Naruto Of The Sharingan

By Krozz-101

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Naruto, that honor is Masashi Kishimoto's. I also do not own the name of Naruto's sword Tenza Zangetsu that name belongs to Tite Kubo.

(A/N) Yo! Welcome to the second chapter of my Fanfic Naruto Of The Sharingan! Just to get some things straight, graduation age is 15 in this fic also Itachi killed his clan when Sasuke and Naruto were 10. Also unless stated as otherwise the characters will be in their Shippuden clothes. AND this will be a time skip to age 15. This will be NarutoxSamui

"Hey there!" - normal speaking

'Man I'm hungry' – normal thinking

"'Sup' bitches!" – Demon/Summoned Creature speaking

' We are fucked!' – Demon/Summoned Creature thinking

Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu – Jutsu

(Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique) – Jutsu Translation

Fuinjutsu For Advanced Users – Books and Scrolls

'It's already been 6 years huh?'

Naruto thought as he gazed at the full moon, it had indeed been six years since he had received Kakashi's eye and a lot had happened in those 6 years. When he had been 10 Uchiha Itachi had slaughtered all of his clan and had then left Konoha not being heard from since.

His skills had also rapidly grown easily making him the strongest Genin in Konoha even without his Sharingan! His Taijutsu was amazing something easily acquired when you spend a lot of your childhood with Psycho Bushy Brow Jr. and Senior. His Kenjutsu was also ridiculously great and he could easily match Uzuki Yugao and Hayate Gekko the two greatest swordsmen in the village, in a swordfight. His Genjutsu was also excellent thanks to his Sharingan without it he knew he would be completely hopeless in this area.

His Ninjutsu was his greatest strength along with his Kenjutsu, he had become amazing in this area having several high level jutsu. His stamina and chakra capacity had only grown making him an almost unending pool of energy perfect for the highly consummate techniques of the evolved Sharingan, his natural speed and strength was amazing especially his speed was breath taking, even his hand seal speed had grown rapidly all of this was thanks to the wonder of the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) the first technique Kakashi had taught him when he had at first gotten adopted.

He had also studied a lot in Fuinjutsu and had made a seal he was quite proud of, this seal prevented any Sharingan from copying his jutsu unless he allowed it meaning he was the only wielder of the Chidori (One Thousand Birds) and its more powerful version Raikiri(Lightning Cutter) He had also managed to master the principles of lightning manipulation, the ability to invoke the techniques without needing seals and develop a number of other Lightning Release jutsu, most of which are derived from the Chidori. He had also grown physically standing at 170 cm. He had kept his hair the same length as to not have it getting in the way during a fight his hair also looked the same only being even spikier and the different colors becoming even stronger than before. His face was even more chiseled and his body had become muscled and he now had a six pack… Not that he had aimed to get one… Really… Not at all…

He was now a regular heartbreaker especially with the older women of the village. He wore a black sleeveless shirt showing off his arms, he had a light vest over the shirt and he wore the standard ANBU style pants only in a dark blue color and with black Shinobi sandals, the vest were black with gold trim he also wore two fingerless gloves in blue and green a homage to his unusual eye colors. He also wore a band over his right eye or his Sharingan eye as he called it. When the Third had asked him about this due to the fact that he could turn the Sharingan on and off at will, courtesy of Tsunade's handiwork, he had said it was as a tribute to his dead big brother figure. The band looked like Kakashi's only without the Konoha Hitai-ite since he wasn't an official ninja yet. His Chokuto was as always hanging behind him fastened to his Shinobi style belt. (it hangs in the same fashion as Sasuke's does in Shippuden)

The thing he had grown most in however was the use of his P.E.M.S – Perfect Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan as the Old man had dubbed it as it seemed the fusing of three Mangekyo Sharingan in one eye had created a Sharingan even stronger than the E.M.S. He normally just called it the Perfect Sharingan. He had mastered all the techniques possible: Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, Kamui hell he even had a good idea of how to use Izanagi should the need arise. Something completely extraordinary was the fact that he had developed a new Kekkei Genkai by adding Shape Manipulation to Amaterasu's flames thereby creating Blaze Release.

