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Chapter 1

"Sookie are you ok, sweetheart, I can't understand anything you're saying."

"I…I can…can't be…believe I… trusted him Amelia. I feel so heartbroken and I'm such a fool." Sookie was practically hyperventilating into the phone as she tried to speak coherently to Amelia.

"Sookie, where are you? I can hardly understand you, but it doesn't sound like you should be alone right now." Amelia was shocked to hear Sookie sounding this devastated, she never heard her cry like this and she was worried for her.

Sookie pulled it together and somehow managed to answer Amelia. "I'm not sure where I am Amelia, I have been driving towards New Orleans, and I just needed to get away. I'm at Quick Mart, not sure where, although I think I am near the city."

"Sookie, Hun, go find out where and I'll come and get you, you should never have been driving in this condition."

After Sookie told her where she was, Amelia got in her car and went to pick up her friend. She knew this had to be about Eric, but she couldn't imagine what Eric did to get Sookie riled up like this. Amelia felt like she knew Sookie pretty well since she had lived with Sookie for over a year before she moved back to New Orleans three months ago, shortly after her boyfriend Tray died. She couldn't stay in Bon Temps;there were just too many memories of him there. The death of the man she thought she was going to marry was unbearable, but she felt that it would be ok leaving Sookie when she did. She knew Eric had been taking care of Sookie after she had been tortured by the fairies. She thought Eric loved Sookie, and she believed Sookie loved Eric too, even if Sookie couldn't admit to herself let alone to him. She saw how devastated Eric was by what the fairies had done to Sookie; though she still didn't know why Eric wasn't able to save her from their torture. She wasn't even sure Sookie knew the reason, and now was wondering if this had something to do with why Sookie was so heartbroken.

Shortly after hanging up her phone, Amelia met Sookie at the Quick Mart and had her leave her car there. Sookie wasn't too far from the city and they decided they could come back for it later. Sookie was hysterical when Amelia retrieved her and Amelia didn't even push her to tell her what happened right away. She brought Sookie back to her apartment and put her to bed, and Sookie went right to sleep. Amelia knew they could talk in the morning.

Sookie didn't wake up until 2:00pm the next day. As soon as she woke up she felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. She felt nauseas and her eyes were swollen from all the crying she had done the night before. She laid there in Amelia's guest bed, wishing what happened had just been an awful nightmare, but it wasn't. It was worse. It was real and she felt the ache inside every cell of her body. She knew she had to get out of bed, had to thank her friend for coming to her rescue and explain what had happened.

"Good afternoon, there is fresh coffee for you," Amelia pointed over towards the kitchen. Sookie shuffled over and grabbed a mug that was hanging from the rack and poured herself a cup of steaming coffee. She walked over to Amelia who was sitting on the sofa.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Amelia asked as she looked over to her friend. She realized Sookie looked just as heartbroken as she had when she found out about Tray's death. (If she was being honest with herself, she resented Sookie for Tray's death. Tray had died while in the hospital from what the fairies had done to him while trying to protect Sookie from them.) She didn't completely blame Sookie for his loss, but felt jealous that Sookie had Eric and she didn't have Tray. Somehow all those feelings felt ridiculous to her and she was ashamed because of it. She was working through Tray's death, and now seeing Sookie heartbroken, she knew Sookie was suffering too and she wanted to be there for her friend.

Sookie walked over and took a seat at the other end of the couch, tucking her feet up under her and turned to look at her friend as she spoke, "I don't know where to begin Meels. All I know is that I feel like a fool, that whatever Eric and I had together wasn't real."

"Whatever happened Sookie, it can't be that bad. Eric loves you, and even if he hasn't said those words to you, his actions have certainly proved it. Even Pam has told me she has never seen Eric with anyone else like he is with you."

