3 - the safe house

I was more wary now, as we rounded the final alley way and came upto a black painted door. He smiled at me once before rattleing his keys in it, and it came open with another push, opening into a light-filled room with loud voices and music constantly spilling out of it.

When we got in, and Darren shut the door and locked it behind us, everyone in the room stared. There was 5 of them, all dressed in tracksuits, trainers and caps, and all stareing at me instantly. They were clearly younger then Darren, but i'd say he had to be in his twenties anyway, and all these still looked in there teens. The room itself was big, painted a dirty white, with little furniture in that surrounded an old t.v and stereo. In the back corner, there was a cove that led into a kitchen, I think, which I could see needed painting aswel and had a small table and chairs in.

Darren walked forward, placeing his keys on a side table near the warn-down couch, and then he shrugged his jacket off and hung it over the back of the couch aswel.

"Could of cleaned up abit guys" he told them, smileing faintly though, as he shoved some of the beer cans out of the way on the table, and then turned around to smile back at me. "its not much, but its better then a prison cell" he added, making me smile embarressingly then, as i fiddled with my hands nervously.

"You know connor dont like you bringing girls back here Daz, not that its frequent anyway" a guy on the couch said, abit musclier then the others seemed to be with black hair and a lit fag in his hand.

"Shut up, Tom. And she's not just a girl, she's now one of us" Darren told him, taking his fag out of his hand and breathing in a long drag slowly.

"What, like she's living here now?" another boy asked, much younger, and he was thin and frowning at me now.

"Yeah. She's had it worst them most of you's, and she's also got a mega punch, so dont mess with her, alright?" he told them, making me smile more, as he rubbed his jaw for effect.

"Oh, was she the gal' who punched ya'?" the nearest to the t.v asked, smileing now as another one on the couch started laughing and nudging Darren's arm playfully.

"He was moanin' like a right old man last night" that one told me, and I smiled wider then aswel, but fourght to compose myself again and not be rude- not that i felt i needed to be in a place like this with clearly not posh people.

"Alright, thanks guys" Darren muttered lowly, and made nearly all of them laugh.

"Has she had it worst then Connor?" the little asked then, making Darren put his head down slightly.

"I hardly think thats possible- dont you?" he answered him, making the one near the t.v put his head down aswel. "where is Connor anyway?"

"Out" the young one answered, and got nudged round the back of the head by a tall one that had the reddest, puffiest eyes i'd ever seen in my life. (And my brain told me it probably wasnt from crying alot)

"He's getting some money in" that guy told him, and just made him nod slowly then, understanding something that confused me totaly.

"Well, we carnt wait for him. Guys, this is Sammy" Darren told them all, gestureing his hand to me, and then to all the others as he carried on. "Sammy, this is Tom- the wanna-be' funny guy. Shaurn- the youngest, and craftiest. Micheal- the wanna-be' ladies man. Glen- the stone-head. And calum- the trip head" he told me, and made all the guys start laughing and jerring him aswel.

I just waved slightly and stood there then, biteing my lip nervously as they all continued to stare at me.

"Shouldnt you warn her about Connor?" the one Darren said was micheal asked him, and it made me frown slightly then, which caught nearly all of there attentions.

"And why would you do that, Micky?" a low voice came from behind me, frightening me and making me cringe back slightly, moveing to the side to let the hidden man through then. A few of the guys put there heads down, one of them putting there fag out, and leaving Darren smileing respectedly at the guy then.

I couldnt help but stare at him, at his tall figure, which was also clearly muscley aswel, although I couldnt see anything off him apart from his bright blue eyes. He had some black tracksuit bottoms on, a black hoody with the hood up, covering his berbury cap and scarf that he had on as a balaclarver.

He looked at me for a few seconds, and I couldnt read anything of his expression or thourghts because I couldnt see his face.

Darren moved over to him then, and greeted him with a thugs hand gesture, which showed abit of thier strong bond properly. The guy looked at me again then, only looking back to Darren a few seconds later with meaningful eyes.

He slowly put his hood down then, putting his shineing keys back into his trackies pocket, and i could see his hair abit then. It was a medium brown, along with his thick eyebrows, and the curls that hung down on his forehead slightly made my stare turn slightly gawking. It didnt help much either when he took his scarf off aswel, and let me see his reddened, thick lips that were set in a pale face, the most beautifulliest face I'd seen in a long time actualy.

He stared back at me then, assessing me slightly, as I done the same to him. After a while, he sighed lightly and turned back to look at the others, taking his hoody off as he did to reveal his massive muscle bands in his arms and chest and stomach, but most of them were covered up by a plain black tank top that was abit baggy on him.

I stared more, more shocked and disbelieving then anything, as I tried to compose my face into a calm one instead of a drewling one that I possibly had on now. He was just so gorgeous though.

"Who is she?" he asked Darren, his voice low and brooding, as he only looked at him now.

"The girl who nearly knocked my jaw off last night" he told him, making them both smile, letting the guy show some of his gleaming white, perfectly straight teeth then aswel.

"You know her story?"


"And you trust her?" he asked, only looking back at me briefly then, as i watched intently on thier conversation.

"Yeah" Darren answered, nodding slightly, which seemed to get the guy on boared then.

"Alright then" he replied, taking a deep breath, as he flung his hoody over the back of the couch and then came over to me slowly, only stopping a foot away from me and stared at me again intently.

I just stared back, more nervous then ever now, and couldnt help cringeing back when he brung his hand forward. He nodded slightly then, assessing my reaction, as he took another deep breath softly.

"Whats your name?" he asked, and I got what his hand was doing now. I put mine cautiously to his, bearly even touching it, as i answered him qiuetly.


"Well its nice to meet you, Sammy. Im Connor" he introduced, both our eyes locked, as he let my hand go after just a second and smiled warmly. "you'll have to excuse the mess. They can be qiute messy sometimes"

I just smiled at that, and saw Darren smile too, which I took as a good thing then. They got me to go and sit on the couch, and gave me a can of Foster's and a roll-up. I know there was still alot to know and learn about this place and people, but I liked it here so far, and didnt find it hard to start joining in with the jokes that were constantly being dished out. It seemed perfect.

XOXO Angel B