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Saturday, October 8th, Shakku

Sotoba Hall Grounds

I had promised to meet Akira and Kaori. Despite my condition I arrived earlier than I expected. Well, at least there was a swing on the playground, so I could sit down. This damn anemia.

"Niii-chan-!" They are here, Akira is energetic as always "I was worried sick since we couldn't contact you yesterday! It was great for you to call us!"

"Did something happen?" Kaori, always observant of people.

"Not really." I tried to sound not weary as I said it.

I don't want them to get killed, but what can I do?

"I see, but we made a huge progress!"

Huge progress? I thought as Akira kept on talking about how people were starting to believe in rumors of the 'living dead'. If it wasn't for this anemia I certainly would have been more interested in his story. None of that matters anymore. This village is done for!

"In the end I didn't say anything at all…" Akira concluded his story.

Suddenly it dawned on me. The national highway! There is still hope for them…

"Yuuki-san… could it be that the Kanemasa aren't the evil spirits that revived?"

What strange questions Kaori could ask sometimes.

"Both of you, leave this village, quick."


I can't save this village anymore but at least I want to be sure that they are safe. They have to leave this village, now!

"Run away from this village as soon as possible!"

It took me almost all of my strength to pull Akira with me to the bus stop. At least Kaori was following without any questions, she probably already knew where I was taking them.

"I DON'T WANNA!" Akira whined like a little kid.

Of course they would resist, their parents are still alive… but I must make sure they leave, right now! They are walking around with a bulls eye target in this town, without even realizing it!


I noticed Kaori walking faster to catch up with me. "Yuuki-san, I don't understand either! Why so sudden, when we're not even prepa…" Kaori suddenly fell silent and stopped walking.

So, she finally noticed… I thought. Kaori was always more observant than Akira. I finally let go of Akira's hand and stopped in my tracks too.

"That… that mark on Yuuki-san's neck!" I could hear her voice shaking in fear.

"WHAT!" I could feel Akira staring at me. "There's no way… But come to think of it, your complexion doesn't look very good… Nii-chan…!"

I guess I should tell them my theories. Maybe they will want to leave the village after hearing it.

"Those guys… it seems like they want to convert the entire village."

"What's going on?"

"Since summer, there have been countless people that died. People that were said to have moved might not be alive anymore. And the people that died, have revived and become living corpses. If this goes on, isn't the outcome obvious? Village A was killed by villager B, and upon revival proceeded to kill villager C. In the end, the whole village is filled with corpses, isn't it?"

"IT CAN'T BE! IF IT'S LIKE THIS, THE VILLAGE WLL.." Akira was screaming at me.

"The village will?"


I chuckled a bit on the inside, my plan was working. Akira was now panicking and he couldn't even phrase what he wanted to say. "Even so, it wouldn't change much. Sotoba is completely isolated from the outside world. Outsiders wouldn't realize that the entire village has been replaced by the dead little by little. That's why those people chose Sotoba. Kaori, Akira, you two won't be let off the hook. If I was attacked, it's not unreasonable for the both of you to be attacked today." I glanced at their faces, fear was written all over them. Good, my theories had the impact I hoped for.

At last a bus… a way that could save Akira and Kaori, approached us. The doors to the outside of the village opened.

"Go ahead, quick!" I said as I pushed them inside.

"No… I don't wanna…!"

Tsk.. Akira is still protesting. Hopefully, Kaori will not be so stupid to return to this village.

"Take this money, Kaori, and go to a relative's or someone's house. Just leave here quick! If it's not enough, call me! Protect your little brother!"

"What about you, Nii-chan!"

"Aren't you going to come along?"

If only they knew how much I wanted to escape this village… to escape to the bustling city. But it was not possible for me anymore. I once had that chance to escape, but I didn't use it.

"I still have something to do. When I'm done with it, I will leave this village, too."

It's best to lie to them. Well, it wasn't entirely a lie either, I needed to speak with Tohru first before trying to escape.

"Be careful, the door is closing!"


I watched as the bus left, bringing Akira and Kaori to a safe place. I saw them press their faces against the rear window of the bus, their mouths moving probably screaming my name, but I couldn't hear them. At least two people would now be able to tell the story of what happened in Sotoba, I could trust them with that. Even if people wouldn't believe them, that's fine. It's not that those two are a burden, but even I have no idea what to do either.

I watched sky in the direction of the city, behind those hills lies a place that I could never reach.

In a while, the sun will set in Sotoba.

I was exhausted when I came home that evening. Without eating I went to my room, immediately laying down on bed.

Tohru-chan came the day before yesterday. But he didn't come yesterday. If he were to come yesterday, I might not be able to move at all. I never thought that having anemia was such a bother. I gave a sigh as I stared at my closed window. Why didn't he come? Is he feeling guilty? Will he come today? As I asked myself these questions, I was suddenly reminded of the bush Megumi used to hide in when she spied on me.

On a whim I had left my room through my window. I now found myself staring at my own window. So

I see, not only is the field of vision great, but you can hide pretty well, too. It gave me a bit of a weird feeling to be looking at my own room this way. Shimizu used to stare into my room like this. That… feels like a long time ago.