"Well, that's bunch a crap, Amelia! Do you want to know what happened? Alright, I'll tell you… Eric has been with someone else the whole time we have been together, or whatever it is we have been. He had a 'Pet' and her name was Camille and she has been living with Eric for the past five years. Can you fucking believe it? I met her last night at Fangtasia, or should I say I walked in on Eric with her in his office. I went there to surprise him; I wanted to tell him how much I appreciate everything he has been doing for me. I wanted to tell him I love him, but I guess I was too late and now I feel like I have been played. I really thought he loved me. I know he has feelings for me, but I just don't think he is capable of love." Sookie started to tear up and Amelia handed her the tissue box.

"Sookie, wait a second, what exactly did you walk in on and what did Eric have to say about this Camille? What do you mean Pet? What exactly is this girl to Eric, are you sure she just wasn't a meal, surely she can't be anything more than that." Amelia started throwing questions one right after another at Sookie, her own confusion making them run into one another.

Sookie jumped in to answer some of the questions, hoping to stop her friend before they became too painful to answer, "I walked in on them kissing, Amelia. I read her mind, and I saw everything; her and him in his home, him giving her gifts, him making love to her - you name it she broadcasted it to me, and to top it off it's been going on for years. She had been his pet for almost three years before he and I ever met. The real kicker is she has been with him the whole time I have known him."

"Sookie, this makes no sense at all. I'm confused; is he with her now, is she still living with him?" Amelia's mind was reeling; she was trying to get a grasp on all this and Sookie wasn't making any sense to her.

"He said that she moved out of his house right before he and I were pledged in his office. I guess Eric must have decided it wouldn't look right for him to have a pet when he was officially married to me in the vampire world. Fuck him! I don't believe a goddamn thing he says after finding this out. I know that I have no room to feel betrayed before we met when I wasn't with him, but who the fuck does he think he is? How could he act as if he gave two shits about me and then be with her too? I get random fangbangers, but she lived with him. Christ Amelia, that's one step away from marriage and he never bothered to tell me about this? What the hell? You just don't live with someone you don't give a shit about. So, he was fucking her the whole time he was pursuing me. Now I know where he was, or should I say who he was with, during all those months I didn't hear from him. He was still with her even after he regained his memory of our time together. I feel so hurt and what I thought was real, well, it wasn't. Eric isn't real."

"Sookie, I'm just going to go back over this to make sure I understand everything. You went to Fangtasia to surprise Eric…"

"Yes," Sookie replied.

"Have things been going alright up to this point with you two? I mean he was coming by every night to be with you before I moved out and that was three months ago."

"Yes, Sookie replied, thinking back to her time with Eric over the past three months and she thought they were happy. Eric had been so good to her, and their love making was unbelievable. She felt like they really were a couple, but she knew in her heart she had been holding back. She was afraid to make any declarations of love, not knowing how Eric would respond, and afraid he may not feel the same way. Yes, Sookie thought he had deep feelings for her. With what little was left of the bond after her torture, Sookie felt something, but wasn't sure if it was her feelings or Eric's. Eric had yet to push her or ask her for anything more than her company, and Sookie assumed this was all Eric really wanted from their relationship. However, Sookie had finally admitted to herself she loved him and wanted him to know, damn the consequences.

"Has he told you why he wasn't able to save you from the fairies that night yet?"

"Yes," Sookie replied "and I understand why and it doesn't have anything to do with what happened last night."

Amelia was relieved; she had thought that maybe Eric was with this other girl instead of being there for Sookie. Thank goodness that wasn't the case because that would have been unforgivable. But Amelia knew what Sookie was telling her did not sound much better.

Eric's POV

Barely less than an hour after Sookie stormed out, and Eric was still sitting in his office, mentally going over what had just happened. He was feeling guilty; an emotion he just recently started feeling since Sookie was taken by the fairies. 'Those fucking fairies he thought, but that wasn't why he was feeling guilty right now. He and Sookie had gotten through that mess. No, it was Sookie's reaction to finding out about his Pet, Camille, or former Pet as it were. He had had no intentions of Sookie ever finding out about her, but Pam was right, these things always have a way of coming out. Camille simply couldn't stay away from him and she just didn't get it. He told her she would never mean more to him than what he offered her from the beginning; great sex, a home and some companionship, but she became obsessed with him. She fell in love with him, and he knew it. Though he had never told her he loved her, he never told her he didn't either.

