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New York was cloudy that day, the air thick with moisture. Wind blew between the tall buildings, whistling sounds ringing through the loud city.

Not that you could hear them over the taxi cab drivers. Or the irate business men on their cell phones. Or the homeless, shouting about doomsday.

Noah tightened the strap on his duffel bag. He felt out of place with the people streaming around him, all in a rush to be somewhere. He was out of familiar territory, out of his comfort zone.

He felt completely alone.

A warm hand slipped into his, squeezing his fingers so tightly that the tips started to turn purple from lack of circulation. Noah's hazel eyes left the crowd of people pushing around them and found Kurt, small, beautiful Kurt, beaming up at him. The look in his eyes, the undeniable happiness and affection inside his teal irises, made Noah want to pick him up and swing him around.

He wanted to shout at the top of his lungs that he had finally found someone who loved him, who needed him, who was absolutely perfect for him. That no matter what, Noah would never leave Kurt's side, never stop loving him, never hurt him. That he had everything he wanted beside him, clutching his hand.

Instead, though, he just pressed the smallest of kisses into Kurt's strawberry scented hair.

Because he was sure that everything, everything, was visible.

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