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13 year old Gabriella Montez stepped out of her house on a cloudy Wensday morning. She walked over to her and greeted her best friend since the second grade. Betsy Macadams. Her friend currently is a 6th grader at East Middle School. Betsy is the kind of girl who's obsessed with boys. She days about them everyday in school and when she dates, she falls in love way too fast. But Gabriella loved her for who she is even if she was a little too much at times.

Gabriella encaged into a conversation with her best friend. She listened to her friend drone on and on about the latest drama. But suddenly, she felt being stared at so she looked towards at a blue house and on the front porch there stood a petite, brown eyed girl who looked to be three or four inches taller than her. The girl was her classmate since fifth grade named Vanessa Verea. On the first day of fifth grade, the girl felt sorry for because she didn't have any friends and tried to befriend her due to her shyness. She envied how beautiful and how fashionable her clothes was. She was she could wear the fashionable clothes but being 4'6 she could hardly wear a lot of the clothes in the teen stores. Gabriella examined Vanessa's outfit who wore a cute white hoodie and white sweatpants.

Her attention fixed back on her friend and continued to listen but something inside made her look back so she looked back at the blue house and saw her staring at the bus stop so she stared back wondering why she was staring and then turned back to her friend. Once again, she began to listen then her attention fixed back on the blue house to check if she was staring back. Finally, the girl was gone. The bus came down to a halt and the bus driver opened the doors to let the students in for another boring 7 hour school day.

The next day, she sat in her art class coloring her horrible abstract art. She was never good at art so she was never a fan of the school subject. Thank goodness, she was heading to High School next year so she was able to choose one of the electives and no way was she able to choose art.

Vanessa sat beside Gabriella and colored and talked to her friends. She giggled and smiled like a schoolgirl and announced. "I think Gabriella's lesbian"

One of her classmates Christian Cortez inquired. "Why would you think that?"

"Because she's always staring at me. Its getting really annoying. Yesterday morning, I looked outside to see if any kids were at the bus stop and I caught her staring and kept looking back to her friend and then she kept looking back at me."

Gabriella's heart sank, she felt embarrassed. She didn't mean to stare at her, she felt being stared so she kept looking to see if she's staring back at her. Plus she always envied how gorgeous she was and how fashionable her clothes were. How was she gonna survive the next three weeks of middle school with that rumor spreading around.

"Wow," Christian" hesitated thinking for a moment. "Do you want me to spread the word that Gabriella's a lesbian"

Vanessa chuckled slightly. "That's bogus but sure, I don't really care.

End flashback

"Gabriella, Gabriella, Gabriella" A voice taunted her then someone snapped her fingers in front of her eyes snapping her back to reality

"Gabriella, can you please solve the problem on the board for us?" Mr. K questioned.

Gabriella just sat there and looked at her desk. She was too nervous to go up there. She didn't want to look like a retard since she didn't know what problem the teacher wanted her to due since she was too busy daydreaming about a horrible flashback that happened in the 8th grade. That was in 8th grade. Now everybody thought she was a lesbian. What Vanessa did was so a second grader's move. It bothered her to know that people didn't get to know her without judging. But it was in the past and there's no way she could redo it.

"Gabriella, go up there or I'm calling your parents" The teacher instructed.

She ignored the teacher's orders and continued to look back at her desk.

"Come with me, I'm calling your parents" The teacher ordered. Mr. C and Gabriella walked out of the classroom and into a small office and sat down and picked up the phone.

"What's your number?"

She sighed heavily knowing she was going to get in so much trouble. "16156885771"

Mr. C dialed the number and waited for someone to pick up. "Hello, This is Mr. Cawaskii and this is your daughter's algebra teacher. I'm just wondering why Gabriella's not participating when she's asked to, she won't ask for the help, she's failing and I just don't want to do with her anymore."

Mr. Cawaski listened for a moment. "Yeah, I know, do you wanna go talk to her?"

He listened for a moment before giving her the phone. "Hello" She answered.

"Gabriella, your not participating, you won't ask for help and your failing, the teacher doesn't know what to do anymore so you have to go to tutoring after school" Her dad told her.

"But Dad, I don't want to" She protested.

