City of Ember fic

Brighter Inside

The sun shines bright when there's someone to guide it.

Chapter 1

Fate Lyclipse was one of the many occupants of Ember, but little is known about his past. He was the spirit of the Sun, when he joined to be human the others fled to Ember. Now it's his time to give it back.

ASSIGMENT DAY, I know I should be excited but I just can't find the feeling. You see I live in the alleys, sleeping in boxes and such. People have found me before, even offered a home for me but I didn't take the offers, I just didn't want anyone to bear my burden, whatever it is. Over the years I learned to trust a guy, I even call him a friend his name is Doon Hester. He was a nice guy; he came every once in a while to check on me to see if I was okay. We talk about the generator, the lights almost everything.

Seems right now my stomach or my head is telling me something, something I should have remembered. I got up on the trashcan, jumped up to the ledge and peeked through the window to see that no one was home. I was late! After planning out the path I ran as quickly as I can.

I was fast, fast enough to make it. I passed through the vendors, jumped over the boxes, flipped, flopped everywhere. Till my destination was in my sight, I walked over slowly catching my breath. It was at least twelve feet away, till I bump into something going really fast. I opened my eyes to a beautiful girl, panting. I pulled myself up, while helping her up. "Sorry about that" I apologized.

She smiled at me, "It's okay, but I'm late!" Before she could get past me the lights flickered, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my arms. Feeling a tingle in my hands, was it because I was holding her hand? We both looked up at the lights and counted mentally.

When it was over I let her go, she started slowly but then she ran. I smiled at a thought and ran after her. "Should I let you in first?" I said grinning running beside her. We both sprinted to the back. I opened the door for her, she looked away for a little bit then she went in. She went first but I noticed she was going in the front row so I went ahead. The Mayor noticed us or specifically me, by the way I did not vote for him.

"Young man what are you up to?" I froze right there, thinking of something to say, just then a coin fell from my pocket. "I dropped my coin sir, may I say nice haircut sir" Everyone laughed at my statement. Then I turned around seeing her seated I walked over to sit next to Doon.

"Where were you?" Doon asked me. Notice, Have you? "Someone didn't bother to check on me this morning" He chuckled, but then we became quiet when the Mayor took out the bag and began walking by the rows.

Most of them got assistant of whatever, Doon looked down when Joss got a job at the Generator. I patted on his back to cheer him up. Next up was that girl earlier, I took her awhile but then she said "PIPEWORKS" out loud. What's up with that? A girl working in the pipes, who would accept that? What if something bad happens to her?

The Mayor himself interrupted me, clearing his throat, "Your turn young man" I dug my hand inside the bag. Took out a slip, my job slip…