Category: Lord of the Rings

Rating: M

Couples: Elrond/Thranduil

Warnings: AU, Blood, Torture, Rape, Slash

Chapter: 1

Copyright: Characters & places © By Tolkien, Plot & OC´s © by me


"The Valar tell me why I agreed to this!" Thranduil threw his hands in the air.

"The same reason why I did?" Elrond dryly commented. "Galadriel threatening us…"

"No need to remind me." Thranduil bit back at his unwanted companion. "'Either you two settle this, or I will.' How old does she think we are?"

Elrond just barely was able to hold a very snide remark back. He had to live with Thranduil for a month, and although there was no doubt that it would happen sooner or later, he was unwilling to come to blows just yet. And somewhere, deep down, he agreed with the Mirkwood-King. They were polite, they aided each other against the shadow… Was that not enough? No, definitely not for Galadriel. She even had gone so far as to send part of HER guard with them, so he wouldn't sneak off. Seriously, did she really think he would do something as childish as sneaking off? He did have some honor, unlike certain other elves which he would not name.

Somewhere, deep down, Thranduil knew he was being unreasonable. Elrond had wanted this just as much as he had; absolutely and completely not. But right now he needed someone to yell at and since that thrice-cursed Elf-witch Galadriel was not present he had to pick the next-best thing; the accursed Half-elf. How dare she send that half-elf with him? And add some of her guards! Was she afraid he would murder the Peredhel in his sleep? Hello, he was a King and kinslaying usually is a bad thing to engage in when you have an example to set. A giant nest of spiders would do just nicely. Besides, no one could blame him for THAT. Bloody hell, that probably would be the reason why she send her guards…

The protective circle of guards became smaller when the light faded away. The dark trees of Mirkwood now surrounded the party.

Eyes hungrily regarded the new flesh from between dark boughs. But the party was too great for them. Too many swords were waiting to be drawn. Twenty guards of either ruler and another ten from Galadriel circled two elves lethal in their very own right. It would have taken hundreds to defeat and slay them all.

"Thranduil?" Elrond for a moment broke the heavy silence between them. "Do you feel that as well?"

The golden-haired elf frowned for a bit and then looked around him wearily. "I do, malice is afoot."

The circle of guards grew even smaller, swords now gleaming in what little light came through the dense foliage. Several archers had their arrows notched, ready to let them fly.

"It is getting worse." Elrond whispered.

"I agree, maybe we should take another route. This is too dangerous." Thranduil gestured towards his captain. "I will not risk my people like this."

He gasped when a horse hit his hard, nearly throwing him off. When he turned to berate the elf he gasped again. A black arrow was sticking from the elf's back and he had slumped forward.

"Orcs!" The very moment the warning was screamed several dozen of the beasts descended from the surrounding forest. Apparently they also had several archers, but unable to see them, the elves could do nothing except pray they would not been hit.

Elrond cursed when he realized what the orcs had been doing. By ensuring the circle of guards became smaller and smaller they had effectively trapped elves in the middle of it, both he and Thranduil being in the very center, leaving them no room to aid their escorts. The only thing they could do was watch horrified as one by one the elves on the outside were cut away.

Soon it was only the two them, escorts lying slaughtered on the forest floor. There was no way out and there was no doubt as to who would win this battle; they were simply too outnumbered…

Yet both of them had come to a silent agreement they would give the orcs a heavy price to pay for this victory. All went relatively well until Elrond received an arrow in his shoulder, losing his sword in the process. Taking advantage of that, an orc pulled him from his horse.

Thranduil hesitated a split second to long on whether he should try and aid the other, or simply chop his way out of the melee to try and reach his home. That decision was taken from him when his horse reared and threw him off.

The last thing he saw were orcs leeringly towering over him.