He also had a mutual agreement with the Kyuubi, he had changed his mindscape and would regularly provide the fox with vixens, food and other stuff, in return the fox would lend him some Chakra should the need ever arise, all in all this meant Naruto could match most Jonin without his Sharingan and easily overpower any and all Jonin with his Sharingan active. He had also "inherited" some of Kakashi' habits, one was reading though he didn't read smut like Kakashi did. While he wasn't always seriously late, whenever he screwed up he would make up an extremely lousy excuse or simply blame someone else for his mistakes. He pulled himself from his musings as he remembered he would have to hurry up, today they would be assigned teams. (He has already passed the exam here, no Mizuki incident and he aced it all.) He got dressed and made his way to his kitchen and after making breakfast headed to the academy.

Standing at the entrance was Uchiha Sasuke(Shippuden clothes but without the Orochi-Temes bow tie belt thingy and without the sword, in this he uses chakra trench knives) Naruto and Sasuke were friends or at least as friend-ish as you could be with an emo avenger whose vocabulary consisted of 'hn' still with Naruto's cheerful but lazy attitude he managed to befriend Sasuke quite easily and they were tied for Rookie Of The Year, they were like water and fire complete opposites yet they mixed without a problem.

"Morning Sasuke! Ready for another thrilling day of fan girl dodging?"

Sasuke cringed at the mentioning of his and Naruto's fan base of annoying girls.

"Man! It would be so cool if we could be on the same team!"

Naruto exclaimed as he reached into his vest pocket and withdrew a book titled Fuinjutsu for advanced users. With practiced ease he found the page he had reached and started reading on an advanced storage seal.

As soon as they entered the classroom they were greeted with countless "Kyyyaaaahh! Sasuke-kuuun!"And "I love you Naruto-kuuun!"

Naruto shivered in fright as he and Sasuke quickly made their way to their usual table and sat down as far up against the window as possible as to prevent fan girls sitting with them, unfortunately Sasuke's number one fan girl Haruno Sakura managed to drop down right in the middle of them effectively getting to sit by her precious Sasuke-kun. "Ohayo, Sasuke-kun! You miss me?" she said or more like shrieked with her loud voice. Sasuke tried as best he could to ignore her and stare into the wall beside him.

Naruto was desperately trying not to laugh at his best friend's expense, until a pair of slender arms draped around his neck and someone pressed their chest against his back. "Morning Na-ru-kun" Ino whispered into his ear. Naruto sunk deeply "m-morning I-I-ino-chan, how are you today?" He asked shakily, just as she was about to answer Iruka nearly kicked the door open and slammed his papers onto the desk, once again nobody really paid attention to him, much to his chagrin.

"Alright that's enough! Sit down and shut up!" Iruka roared using his Demon Head no Jutsu to its fullest and instantly the class became quiet.

"Thank you! Now I want you all to know that I'm proud of you, you're all talented and have graduated with a combined score of the highest class of all time, something you should be proud of! Now go forth and become this generations greatest Shinobi!" he said with a great amount of pride in his voice.

"Alright listen up, the teams will be as following:"

"Team 10 will consist of Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chouji and Yamanaka Ino! Your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma."



"What! Then I don't get to be with Naruto-Kuuun!"

inside his head Naruto was making a little victory dance while at the same time thanking God for giving him Iruka-sensei.

"Team 9 is still in circulation from last year so team 8 will be: Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Hinata and Hatake Naruto you're sensei is Yuuhi Kurenai."





"H-huh? What? I wasn't sleeping sensei I swear! I was meditating!" Naruto blurted out.

(BTW. In this fic Hinata doesn't love Naruto, they have a really close Brother and Sister like relationship)

"And Team 7 will be Uchiha Sasuke, Sai and Haruno Sakura"

"Yeeeeeeeeees!" Sakura screamed

"Nooooooo!" Sasuke yelled

Sai just sweat dropped

" You're sensei will be Yamato."

"Good luck to you all, and make me proud!" and with that he left the classroom leaving the students to find their teams.

"This is so cool!" Kiba exclaimed "we get to be with the one who's tied with Sasuke for Rookie Of The Year!"

Naruto smiled "seems like I already have a reputation to live up to huh?" 'Wonder what he would say if he knew I never use more than 25% of my full strength… And that's without the Sharingan'

"Hatake-san, Kiba-san, Hinata-san with your abilities combined with mine I believe we will become a tracking and locating unit extraordinary"

Naruto and Kiba just stared at him wide eyed

"What? Is there something in my face?"