There was a knock on the office door and when he looked up, Pam was standing there. "She is gone Master, and she will not be coming back."

"Thank you Pam. That will be all." Eric said dismissively

"Master, if I may ask, what happened with Sookie after I left with your Pet?"

"She is not my fucking Pet and hasn't been since I pledged myself to Sookie!" Eric roared at Pam. Pam knew that she shouldn't push Eric but she was actually pissed at him for being so stupid when it came to Sookie. She knew he had very deep feelings for Sookie and had tried to tell him that Sookie would never understand him not revealing his past relationship with his Pet to her. She knew Sookie and knew that she would feel betrayed by him keeping it a secret. Pam could not believe Eric had worked so hard to get Sookie to be his, and just when Sookie finally believed she was, Sookie had to find out about Camille. She didn't know how Eric was going to make things right after what Sookie found out, but he better or God help us all she thought.

"Look, Eric I know you're upset, and I'm not going to tell you I told you so- even though I did, but you fucked up. You didn't take care of the Camille situation the way I suggested you should. You didn't tell Sookie about a women who you have been sharing a home with over the past few years. How the hell did Sookie take it after I left? Did Sookie give you a chance to explain things, or did she run, like she always does? Although ,this time, I wouldn't blame her for leaving."

Eric began to think about this fucking nightmare all over again. He was pissed because he thought he had gotten rid of Camille. He should have completely glamoured her and made sure she was on the first plane back to her home state when he ended it, but she begged him not to take her memories away so he didn't do it. He felt that was the least he could do, giving her one last gift to help her start her life without him in it. She told him she was going back home. She took the money he gave her and said she was going to get an education. She was only 23 and he knew she still had her whole future ahead of her, but no, she just had to come back one last time. She had to try to get him to take her back. Why had he been so weak, why did he have to kiss Camille back when she brushed her lips against his, and why did Sookie have to choose that moment to walk in on him when he did? He knew he blew it, but he was determined to get Sookie to forgive him and to make her believe that she was the most important women to him.

"Master, I want to help, and I think I can, but you must tell me what happened after I got Camille out of here." Pam wasn't sure she really could do much, but she knew Eric was hurting and wanted to do all that she could to make things right between him and Sookie.

"Sookie fucking walked in on me kissing Camille, it was meant as nothing more than a final kiss goodbye and that is when Sookie came in. Sookie just looked at me; she didn't say anything at first. I pulled away from Camille but then Camille had to open her fucking mouth and tell Sookie she was mine. Sookie just looked at Camille, saying nothing but shaking her head back and forth with a horrified look on her face, and then it dawned on me, Sookie was reading her goddamn mind. Sookie then turned to me and asked me if it was true, all of it. I could not lie to her so I simply said yes.

"Is that when I heard Sookie's cry?" Pam had known it was bad when she ran to Eric's office and saw all three of them standing there. She also knew Eric had told her to get Camille the hell out of there, but not before Sookie asked Camille if she had known about Sookie the whole time. When Camille said yes, but it didn't matter because Eric always came back to her, Pam thought her master was going to drain Camille right on the spot. What a fucking stupid cow, but she knew that she had to get Camille out of there before her master killed the girl. Sookie would never have forgiven him if he did that, and that was the only reason why Camille was removed immediately from the office. Personally Pam couldn't stand Eric's human pet, she had no respect for herself and therefore Pam had none for her.

"Did Sookie leave right after I got Camille out of your office or where you able to talk to her?" Pam had assumed Sookie ran, but hearing Eric tell her Sookie stayed and talked almost shocked Pam, and it took quite a bit to shock her.

What Pam wasn't expecting was seeing her Master beginning to tear up. She saw the blood pool in his eyes as he began to tell her what Sookie and he said before she walked out on him.