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The next time he came to he was in a rather familiar room. Groaning he sat up shakily to find a panda eared teen staring at him while eating strawberry short cake with whipped-cream on top. "Glad you're awake." He said expressionlessly. "You've been going between semi-conscious and unconscious for exactly two and a half days, now."

"Don't feel good."

"I would think not. Your wounds have been infected and the old ones started to ooze puss for a while. You had a fever and I wouldn't be surprised if the medicine you were put on has you stupefied by everything." He swallowed. "Please, do sit up if you can, it will do you a world of good. I am afraid, however, that Mello and Matt are most upset with you. A and Beyond haven't been so happy, either."

Sitting up tears started to flow down his face after a few minutes. He felt like such an embarrassment. No wonder everyone hated him. Sniffling he looked to L, who looked uncomfortable to be there with a weeping child. His small hands covered his face. Did L hate him, too? He didn't know.

And he was afraid to know. His body shook hysterically as the tears continued to fall. L took another bite of his cake, swallowing he figured he should do something.

"What is the matter, Near?"

"I-I don't mean to be such a burden. I am sorry. Maybe…maybe, L should not have brought me here. He should have let my relatives take me and let them do, as they would have if they had gotten their hands on me. I should be dead."

"Don't say that." He said quietly, before taking another bite of cake. "You are a…unique person. You are not a burden, Near, you just had everyone worried is all."

"N-no. They all hate me and I can't say I blame them. Nobody understands. I am just a nuisance. I am too weak and scared to do anything they normally do."

"But that isn't your fault."

"Yes, yes it is." Near sniffled, whimpering. "All my fault. Mine."

"Believe as you will. It is not anyone's fault other than your parents. They have wounded you deeply and left you for dead. It is understandable you would be scarred or deeply affected by that."

"L is too kind. I am a problem, an affliction that should be done away with."

"Please, don't speak like that around Beyond or else he may grant you your wish. I wouldn't put anything past him and his jealousy. Same goes for Mello."


"Yes. They believe you are my new favorite."

He didn't like the sound of that. "Am I?" he asked, ears laying flat and his voice a quiet squeak that seemed rather terrified and so far away.

"No." L replied after a moment of thought. "I have no favorites. I care for everyone equally. You just need more care than the others at the moment."

"Oh. Okay."

"I think you should try harder to make friends with them." He said softly.

He whimpered, shaking some. "N-no."

"Why not?"

"They hate me and will beat me up."

L gave an amused smile. "You really think so?"

Near nodded.

"Actually," the elder male said, "they really care about you."

Dark eyes widened in surprise. There was a look of doubt in the child's eyes, but something in his heart and mind told him that L was right. It was probably because of how smart he was. That made sense. However, Near just wasn't all that confident in himself, especially since he'd came from a home where nobody liked, let alone cared much about him. "Do you really think they like me?" he asked quietly.

"They all went looking for you after contacting me. That's why Violetta couldn't get them on the phone. And it was A and B who brought you back here. Mello and Matt have been in and out checking on you. Tell me, why would they do that if they didn't care?"

"I don't know, but…"


"I think…I'd like to…try and understand."

"You have been very lucky, Near, and now I think you'll do just fine."

"What makes you think that?"

"Because," a voice chirped from the doorway where a blonde and redhead stood looking in on the two in the room. "Because you've got us." Mello said. He appeared sincere and somewhat determined. Near gasped quietly at seeing him with Matt standing close behind.

"You mean that, Merro?"

"Duh, yeah! It was kinda mine and Matt's fault you ran off, anyway. We felt a little bad, but everything is okay now, right?"

"Sure." L said with a shrug. "No long-term damage, deaths, or trauma so I guess everything is fine."

"Uh-huh." Near agreed, actually smiling at the two other boys. "I'm going to be okay. L said so."

"Great!" Matt exclaimed then. "That means you can play hide-and-seek later!"

"Definitely." Near agreed with a faint smile. "And this time, you hide in BB's room."

The three boys laughed at that while L got a curious expression. He left the three to further bond and found A in the middle of the hallway practically strangling B on the floor beneath him. L probably should have ended that quarrel, but he felt that the two younger teens had everything under control. It'd be best to let them work things out for themselves. So instead of separating them he merely stepped over them and continued on his way.

I think everything will be all right. He thought to himself, sitting in the kitchen preparing to each another slice of cake. Everything was normal as far as he was concerned. And that was what really counted after all the strange things he'd seen in his line of work. Even if B was one of the top five strangest, L knew that even B, as strange and unstable as he was, would be willing to look after little Near. So he left in good conscience the next day and as expected everything was normal, everything was all right.

The End.

There you go. Everyone turns out okay and Near is getting better. I dunno about you guys but I think he'll have a pretty great life with such an...interesting...and unique...family.


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