"No, buts"

"Okay, fine, bye" She mumbled darkly, she hung up and gave the teacher the phone who put it back down.

"You know that's the longest I heard you talked" Mr. Cawaskii said.

Gabriella gave a shy small smile and suddenly the bell rang. "You can go to your next class"

She went down back to her classroom and picked up her stuff before proceeding to her next class.

Before she knew it school was over, so she walked straight to her bus and 30 minutes later, the bus came to a halt at her stop. She sighed in relief that school was officially done. She unbuckled her seatbelt and stood up from her seat.

Gabriella stepped off the bus and prepared for battle that was about to begin in the Montez household. She walked over to her front porch, she unlocked the door and stepped inside her home. She removed her shoes and put her bag down.

She walked over to the pantry and slid it open and opted for a bag of yummy goldfish crackers, she headed over to the couch and picked up the remote and flicked on the TV. She snacked and watched TV.

20 minutes later, she heard the door open and footsteps inside the house. She silently groaned that meant her dad's home.

Gabriella's dad stepped into the living room and stared at her and questioned "Did you do your homework?"

"I don't have any homework"

"Honey, your teacher called and he told me he how frustrated he was that you didn't participate"

"I'm too shy" She whined.

"Honey, there's a time that you have to get over it," He replied. "So why not start now?"

Gabriella sighed before replying. "But all the kids are calling me retarded. Its not fair, they hadn't had one conversation with me and yet they continue to judge me. Its because of one incident at school, this girl told everyone that I don't know my multiplication, subtraction and addition. I do know some of it, I'm not that dumb. I'm not perfect. Math wasn't my best subject anyway. People don't want me to be friends with them either because of it"

Gabriella had a attention Deficit Discorder, she didn't have any dyslexia, she was tested many time and the reports show that she was not dyslexic. So her discorder didn't help either.

"Honey, no one's perfect. You should go memorize and show them your not retarded"

"I know" Gabriella sighed before replying."But still, it hurts"

She gave a kiss on her cheek and standing up and taking her snack with her. "I'll be in my room"


Gabriella walked upstairs and opened her door to her bedroom door and walked in and closed the door.

Her room was painted purple, she had queen bed, a desk with a laptop, pictures of her and her friends were plastered on the wall. She walked over to her desk and logged on to Facebook. When she signed on, she noticed she had a friend request. Her heart fluttered when she saw the name Troy Bolton.

Troy Bolton was the hottest guy in school, he was the captain in the basketball team. Gabriella adored his looks. She wished she got to know him and she wished he would fall in love with her.

She went over to his profile and scanned through and looked at his pictures before signing off. She picked up her notebook and went over to her bed and flipped the notebook open and began to write a poem. She loved writing. She loved writing stories ever since she became a member in the . in the 7th grade. Lately, she was getting into writing poems.

As soon as she was done, she looked at it and begin to read aloud.

Looking for a hand to hold.

Wanting to know who's real

Recovering from all the pain

There's so much madness that can't be handled

The taunting whispered

Are a child's cry for love and acceptance

Writing a damn poem

In search for comfort

Looking for answers as to why it had to happem

Are a child's cry for love and acceptance.

She sighed and went back down thought about the last few months. Her cousin Anna had betrayed. She talked trash about her and thought she was stupid. She once overheard her cousin whining about her to her mother during a vacation. She could still remember it clearly. It was too painful. They used so much close but then she distanced herself last year during freshmen year. Along with her other friends, they thought she was slow and dumb. All her friends from her parties were her rock that kept her going but since they talked bad about her she didn't know what to do anymore. At school, it didn't help either.

She had only two friends, Diana and Jasmin. Jasmin was quiet like her. She had moved away a month ago so now she only had Diana. She was a little doubtful of her friendship with her. Sometimes, she'd leave her in the hallways with her boyfriend, she always felt like a third wheel. She said that she was dumb and stuff.

She didn't know what to do anymore. She hated her life. She didn't have any true friends & people made fun of her. Her teachers all thought she was retarded. You could say she was verbally abused.

Sucide wasn't the answer and it wasn't a healthy one too.

She had thought about it previously and pondered the what ifs. If people would miss her but she knew all to well that she wouldn't be able to commit sucide.

She wished she'd lived in a place where she could have love and acceptance.

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