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Konoha High Security Prison

Sub-Level 18

Cell 683

A little longer would be all he would have to wait. He promised to have him out before the end of the chunin exams. Then he'd be free, with loyal followers and powerful allies. I'll be one step closer to immortality. After four years of this hell he would be able to see the light of day again.

He just had to bide his time and soon he would be one of the most powerful men in the world again.

"Soon, oh yes very soon. This hell hole will be a thing of the past." He rants madly.

"Hey quite in there." The guard shouts from the hallway

The man relaxes into his chains. 'For now though,' He thought, 'I will have to wait patiently.'

Local Bar-The Land of Wave

Hideki slammed his glass onto the table with a sigh of content. It was good to be on top. For the past five years he had served Gato well and now he was reaping his reward. All he had to do was get the collections in on time and beat some lowly citizens. After a few easy years, drink flowed freely and it rained ryo. Life was good.

"Waitress another round of shots, on the double!" He shouted. The woman hurried to comply.

"I have a message for a Hideki; can you show me to his table?" A voice asked from across the room. Hideki looked up to see a man in a white kimono walking towards him.

"Hideki-sama I have a message for you. Message reads," The man's eyes grew cold and unfeeling. "We will spice the wine with your blood." The man in white finished as he flipped the table knocking the man onto his back. In one swift motion a katana had been drawn and plunged into Hideki's chest.

"Enjoy Jigoku." He whispered drawing the blade from the dead man's chest.

Five thugs who had been sitting at the bar jumped up and rushed the man who had killed their boss, swords drawn. Parrying the first blow the man, he countered with a kick to the man's groin before cutting him in half. Following the momentum of his swing he was able to decapitate another man. As the last three men ran for the door, twelve kuni were launched killing all three.

Naruto cleaned his blade with a smirk. These low rate thugs never stood a chance against him. Dropping a small bag of ryu on the table to pay for the damages he left the bar.

Local Brothel

Sadao began donning his cloths, feeling rather satisfied. He was surprised to see a man in a white kimono standing on the other side of the door as he opened it.

"Listen buddy if Gato needs me too bad I'm busy at the moment." He said attaching his katana to his hip.

"You misunderstand Sadao-san; I represent a much higher power. Shinigami-sama has sent me to collect your soul for Jigoku." The man whispered before drawing his blade in the blink of an eye.

All Sadao could do was scream before he was cut down.


With Reiko and Hinata

The two genin walked down the street in search for fresh food. Most places were out of stock or were selling rotting meat. Both girls were appalled with the state of this village.

"Why won't Kakashi-sensei just let us hunt down Gato and kill him, this whole mess would be over much faster and these people could be free again and not reduced to this." Reiko said gesturing to the broken village.

"Reiko Gato has a strong Shinobi team guarding him. We almost died and that was only with two of the genin. Who knows what there sensei could do?" Hinata said, once again the voice of reason.

"Still pisses me off." Reiko mumbled pouting slightly at the memory of the fight. It really had been only two genin, her brother and the ice kid. The thought of her brother brought a glimmer of a smile to her lips.

"Thinking about Naruto again?" Hinata asked as her friend continued to space off.

"Hmm…What?" She responded being wrenched from her thoughts by the sound of her friend's voice.

"I said, thinking about your brother again?" Hinata said with a role of her eyes, she already knew the answer.

"Just a bit, it's still amazing I was able to find him." Reiko said slowly, the far off look returning to her eyes.

Hinata was about to snap her friend out of her trance when she heard a scream. It died almost as abruptly as it started, the sound emanating from a building across the street.

"Let's go." Reiko said drawing a kunai. Hinata nodded activating her byakugan.

As she focused on the source her eyes centered on the most likely cause, a tall man stood over a corpse cleaning a katana. "Looks like Gato's thugs have been busy third door on the left." Hinata said as they broke down the brothels main door. Several of the women present screamed and ran at the appearance of the obviously armed ninja.

Hinata bolted down the hall and Jukenned the door, wrenching the hinges out of the wall and sending it crashing to the ground. Reiko bolted in the door and launched several kunai at the swordsman. The man nimbly dodged the hastily thrown kunai before returning his katana to its sheath.

"Ah Konoha nin what a pleasant surprise. You're a bit late to the party; this soul has been claimed already. You may feel free to dispose of the body if you like." The man said trying to brush by them.

Hinata shot the man back with a Juken strike to the chest. Grunting the man toppled onto the bed momentarily stunned. "How can you just kill this man he might have a family he needs to provide for. You thugs make me sick, and so does your boss Gato." Reiko growled at him through clenched teeth.

The man's face contorted in rage, "You dare compare me to this filth, this scum." He shouts gesturing to the fallen man. "This man committed sin for Gato and oppressed this people. I am nothing like them; I have only come to claim their souls for the Shinigami." He said before he regained his composure. "Now if you ladies will excuse me I need to go reap more souls for the Shinigami." He said trying to push Reiko aside.

The moment his hand connected with her shoulder red chakra poured out of the man's wrist forming a sphere before expanding. Within seconds the two figures were engulfed by the swirling mass of red chakra.

Dreamscape Reiko

Reiko staggered as she was deposited into an expanse of white nothingness as she had been a few days earlier. She searched looking for the man in white who had caused this connection to occur. Was he a jinchuriki like her brother, or something else entirely?

"God damn it why did you drag us back in here Kyubi. I just wanted to get out of there not chat with the bitch from Konoha." A familiar voice complained from somewhere behind her.

Reiko whirled around spotting two figures talking. One was the tall man in white she had just confronted; the other was a complete stranger. He was tall with a head of red hair that trailed down his back in a pony tail. His eyes were feral, bloody red with cat like slits, and he wore a black kimono covered in paper seals.

