Well I was inspired to write this after reading Hektols, Stolen Hero challenge. I am changing a few things specifically that he will be abducted by Kiri instead of Iwa. 2nd Naruto will have a sister and parents still alive this is to emphasize the difference in how they grow up. Anyway enjoy, also in my universe Kushina was never the container of the Kyubi, I will elaborate on it later though

Hokage's Office

Minato slumped down into his chair exhausted from performing the sealing technique. He had just dropped Naruto back off at the hospital after sealing the Kyubi no Yoko inside of him. (If anyone read the manga it did say that the only reason Minato had to use the Shiki Fūjin was so he could seal both Kushina and his chakra into Naruto. It was specifically stated he knew another seal that would have left him alive.) Even after the crisis was averted Minato had to get back to his worst enemy, paper work, and after a major disaster like this there was bound to be more piling up. Stone masons had to be sent for and approved; the funeral service for the ninja who gave their lives in battle had to be organized and much more.

All the stress and fatigue hit him at once and he laid his head on the desk. 'A few minutes of rest would kill him right?' He thought before drifting off to sleep.

Minato jolted awake with a start, the papers on his desk flying everywhere. He sighed and began to pick up the papers. When they were all neatly stacked on his desk he decided to check on his wife and children at the hospital. He realized he had slept through the night and most of the morning it was about eleven in the morning by the time he set out. As he strolled through the village he couldn't help but chuckle a little, he walked through the village to try and connect with the people more. Today though he felt a bit like a pompous ass reveling in his power, as the villagers were singing his praise in the streets. He sighed and walked a little faster.

He walked into the hospital and immediately could tell something was wrong. The smell of death was faint in the air. He immediately ran to Kushina's room. "Kushina!" He screamed barging into the room. He was relieved to see his wife on the bed nursing Reiko. "Where's Naruto?" He asked quickly.

"He's in the nursery I just sent a nurse to go get him, Minato what's going on? Kushina asked worriedly. His response was interrupted by a blood curtailing scream. Minato was out of the room running before Kushina could blink.

What Minato saw when he found the screaming nurse the scene he saw utterly horrified him. Three nurses lay dead on the floor along with a chunin who had been guarding the boy at the time. The crib he had left Naruto in last night was empty. He examined the bodies quickly and saw that all of the bodies were at least seven hours old. He saw that all of the bodies were all killed the exact same way, neck snapped to limit the blood loss. The first thing that popped into his mind was Danzo. The man still had ROOT going, much to his displeasure, and was always looking for candidates to make into weapons for his cause. He immediately shunshined into his office and ran down to the council room.

The council was arguing quite loudly about what to do with Naruto. Most believed he was a danger to everyone around him.

"We should kill the demon brat now before he can do any real damage!" A civilian councilor yelled.

"He is a day old, how the hell could he do any damage you fucking moron!" yelled Tsume Inuzuka.

"I agree with Tsume, and the boy's parents are alive we can't exactly do anything." One Shika Nara stated.

"The boy is a danger to us all we have to kill him!" The civilian yelled before a kuni sunk into his throat. He hit the floor clutching his throat gasping for breath as blood spilled from between his fingers.

The entire council turned to find a very pissed off Minato Namikaze at the door glaring daggers at the civilian council and Danzo.

"Where the fuck is he you bastard, where is my son!" Minato roared charging Danzo putting a kuni to his throat.

"Minato I don't know what the hell you talking about." Danzo said calmly

"You know damn well what I mean, your ROOT agents have him don't they. Give me back my son or I will skin you alive!" He shouted in Danzo's face.

"Minato I honestly don't know what you're talking about." Danzo said his voice still calm and collected.

"ANBU take this man to Ibiki and don't let anyone hear from him again till he sings like a bird!" Minato shouted.

The council was in utter shock as they watched Danzo being dragged away by ANBU. They had never seen the fourth this mad over anything.

"And as a side note, if I ever hear someone disrespects my son again they will receive the same punishment as that man." Minato said pointing to the corpse of the loudmouth councilor.

"Now Tsume I want you to send every tracker squad we have out to look for my son on the double, now if you excuse me I have to go comfort my wife." Minato said solemnly

Minato quietly walked out the door wondering how the hell he would explain this one to Kushina and how would she take it.