"No it's just… I don't ever think I've heard you talk that much in one sentence…" Kiba nodded

"I have never seen any reason to speak if not asked first, but we are now a team and must learn to communicate and cooperate effectively"

Kiba, Naruto and Hinata smiled "Gotcha'" they then proceeded to tell each other about themselves and their specialties. Five minutes later a beautiful young woman with red eyes and long dark hair entered the classroom.

"Team 8, you're with me" the four teenagers followed the young woman out of the academy.

"Alright, first of all we need to get to know each other so let's get something to eat and then tell about ourselves"

"Wahoo! Food! I like you already!" Kiba exclaimed half drooling

"Wroof!" the rest of the team just sweat dropped and with that they made their way to the local dango stand. They placed their orders and Naruto made a subtle Genjutsu to make sure they would even take his order of food. After their food arrived they began.

"I'll go first! My name is Inuzuka Kiba, I like to take walks with Akamaru, training and Hinata-chan! I dislike things that isn't chewy and cats!" "Wroof!" "in battle I fight with Akamaru and my family's jutsu!"

"Then I'll go next"

"My name is Aburame Shino, I like insects and looking for new insects and bug species. I dislike Tofu and fire along with bright sunlight. In combat I use my kikaichu bugs and my family jutsu" Shino stated in monotone.

"W-well then I guess it's my t-turn then" Naruto smiled at her and under the table Kiba took her hand encouraging her. Hinata took a deep breath and steeled herself.

"My name is Hyuuga Hinata, I like cinnamon rolls, Kiba-kun, Naruto-niisan, Shino-san and flower pressing! I dislike people who look down on others and sexists! In combat I use my Kekkei Genkai Byakugan and my family's taijutsu style Jūken."

"Then, allow me"

My name is Yuuhi Kurenai, I like genjutsu, drinking tea and spending time with my friends, i dislike perverts, sexists and arrogant snobs! My hobbies are making Genjutsu and painting. In combat i use my Genjutsu.

"Guess it's my turn then? My name is Hatake Naruto, i like pizza, training, meditating and reading. I dislike people who don't stand up for themselves, traitors, and people that use others for their own personal goals, While i am skilled in pretty much everything, my specialties are Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu, i'm also extremely with my Kekkei Genkai."

"EHH! You have a Kekkei Genkai!" Kiba yelled wide eyed "but you never showed us at the academy!"

"Of course not! It was never necessecary to reveal it, therefore I kept it a secret…"

"So! What kind of Kekkei Genkai do you have? I wanna know!" Kiba whined, still you could easily feel he wasn't the only curios one.

Naruto sighed "what I'm about to show you is something you can NEVER speak of without my permission alright?"

At the four nods he sighed again and moved his headband, revealing his green eye four gasps were heard as his eye started spinning and then calmed down revealing a red eye with 3 tomoe's connected in a circle.

"Sharingan" Kurenai breathed out "but how? You aren't an Uchiha?"

Naruto smiled "I got this from Kakashi-niisan, the man that adopted me a long time ago. He died on an S-rank mission and I inherited his Sharingan" he explained

"Wow… So it's like Sasuke's?"

"Nope, mine has three tomoe's making it more developed than Sasuke's, besides Sasuke don't have a Kanpeki Sharingan like mine"

"Kanpeki Sharingan?"

Naruto then used the next half an hour explaining to them the different forms of the Sharingan and about his own.

"Cool! Can we see it? Pleeeease? Preeeety Pleeeease?" Kiba begged while making puppy dog eyes

"Sure, but stop that it doesn't look cute at all! It actually looks kind of creepy" Kiba just pouted.

Naruto breathed and then whispered "Kanpeki Sharingan!" Naruto's Sharingan started spinning madly before settling down. The four spectators gasped loudly as they took in the new eye. The normal red color was now black and covered by three overlapping ellipses giving it 6 points, the design was red. Around the pupil was a Shuriken looking design. The pupil in the middle was slit like an animals. The ellipse design was glowing red. (Think Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharingan with Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan around the pupil in the middle, the pupil in the middle is slit like Naruto's eyes become when he uses the fox' chakra) "Whoa! That's so cooool! So…? What can it do?"