"I did not call this meeting she did, as she did the last time you twit." The unknown man shouted back.

"How the fuck does some random girl have control over your power. I thought only I had access to it?" The man in white shouted back.

"Well then just fucking ask her, she is standing right the fuck over there." The other man shouted gesturing to her.

The man in white turned towards her and ran up to her. "Ok bitch how the fuck do you keep doing this it's getting very irritating."

"Well who the fuck are you, ya pale ass bastard." She shouted back.

"How could you forget me…oh right the jutsu." He mumbles and performed a few hand signs dropping the henge with a puff of smoke.

Standing before her now was her brother, but he looked different. His hair was now a bright blond like her fathers and his teeth were not filed to a point, but oddly enough his fox ears were still present.

"Naruto?" Reiko stammered surprised.

"Ya you remember my fucking name, now answer my…" Naruto started to shout before being cut off abruptly.

"Naruto!" She shouted tackling him and hugging him tightly. "I finally found you."

"Get off of me!" Naruto shouted wrenching Reiko off him throwing her to the ground. "And what do you mean you found me, why the hell were you looking for me?" He asked placing his hand on the pommel of his katana.

"Just answer me two questions, are you the Kyubi's container, and is your birthday October 10th?" She asked hesitantly getting up off the floor.

Naruto's eyes widen considerably and he backed up a step. "How the hell do you know my birthday? Kyubi is a well known fact, but nobody ever gave a fuck about my birthday besides Haku and Nori…"

"It's because…I'm your twin sister, I know our birthday." Reiko said with a slight smile.

Naruto POV

No it was impossible, how could this girl be his sister…she must be lying, she had to be. If she wasn't that meant…his own father cursed him with Kyubi. "You're lying; you have to be…the Hokage would never use his own child to seal the demon away." Naruto said backing away more

"Naruto please, I'm not lying." Reiko said her smile fading.

Why is she telling him this lie? Did Konoha want him back? They couldn't be content with their weapon getting away could they?

"Naruto please just listen to me for a minute" Reiko begged him taking a step forward

"Back off!" He shouted drawing Shishi-ken "I won't be some weapon for Konoha to exploit so you can drop the act."

"Nii-san this isn't an act, I just want my brother back." Reiko said advancing more now, easily within Naruto's striking distance.

Why wasn't this girl just dropping the act, it was pointless he had figured out her plan yet she was still going through with it.

"You are so dense sometimes Kit. Just think for a moment how the two of you are here?" Kyubi called from behind him.

"What the hell do you mean?" Naruto roared at him turning around.

"This dimension can only be created when a large amount of chakra is used to connect the minds of two bonded people. The bond needed can be formed two ways, a jinchuriki can mark someone as their mate, which hasn't happened so that only leaves one option, twins." The Kyubi said with a sinister smirk, enjoying his host's distress.

Naruto collapsed to his knees, his world crumbling down around him. This girl was his sister; his father was the man he had hated for so long. His father…the fourth Hokage…was the one who made him suffer all these years of pain.

He suddenly felt a pair of arms encircle his body. He looked up and met Reiko's eyes for a moment and hugged her back.


"I found him I really found him!" Reiko was shouting inside her head. She smiled and hugged her brother a bit tighter, never wanting to let him go again.

"Aww how sweet." Reiko heard the Kyubi say sarcastically.

"Shut up Kyubi" Naruto mumbled faintly.

"Naruto are you going to be ok?" Reiko asked now a bit concerned for her brother. She knew this news would be hard for him to hear but she didn't think it would be this bad.

Naruto said nothing for a long while. After several minutes passed he muttered something too quietly for her to quiet make out.


"What are they like, your parents?" he muttered a bit louder

She smiled glad that her brother was speaking "Our parents are wonderful people. Mom is warm, caring, and she loves both of us, just don't piss her off…ever." Reiko shuddered remembering what she had seen her mother do to people that made her angry. "And Dad" She felt him tense up but she continued anyway "he is strong, brave, selfless, he'll do anything for the village and his family."

"I guess I'm the exception to that rule." Naruto muttered

"Do you think Dad sealed the Kyubi in you because he hated you or something?" Reiko asked

"Why else would he turn his only son into a monster like me?" Naruto said his voice returning on the waves of rage surging through his body.

"Because he didn't want to make another family bare this burden, he thought he would be there for you, to protect you." Reiko said

"Well that plan turned out wonderfully didn't it…" Naruto muttered his rage ebbing.

"Naruto?" She asked quietly a thought occurring to her.

"Ya what?" He said straightening up

"During our fight a few days ago, if we hadn't been stopped, would you really have killed me?" Reiko asked quietly

"I don't know part of me wanted to just to hurt your father." Reiko's head drooped "But I think another part of me subconsciously knew who you were and wouldn't let me do it." Naruto said.

"Another reason why you should let me take over Kit, when it counts you are too weak! You should have let me kill her and then kill that bitch Kushina." The Kyubi shouted laughing sadistically

Reiko jumped up pure rage flowing through her veins. "Don't you dare call my mother a bitch!" She screamed.

The Kyubi just kept laughing for awhile "Your cute kit, try again sometime when you are actually intimidating" He said sitting back in a chair that appeared out of the white nothingness.

"Kyubi stop pestering my imoto-san." Naruto said now laying back relaxing on a chair as well.

A wide smile appeared upon Reiko's face at hearing Naruto acknowledge her as his sister. "When did I become the younger sibling here?" She asked laughing.

"Well you kept calling me Nii-san so if I'm the older one that makes you the younger one." He said with a cocky grin

"Ok Kits you have to go back now before your teammates cave the roof in onto of both of you." Kyubi said as the world began to crumble and fade before them.

"See you on the other side Imoto-chan" Naruto said before the world went dark.

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