Border Between The land of Fire and The land of Water earlier that night

Nori was confused why she was currently holding the little boy in her arms. She realized that this was the son of the legendary Yellow Flash of Konoha, but why only take the boy, his daughter was in the same hospital and his mother was very weak due to her labor the earlier that day. Yet their orders had been to take just the boy. Five years in the ANBU had taught her to just obey orders and don't ask questions and you tend to live longer.

As they got closer to the assigned dock with the boat waiting to take them back to Kiri they were amazed to find Kisame Hoshigaki. She was now very curious, was this mission so important that one of the seven swordsmen of the mist had to be called in to see it through.

"Kisame-sama what a pleasure to see you are well." Nori said.

"Can it Cat we have to get this brat back to the Mizukage ASAP." Kisame said.

The ANBU jumped on the boat as they sailed to the island that Kiri rested on.

It was around four when they were able to make it to Kiri by four that afternoon.

The entered the Mizukages building silently. "We have the boy as you request Mizukage-sama." Kisame said quietly.

"Good job Kisame, you are dismissed." The fourth Mizukage said in a dull monotone.

Nori stuck behind for a moment. "Yagura-sama what exactly is so special about this boy, if you don't mind me asking?" Nori asked.

"Well Nori-chan that's simple, that boy is the jinchurik of the Kyubi no Yoko."

Nori was shocked "What do you plan to do with the boy?" She asked

"I plan to make the boy a ninja what else would I do with him Nori." He handed Naruto over to Nori. "Since you are taking such an interest in the boy, I am giving you five years leave to raise the boy then I want you back on active duty." Yagura said.

"Why would I only have five years sir? I would think it would take a bit longer to raise the child."

"I can't have one of my top ANBU off duty for too long besides I already have made a deal with Zabuza Momochi to train the boy when you back onto active duty."

"Mizukage-sama I mean no disrespect but Zabuza is young and brash not to mention a psychotic killer. Is he a good choice to raise the boy?" Nori asked.

"Nori I can see your concern, but you know what Zabuza did in the academy and he could train the boy to have the ability to do the same. My decision stands you are dismissed" Yagura said turning around in his chair to stare out at the village.

Nori sighed she took the boy and left the Mizukage's office. "So little Naruto it looks like it's just you and me now." Nori said with a small smile on her lips. She pulled down the blanket that had been covering most of the boy's head. She gasped audibly at what she saw. On the boy's head where a pair of small fox ears the same color as his hair. "Oh god how the hell am I going to hide these." She groaned. Nori was sure she was in for a rough few years.

13 years later


Naruto had gotten used to the glares and the whispers, but sometime it was too much. Somehow when he was young it got out he was from Konoha. The fox ears on his head had lead to even more speculation, no one was certain who his parents were but they were positive he was the container of the Kyubi no Yoko. When he first learned about this he was furious. He vowed that he would kill the Hokage of Konoha for giving him this curse. Zabuza though made him see his curse as a gift, giving him the power to kill his enemies with ease.

He was currently wearing his black body suit; it was black leather that was reinforced in vital spots such as over the heart. His hood and mask were down today showing off his blood red hair and fox ears and his teeth all filed to a point. It was all a genjustu because Zabuza wouldn't let him file his teeth till he was a ninja and admitted as one of the seven swordsmen of Kiri. Nori wouldn't let him do that or dye his hair when he asked, apparently she like his blond hair so he stuck with a genjutsu and just dropped it when he was around her.

"Why doesn't the Mizukage kill the demon brat already he isn't ever from the village?" He heard a civilian whisper to a friend.

"What did you say fucker?" Naruto yelled turning on the man, the cloak of Kyubi's chakra already encircling his body.

The two men looked scared shitless they tried to mumble out a response but nothing came out of their mouths.

"What is stopping me from ripping off your legs and beat you to death with them." Naruto growled.

"I think that would be me." Someone said from behind him before felt a familiar tug on his ear before the back of his head crashed into the ground."

"Oh god Kaa-san that hurt." Naruto said rubbing his ears.

"Good maybe next time you'll think before almost killing civilians." Nori said leering over him.

"And you!" She says with a glare at the two men "If either of you two tries suggesting that again I will personally hand both of you over to the torture department and make sure they save me a spot on the team." The two men gulped and now a wet spot started to appear in their pants. The minute she shifted her gaze back at Naruto the two men ran for their lives.