Naruto smiled "that'll have to wait till another time, but I will say that it's power dwarfs any other Kekkei Genkai in existence"

Kurenai spoke up "Alright, listen up tomorrow we'll meet at training ground 8 at 9 sharp! There, you'll take the real Genin exam"

"Eh? The real Genin exam? But we already passed the academy test!"

Kurenai smiled darkly "you really thought it'd be that easy? Oh no that was only to find out who gets a shot at Genin, the real test will be given by me… And just so you know this test has a 66% failure chance, and those that don't pass will have to go back the academy for another year. Well see you tomorrow" and with that she Shunshin'd away leaving the four Genin hopefuls alone.

"Hmm… Seems she left the check to us… Very clever" Naruto drawled out lazily

He noticed Kiba's nervous expression "Maa maa, don't worry Kiba-kun I won't let any of you guys fail alright?"

Kiba seemed to get back his hope as he looked into Naruto's confidence filled eyes "You sure Naruto-kun? I mean… She IS a Jounin and all"

Naruto smiled "Don't worry, even without my Sharingan i'm strong! Besides if we work together she won't know what hit her!"

The three other members of the soon to be Team 8 smiled "Hai Hatake-Taicho!" They chorused

"Huh? Hatake-Taicho?"

Shino decided to explain "Hai, you are the Rookie Of The Year, you are strong, clever and a good leader, therefore we have decided that you are the leader when we are not under Kurenai-sensei's orders"

Naruto blushed a bit "I-I see… Well don't worry! I'll make sure your faith aren't misplaced!" Naruto said, for once not being lazy or sarcastic.

" now listen up! This is what we'll do tomorrow…"

Training Ground 8 the next day.

"Alright, now remember, she's a Genjutsu specialist so we can't be sure about anything we see, okay?" Naruto asked.

They all nodded their agreement. At that moment Kurenai appeared

"It's good to see you're all here, so let's begin! Your objective is to locate and apprehend me before the day is over, understood?" They all nodded.

"Very good, now… Begin!" and with that she disappeared into the surrounding forest.

"Yosh, Shino did you place a kikaichu on her?"

"Hai Taicho, we can commence the tracking immediately" Shino said

"Good, Kiba do you and Akamaru have her scent?"

"Of course Taicho!" "Wroof!"

Naruto breathed "Good, Kiba you and Hinata will make up one team, me and Shino the other, we'll split up so that she'll have two groups to worry about. When we locate her Shino's bugs will drain her chakra and Hinata will use her Jūken to close her tenketsu and make sure she won't be able to do anything else, me and Kiba will serve as distractions to allow you two to subdue her alright?"

"Hai Taicho!" they yelled and then split up, ready to capture their sensei and become a true Genin team.

Naruto and Shino arrived at a small clearing seeing their sensei standing in the middle of it, her eyes observantly watching the forest.

"Ready, Shino?" he asked. Shino nodded.

"Well then, here I go" and with that he drew ten shuriken and threw them with pin point accuracy only for his sensei to dodge at the last second. He drew his sword and charged her as she parried with her two Kunai, they began a deadly dance as Naruto kept winning ground against her.

'I've been on the defensive since we started! His Kenjutsu really are something else!' Kurenai thought as she dodged another sword strike only to get the air blown out of her as Kiba and Akamaru came charging from nowhere and hit her from the side. She was about to cast a Genjutsu when she found she couldn't draw out any chakra. The hell? How come I ca-' she was drawn from her thoughts once again as she heard the sound of insects buzzing Kikaichu! But since when?' In a blur Hinata dashed out from the darkness of the forest and hit their sensei with several strikes to the chest and abdomen and knocking her into a tree. Before she could react she had a blade and several Kunai aimed at her neck.

"Apprehension completed, target confirmed Yuuhi Kurenai" Naruto said with a smile.

Kurenai smiled as the kikaichu withdrew into Shino.

"Congratulations! You all pass it's with great pleasure I hereby appoint you as the new team 8"

(A/N) And that's chapter 2! I had a lot of problems with this and I had to rewrite it a lot of times… This is the end result and I'm kind of happy about it, it turned out okay if you ask me Next time will be Wave arc with some small twists. The reason why Hinata won't be in the Harem is because it's overdone. And it think that's it…? Oh right I'm seriously surprised about all the favorites and alerts I got from the first chapter. Makes you all fuzzy on the inside.