OK, this is my first Storm Hawk fanfiction (and probably last, since I would rather read than write), so please no flaming. Thank you.

"Hello? Hello? Storm Hawks do you read me?" Harrier asked, his voice showing obvious frustration, seeing as, although the Rex Guardians and Storm Hawks were now comrades/alliances, it didn't change the fact he still thought little of them. He tried to hide it often, but at times like this, during a ,as the youth would call it, "Party" he rarely had patience with them.

This was also the reason why at first, he hadn't taken their distress call seriously. Luckily, others in his squad had. Now Harrier was waiting, in his skimmer, for a reply from them.

One of Harrier's Squad signaled to him, telling him that she'd better take over.

"Hello? Storm Hawks? This is the Rex Guardians, please come in." She tried, as Harrier fell into a silence, happy that he didn't have to contact them any more.

There was a small, tense pause, until a voice finally replied.

"Storm Hawks here!" Piper said, in the background something was smashing against what probably was a door.

"What's the problem? Where are you?" The Rex Guardian asked, attentively. After all, the new Storm Hawks had never used a distress call before. Never.

"We crashed in the Wastelands, with no means of getting out and-" Before Piper could finish the sentence, there was a final bang and something smashed open. Piper hissed in pain, as something probably hit her.

"Quick, everyone to the-" Aerrow started, then a thud was heard, Aerrow's groan followed shortly after.
"Oh my Gosh, Aerrow!" Piper shouted, the other Storm Hawks (apart from their leader) shouting, although the Rex Guardians couldn't understand a word of what they said.

Then the line went dead.

"Piper? Piper, are you there? Hello?"

Everything was silent, as the Rex Guardians waited for a reply.
"Hello? Hello? Piper, are you there? Hello?" They tried, but no reply came.

"What happened?" Harrier asked, as the Rex Guardian continued - hopelessly- to get back in contact with the Storm Hawks.

Just something I made, because it'd be nice if the Storm Hawks actually, for once, would use a distress signal/call. This is a one-shot, but feel completely free to use this plot in other fanfictions. I'd really like that...