A rustling sound in the bushes behind me caught my attention. I guess Tohru-chan came after all. I watched his figure approach my room and preparing himself to knock on the window. This is incredible! When Tohru-chan passed away and was placed in the coffin, I felt as, though it wasn't Tohru-chan when I stared at that corpse. Empty shell without a soul. But this person that appears in front of me… having second doubts on attacking me… The Tohru-chan I remember is this kind of person! I needed to know for sure. With a determined mind I left my hiding place.

"Tohru-chan! I'm right here!"

Tohru looked shocked as I revealed myself. But I did not plan on dying so easily, I would fight! Even if Tohru would become my enemy. I showed Tohru the clumsy cross I had made.

"This thing, does it work? Or were you afraid of this thing when you were alive?" I was just curious actually, but Tohru backed away at the sight of it. "Before this… when we were digging a grave, your comrade seemed afraid when he saw a charm. I thought that this thing might work, I just didn't know that it'd be so effective!" I took a step closer to him. "Are you really afraid of this kind of thing? It's just two pieces of wood… what kind of feeling do you have when you see this?"

"….Natsuno…" he said my name, even though barely audible I could still hear it.

No… no! Only Tohru-chan has the right to call me that! This isn't Tohru-chan!

"Didn't I tell you no to call me by that name!" I yelled at him while throwing the cross at him.

He is not Tohru-chan! I thought as I started to run into the woods. I'm not letting myself get killed by him! Even though I ran with all my might, Tohru was fast. Faster than me and catching up quick.

"Can't you co-exist with humans! Why can't you just stop attacking humans!" I tried distracting him by asking the first questions that came to mind.

"It's impossible!"


This is not good, I'm running out of breath!

"You wouldn't understand! Just like humans killing animals is approved in society, we, too approve the killing of humans."

Is that their reason for killing! I wondered. I had to stop running, catching my breath I looked back at him. He was clutching his stomach, probably because of hunger, but seemed fine otherwise.

"At first, everyone is disgusted." Tohru was slowly approaching me as he was talking. "Afraid to bear the sin of killing people. Afraid to receive punishment for replenishing themselves with the life of another. But, once you realize that you won't be punished for killing people, you get used to the guilt pretty soon. The guilt of using humans for food. Aren't humans the same? They also butcher pigs and cows and eat their meat bit by bit. It's a bit changed, but this is the same thing."

Tohru-chan would never think of a human life like that! If he really was Tohru-chan then those Okiagari really have him brainwashed.

"And you think this way, too?"


"It can't be helped then. Even an animal struggles before it's death." I pulled out a wooden stake that I had hidden in this place just in case. Just as I had predicted, I couldn't run far from my house with this amnesia, before those chasing me would catch up. "If a cross works, then a wooden stake should too." Tohru cowered at the sight of the stake, I didn't expect Tohru to be this afraid. His actions reminded me very much of when he was alive.


I can't do this… Even if he is not Tohru-chan ,I can't just murder someone… I thought as I angrily threw away my last weapon. After calming down a bit, I stroked up my sleeve.

"If you're hungry, then come and have my blood!" Tohru clearly was in pain as he looked at my forearm, after all he didn't come for my blood yesterday. He must be really hungry. "Come and suck my blood, however I have one condition..." Tohru just stared at me, it made me blush a little. "I don't want to die a virgin…" I still can't believe that I actually had blurted that out.

Tohru's eyes widened at my condition. "I.. I guess I could ask Megumi to… you know… I'm sure she would… um fulfill that wish."

Megumi.. I get irritated from just hearing that name. "You know I don't like her!"

Tohru now began to avoid my probably intense gaze at him. "T.. then.. who…?" I liked that slight stutter in his voice. This okiagari acted just the same as Tohru-chan and realize that I wanted him to be Tohru-chan… the Tohru-chan I remembered… that I had loved… my Tohru-chan… I closed the distance between us. Tohru was too shocked by my actions to move and I could easily press my lips against his. So cold… but also soft… I broke the kiss, but stayed close to his face. "I want you…" I whispered.

Tohru embraced me as I said it, holding me close with his ice cold arms. "Are you sure?" I just nodded, which was enough of an answer for Tohru. "Um.. do you mind if I uh… would you give me some blood first?"

I smiled at his question. He must have been holding back all this time… holding back for me. "Just bite me already!" I felt Tohru's fangs sink into my neck, but it didn't really hurt. After a few minutes my vision started to blur. I tugged on his shirt to get his attention, as my legs started to feel weak too. All of my strength was slipping away with the blood being sucked, Tohru was taking too much blood for me to stay conscious.

"Tohru-chan…" But Tohru didn't seem to hear me or feel my weak struggle.

Shit.. he can't control himself! I thought as panic was taking me over.

"STOP!" It took me my last bit of strength to yell at him, but at least it worked. I could feel him catch me as I was falling down, starting to lose conscious.

"Sorry! Natsuno!" His worried face was close to mine now, at least that I could still see. "I will repay you tomorrow! I promise!"
Yes, you'd better come tomorrow! I thought a bit angry at him for taking that much of my blood.

"Just wait for…" Ah, damn it! I can't stay awake! What was he saying!

But I couldn't remember anything, as darkness took over….

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