She looks down at Naruto and pulls him off the street by his ear. "What the hell were you thinking?" She shouted at him.

"Kaa-san relax I was just going to scare them a bit, besides I have seen you kill men for less."

"That's because I'm an ANBU and more importantly have a license to kill given to me by the Mizukage, all you have are that armor a practice sword and that stupid genjutsu, would you drop it already it make you look stupid."

Naruto sighed and his hair and teeth returned to normal. "That's the handsome man I raised." Nori said with a smile ruffling his hair and ears.

"Damn it Kaa-san do you have to do that in public."

"Yes now get your ass to the academy before I beat it there." Nori said in a harsh tone

"Yes ma-am." Naruto said before bolting in the general directing of the academy.


Reiko Namikaze was running as fast as she could. She had overslept and was running late. Damn it why did her house have to be so far away from the academy. She knew Iruka was going to kill her if she was late again. As she ran by people greeted her with a warm smile.

She skidded into the classroom sitting down next to Hinata. "You really need to stop sleeping in Reiko one of these days you will be late." Hinata said in her usual quiet voice.

"Well I wasn't late this time and that's all that matters." Reiko said with a smile.

Hinata just sighed as Iruka started to speak.

"Well class today, as you all know, today is the genin exams so please step up when I call your name. First up Shino Aburame." Iruka said

He went down the list till he got to Reiko. She walked to the back room and started the exam. It all went smoothly till the last test.

"Ok Reiko so far a perfect score now for the final test please show me your most advanced jutsu please." Iruka said.

Reiko nervously pulled out a special tri pronged kuni covered in seals. She threw it against the floor a few feet away. She made a few hand signs and disappeared in a yellow flash and reappeared on the other side of the room, except her clothes were lying in a pile where she started.

She screamed in embarrassment and tried to cover herself up. Iruka covered his eyes and threw her cloths at he, his face a bright red color. She hastily donned them a blush still heavy on her face.

"Well other than that little fluke," Irkua's face turned red again, "you performed the jutsu perfectly and it is a very advanced jutsu so I can say you passed. Here is your headband." Iruka said handing her the headband.

Reiko graciously accepted it and ran out of the room the blush still heavy on her face. When she ran back to her seat she laid her head on the desk. "Reiko what's wrong did you not pass?" Hinata asked a look of concern on her face.

Reiko shook her head and held up her Hitai-ate. "Then what happened?" Hinata asked

Reiko held up her three pronged kuni. "So you tried that technique what is bad about… oh… that happened again didn't it." Reiko just nodded "And in front Iruka-sensei too oh god, that terrible." Hinata said blushing. Reiko just sank into her chair.


Naruto sat down in the back corner of the classroom as far away as he could get from other people. He was soon joined by his friend Haku. "What are you doing sulking back here by yourself?" Haku asked sitting down.

"Some villagers pissed me off back in town. Nori-chan stopped me from kicking there asses all the way to Suna." Naruto huffed.

Haku sighed. "Naruto, you need to learn to relax a little. The civilians can't do shit to you after today so why not just relax and enjoy the fact you'll be ninja by the end of the day."

Naruto said nothing but just stared ahead while the other students were called up to perform the test.

Finally he was called up "Zetumei, Naruto please step forward." The proctor said

Naruto got up and walked down the rows of desks to the front of the class. "Ok Demon I have made a clone and have hidden it somewhere on the school grounds, defeat it and come back here for your Hitai-ate." The instructor said.

"Sensei you may have been able to fool some of the other idiots in this room." Naruto roundhouse kicked the clone as it turned to water.

The instructor walked into the room with Naruto's Hitai-ate threw it at him then started explaining that they would meet here tomorrow to meet their Jonin sensei. Naruto sat back down and began to carve the Kiri emblem into the metal plate on the back of his gloved hands. After his little speech he dismissed the class. Naruto walked out of the classroom with the biggest grin of his life; tomorrow he would formally begin his training to join the ranks of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist.

AN: Ok well a few things I want to mention. Yes I know the test for Kiri was kind of weak, but normally the test would be much harder because a genin would have to chase a high level chunin around the academy trying to make the clone disperse. Also yes this will be a semi-dark Naruto fic any problems with that don't bother reading the next chapter when I post it. I understand that Naruto just seemed a bit angsty and not really dark but you will see it in the next chapter.

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