Mugged, Drugged and Delirious.

Hey! I just love to mess with Dean in both the physical and mental way so this is the result. One of probably quite a few chapters. I hope that you will enjoy this first chapter and will come back for more! Feel free to review, you know they are golden! :)

Dean leaves the store, bag in hand, anxious to get back to the motel and relax with Sam after another gruelling salt and burn adventure earlier in the day. As he walks along, he starts to feel a nagging sense of fatigue creep up into his entire body. Thank God the motel is only about a 5 minute walk because he thinks that is about the limit of his strength. Dean just looks forward to having a nice, mind-numbing night and maybe a few laughs with his brother.

As he rounds the street corner to go down the back lane he instantly feels that, once again, it just can't be as easy as that. He is a Winchester after all and nothing in this life ever seems to be handed out on a silver platter to anyone bearing that particular name. He comes to a halt when he sees two figures appear in front of him, inching slowly closer to where he stands. Deciding he is NOT in the mood for a fight he backs up and turns to go out onto the street again, cuz really it would only add one or two more minutes to his journey, no big deal. He turns and almost plows right into another two figures that must have been standing directly behind him.

Man, you have GOT to be kidding me! Here we are, Sam and I, saving people LIKE YOU from the monsters and ghouls and witches and ghosts, and whatever the hell else comes along that DOES go bump in the night and what do we get for our troubles? Facing nothin' but inbred yahoos like YOU when I just wanna go out and get us some beer. Figures. Damn Humans!

Looking behind him Dean sees that the other pack of two have now joined in formation and he feels semi-cornered, two ahead of him and two behind. As he doesn't like the vulnerability of that particular arrangement, he maneuvers enough to get at least three ahead of him and stands so that he can keep an eye on the fourth, the one that is blocking his access to the street.

He puts his bag on the ground and gestures with his hands towards his would be attackers. "Look guys, I've had a really long day, just wanna get back to my place, crack open a brew or two and sleep it off. Why don't you just run along and we'll forget all about this. Call it bad judgement and move on?" Please.

"No way pal. Just give us your damn wallet and you can go about your business. Or, if you wanna be difficult about it I guess we'll just have to teach you a little lesson won't we?"

God, why does this shit always happen to me? I thought I was the good guy right? Killing evil, slaying the worst of the worst. Now I am tired AND getting pissed off!

"Sorry dude, not gonna happen. So, why don't you and your merry band of muggers get the hell out of here before you piss me off. You wouldn't like me when I get pissed off." Huh, sounded like the Incredible Hulk there for a minute right? Cool.

Dean looks around, willing the four of them to just throw their hands up and say 'Yeah, you're right, sorry for bothering you sir.' The oldest Winchester sighs when there is no sign of the miracle he was hoping for. The four men look at him, look at each other and the leader just shakes his head to affirm that 'No, sorry sir, we are going to take your wallet whether you like it or not.'

Okay, not moving. Let's see, what am I looking at here. Four? Four criminal types all eyeballing me? Four, all with some kind of makeshift what, knife? Hmm... that hardly seems fair. But, why would I expect anything less? Huh, at least I don't see a gun. Sheesh, is it normal to NOT be deathly afraid when four dudes want something from you and have sharp implements of pain with them to get it? Okay, let's get this show on the road fellas, I am dying to have myself a beer or seven to numb it all away.

"Dude, one more chance, we are going to take what we want anyways and won't shy away at having a little fun carving you up if you put up a fight. But hey, that might be fun too. For us!"

Dean, just stand your ground, give them your best 'I dare you' look, maybe they will run in fear. Yeah, that's the look. Nope, not working, they aren't running. Get ready, Yahoo #1 now approaching straight at ya. Easy. Okay buddy, let's dance.

Step number one, move to the side while yahoo tries to slice you. Done.

Step number two, lift knee into groinal area of yahoo and send him to the tarmac. Done

Step number three, although not the smartest move, stretch out arm and motion with hand a come hither movement to yahoo number 2. Done.

Step number four, dodge another knife thrust. Done

Step number five, punch, punch, punch yahoo number 2 in the face. Done. Done. Done. But now my hand hurts.

Step number six, watch as yahoo number 2 doesn't go to the ground but smiles and lays a stars-across-my-vision slam to my face with his fist. Wait, that wasn't supposed to happen was it? Okay, how many yahoos were there? Okay, no fair, I feel one holding me from behind. I call foul!

Step number... um... ten? That doesn't seem right does it? Uh-oh, lost count. That is probably bad I think. Maybe? Don't know for sure.

"Ready to give it up yet buddy? We are just getting started you know." What? Who is talking to me? Oh right... a big bunch of freakin YAHOOS! Man, I feel like I just wanna sleep. Just close my eyes for a second.

Did yahoo #2 just hit me in the face again? I think that might of hurt. Huh. I think I can feel blood pouring out of my nose. Did he just hit me again? And one more time? I can't really see out of my left eye anymore. I hope they don't scar my face, I love my face, have to stay pretty for the ladies right? Am I still standing? I can't tell. No, must not be, cuz now I see eight yahoos all in my line of fuzzy vision. Wha? Eight? No, I wouldn't really take on eight inbreds would I?

What? Are you talkin' to me? Huh, moved on to Taxi Driver have ya Dean? Awesome movie dude! Concentrate, someone is talkin to ya. What? Speak up! Hey! Get your hands off me! This is kinda funny, maybe I should have mentioned earlier that I left my wallet at the motel. MORONS! HA!