don't die soon."

"Well that sure sounds jolly for my part."

"Yeah, it does, doesn't it? And I think Annie Bell or something came in yesterday and cried out her eyes."

"It's Annabeth, you idiot!"

"Looks like someone got a girlfriend."

I tried to stand up, then remembered my new injuries. Jake tsked.

"Just so you know, they did some godly thing that cured everything you got since that year, just like mine. FYI." Jake waved good bye and walked out.

Narrator: Therefore everyone lived happily ever after… NOT! That is not the epilogue, only one part of it. So continue reading!

The real epilogue begins a few days after the incident from Jake's point of view. Yay!

Jake's POV

Blinking blearily I stumbled out of my bed in the Poseidon cabin. Something seems missing. Then it hit. Percy's usual loud snoring was absent. I looked over to see his bed empty. Hmm. Perhaps he started training already? I quickly jogged out and bumped into a Hephaestus camper, Nyssa.

"Hey Nyssa, have you seen Percy?"

"Percy? No, haven't seen him anywhere."

That's strange. I started searching the whole camp, occasionally asking campers if they saw him. At last the whole camp was searched. He wasn't anywhere at all. I really hope he isn't kissing Annabeth. Bleh!

But it seems he wasn't, because Annabeth came charging toward me and shook me.

"Where is Percy? I can't find him!" she screeched.

"Whoa, calm down! Maybe we should ask Chiron?" As if on the cue the centaur appeared.

"Chiron!" Annabeth called. "Percy is gone!"

He galloped over. "Percy is gone? What is the meaning of this?"

"She means Percy disappeared from the camp," I inserted helpfully.

Chiron stroke his beard. "Come with me, children." He trotted to the Poseidon camp. Annabeth and I followed in suit. Chiron walked straight to Percy's bed. There was something I didn't notice before. A single peacock feather laid there. The sign of Hera.

*whistles* So this is the REAL epilogue. Percy still ends up at the Roman camp and all that junk (ok it's not junk) follows. The end guys. Good bye! If you're interested about Warriors go read my other 2 stories. ;)